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1. Tiger/Peerless Hotline

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   TigerSoft Blog/Research / Political Economy: 2007-2013  

         You can run our software or you can simply rely on our nightly 
Tiger/Peerless Hotline. 
         The Hotline is constructed with Peerless and Tiger charts.  It will elevate your understanding
         of the stock market even if you are a market professional.  It will also give our nightly take
         on the market using Peerless and show you the strongest and weakest stocks, as measured
         by our Accumulation Index and Closing Power.  Our Hotline explains the operative signals and
         shows what happened in the past when technicals were similar to now. 
2. Peerless Stock Market Timing: 1915-2013
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         Our Peerless Stock Market Timing: 1915-2013 will almost certainly make you money,
         no matter what you trade in the stock market, or where you trade it.  See for yourself:
   SPY, QQQ,
Mutual Funds 
                    Country ETFsUK, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Italy, France, Germany, Russia, India, Spain
                                             China, South America
, Brazil
                     Bank Stocks: C, JPM, BAC, GS
                     Brokerage Stocks:  



       SAFER, HIGH Peerless Investing Returns on SPY, DIA, QQQ and EWC (Canada). 
                             Which Country ETFs Have Worked Best with Peerless Automatic Buys and Sells since 1996?
                                                $1,000 would have become $100,000 in 15 years.
                              Which Sectors Work Best Trading with Peerless Automatic Buys and Sells?
                                                 Peerless Fidelity Sector Funds' Performance: 1986-2011
                                                 FSLBX Gained 26% per year.     $1,000 Becomes $340,000.

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                                   7/9/86 - 3/23/11
1986                 $1000
                              1990                 $1416
                              1994                 $3722
                              1998                 $10,266
                              2002                 $32,542
                              2006                 $87,093
                              2010                 $283,509
2011             $340,200  (This is about 26% per year)
            31 Years of Automatic Peerless General Market Buys and Sells applied to SP-500 Stocks
                                                         Turn $1000 in to $200,000 in 30 years.      


                                                       Always the key questions:
               Another Bull Market in the Making?    Are We Making A Major Top?

Stock Market timing is highly feasible. Our real-time track record since 1981 proves this. 
Peerless Stock Market Timing is our study of market history turned into automatic Buys and Sells.
         Whatever you trade, its automatic Buys and Sells on the general market can make your trading

         and investing much safer and    a lot more profitable. 

Look at the Peerless charts for the major tops and bottom since 1915.   Our Peerless on-line
         manual presents and discusses all the years' charts.  Learn the extensive history of each
         of these Buys and Sells.  Be your own Guru!  Put history on your side. 
         Don't let the next bear market wipe out your hard-fought gains.

            Major Tops called by Peerless Sell S9, S12, etc.:
   1917, 1919, 1929, 1937, 1938-1940, 1941, 1946, 1950, 1957, 1959-1960, 1962, 1966, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1973,
                    1974, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1984, 1987, 1990, 1994, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002,
                   2007, 2008 and 2011.

         And the
Peerless charts for the major bottoms:
1915, 1921, 1932, 1933, 1942, 1953, 1958, 1962, 1967, 1970, 1971, 1974, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1982,
                   1984, 1988, 1991, 1994, 1997, 1998, 2003, 2009, 2011

3. TigerSoft Charting Software Tracks Insider and Professional Trading 

indsdsxssex.1.jpg (13601 bytes)   TigerSoft on Insider Buying and Selling      

         Markets are predictable precisely because insiders and professionals know so much
more about
         where the market is going to go than the broader public does.  By watrching them with the
         techinical tools we created back in 1981,    TigerSoft's Peerless has been correctly calling
         stock market's tops and bottoms since then.   And now the signals have been back-tested to 1915.

wpe1B.jpg (6580 bytes) 
          TigerSoft also lets you see the insider and Professional trading in individual stocks

The SEC won't protect you.  TigerSoft will.      

          Insiders and Wall Street Professionals know the financial news in advance.   
          They run prices up and then run them down.  We have created unique ways

          to watch closely their buying and selling. 


           Because Professionals run and rig The Market more than ever, with their computerized trading
           TigerSoft shows
Public versus Professional Buying and Selling
       Tiger Accumulation Index    Tiger Pro-Closing Power      Tiger's Day Traders' Tool

              --------------------------------------------------- What To Buy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
              Explosive Super Stocks     Stunning Backtested Results: 1990-2006    Daily Opportunities 
Best Performing Stocks of  2007   2008   2009
  2010     2011    Tiger's Stock Selection Techniques
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  Other Sample TigerSoft Insider Trading Charts  showing Explosive Super Stocks.

              Let TigerSoft find you the current stocks with this pattern.

   Buy with the Insiders (Tiger Accumulation bulge) and Sell when the PROS sell (CP breaks is uptrendline)      

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          --------------------------------------------------- What To Sell Short ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
                   Killer Short Sales.   Hall of Insider Shame       Criminal Fraud and Insider Trading    
              Spotting Tops in Stocks
   Spotting The Weakest Stocks

   Explosive Super Stocks        Killer Short Sales in Any Market

                   Tiger's Power Ranking is the difference.

          Contrast the TigerSoft Charts of the
biggest winners,
                          ACAT, AKRX, ASPS, LQDT, MNST, MNTGPCYC, SCSS

           with the
biggest losers,
                         ALSK, DRIV, FRO, FSLR, FTR, GERNHL  MOTR, RIMM, STP, SYNT   



             wpe15.jpg (6580 bytes)  See how similar the take-off phases were
each year's best performing stocks:   Tiger's Power Ranker readily finds stocks
            with the most "Insider-Buying", using Tiger Accumulation  Bulges.  It finds all
            stocks with the major    TigerSoft Buy B10s, B12s, B20s and B24s, as
           well as unusual volume, new price highs and Tiger Internal Strength new highs,..

           1990   1991      1992   1993   1994   1995     1996    1997   1998   1999     2000   2001    2002
           2003   2004      2005   2006   2007   2008     2009     2010   2011  2012
                  TigerSoft and Peerless: Very Profitable - Year after year: 1990-2012 

                         8/29/2007   4/14/2008  8/24/2009  12/26/2009  3/18/2010     7/23/2010    10/29/2010    1/7/2011

           Biggest  Winner of 2011
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           Biggest Early Winner of 2012

PATK.BMP (1120854 bytes)

          Biggest Decliner of Early 2012

FSLR.BMP (1168854 bytes)

                     Rules to Use with TigerSoft Automatic Signals

             TigerSoft's EXPLOSIVE SUPER STOCKS.   
                 Our buying this at $1.6 was no accident! Or selling it at $13 was no accident, either.

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wpeF.jpg (7103 bytes)      4.  Tiger Power Ranker Software

                         Order All Software       $995

                            >Tiger Power Ranker Flags Most Bullish and Bearish.
                           > How Tiger Distinguishes Public from Professional Buying
                           > How TigerSoft Measures Insider Buying and Selling
                           > How TIgerSoft Measures Professional Buying and Selling
                                    > Making Transparent Rigged Markets Using TigerSoft
                                    > Combating The Big Banks' Computerize High Frequency Trading/
                                    > The Case of Goldman Sachs Shows How TigerSoft Works
                            > How TIgerSoft Measures Day Trading Activity

                     > Tiger's Insider Watch: Insider Buying Shows What To Buy: 1990-2012

                             TigerSoft features Optimized Automatic Buys and Sells on all charts
                            > Five Different Types of Automatic TigerSpft Buys and Sells To Make Trading Easier.
                            > The Best Stocks for Trading
                            >    Automatic Trading Range Buys/Sells  
                            > Trading Rules for Closing Power and Automatic Signals:  1  II  III    
                            >    How To Find and Exploit for Maximum Profit The Best Trading Stocks & ETFs   Examples: 2010

                       Quickly find:
                               > the most Bullish and most Bearish stocks,
                               > the stocks showing major TigerSoft Buys and Sells,
                               > confirmed and unconfirmed new highs and lows,
                               > new automatic optimized Buys and Sells,
                               > the best blue chip stock to hold long-term for a retirement account.
                               > plus hundreds of other key technical conditions.


                     Why should only Professionals know how a stock is being run?
                                     > Simple Rules for Trading


              > See the case of Robert Rubin's selling out his Citigroup shares right at the top in early 2007
         Be your own guru.  You can use these tools yourself by purchasing the
software and using our data.   
         The software is easy to install and we will work with you to show you how to apply it to your own trading. 
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------          5.  Tiger's Books and Research             
                                           > Niightly Market Hotline with Daily Research 
                                                  > Peerless Stock Market Timing: 1915-2013:  On-Line Manual
                                                  > TigerSoft  Insider Trading Watch Software
                                                  Explosive Super Stocks
                                                                  What Each Year's Biggest Stock Gainers Have in Common
                                                                 Twenty Five Percent A Year with DJI-30 Blue Chips
                                                                  Killer Short Sales in ANy Market
                                                 Tiger's Closing Power to Watch Wall Street Professionals
                                                                 Trading Head and Shoulders Patterns -  (in progress )

                          Peerless Stock Market Timing: Buy and Sell Signals on DJIA: 1915-2013
                                 TigerSoft's Accumulation Index, Opening Power and Closing Power
Explosive Super Stocks
Tiger's      Killer Short Sales in Any Market
                                 Tiger's Tahiti System of Long Term Investing in DJIA-30 Stocks
Simple Rules to Use with TigerSoft Automatic Signals

   wpeF.jpg (7103 bytes)  Downloadable Data  Order only $175/year
  Nightly Stock Data on 6000 Stocks, ETFs,
              Commodities, Currencies and Mutual Funds 
This Data is also broken down by industry, index and many unique technical
                                        categories such as:
                                               >     Intense Accumulation Stocks (Insider Buying)
                                               >     Highest Accumulation and  Highest Distribution Stocks
                                               >     Closing Power New Highs and Closing Power New Lows,
                                               >     Stocks Best Short Term Traded.




wpe15.jpg (6580 bytes) TigerSoft Tracks The Insiders for You.
            Tiger's top biotech pick in early 2011 was VRUS - Pharmasset
                    See how we easily we caught the insider buying in VRUS
                    See how we will find "the next Amgen" for 2012.
  September 6, 2007 Tiger Blog
     AMGEN's Take Off Phase: 1990
     November 15, 2011 Tiger Blog
   Biggest Stock Advances of 2011 Show Insider Buying
     April 15, 2011 Tiger Blog  
Biotech Breakouts Offer New Medical Hopes
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TigerSoft Makes Stock Market Trading Simple, Easy Safe  Profitable! 
Use TigerSoft to Buy and Sell What Professionals and Insiders Are Trading.

    wpeE.jpg (22759 bytes)    SOMEONE INSIDE ALWAYS KNOWS FIRST

                            The Tiger Advantage:

Always use TigerSoft to watch what the Stock Market Professionals
and Congressional and Corporate Insiders are doing.
  They know first! 
The SEC will not protect you.  Let TigerSoft help you.  You'll wish you had called us earlier. 

             TIGERSOFT.com continued:      
PAGE 2  - Peerless Stock Market Timing    
PAGE 3  - Explosive Super Stocks
PAGE 4 - Killer Short Sales
PAGE 5 - Commodites, Metals, Currencies, Oil/Gold/Silver Stocks
PAGE 6 - Using Tiger's STOCK Automatic Buys and Sells
Trading Buys/Sells (2
PAGE 7    Research and Tiger Blog Summary

Latest Q & Answers       Many Links     Nightly Stock Data      Customized Research   

> Precious Metals: 2010   Silver Is Shining     2009   Gold's Historic Breakout  2008      Silver
   > Oil and Oil Stocks    Watch the Insiders: 2006-2008
   > Foreign Markets:    UK  Australia  China  India    Northern Rock's Insider Selling.
   > China   Nov 2007 Inside Selling in China       Nov 2007  World Bull Market Is Ending.


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                                    TigerSoft Hotline                   TigerSoft Past Predictions|

  Public TigerSoft   wpeE.jpg (1912 bytes)     Read The TigerSoft Blog on Political Economy and The Markets.     

   Crime Scene: Cyprus: EEC Bank Robbery in Progress

     A Bond Crash Is Coming.

Wrong-Way Ryan!   
                         "We are Not Going to Give Up on Destroying the Health Care System"

   Another January Jump in The Stock Market:
                                               How Peerless calls market bottoms and tops. 
   1/1/2013    The Best and Worst Stocks of 2012.   
                                  How Tiger's Power Ranker Finds Them Early-on.
   3/10/2012   "It was the best of times.  It was the worst of times." (Dickens)
                   There Were Wonderful Stocks.    There Were Terrible Stocks.  What Made The Difference? 

     11/29/2011   Insider Trading Starts at The Top.   It must be nice to get stock market tips from the
                    US Treasury Secretary
Former Treasury Secretary Paulson Secretly Gave Wall Street's Biggest
                    Professional Short Sellers material non-public information in July 2008 about the dire financial
                    condition of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Is this legal?  Why should anyone trust Wall Street 
                    or the US Government?  You shouldn't.  That's why using TigerSoft is so important.
                    Using TigerSoft and Peerless, you can see the Insider and Professional Selling and
                    take action before the real news comes out.

Lessons of The 1930s.  The US Cannot Escape Stagnation without Upsetting Wall Street.
Tea Party Terrorism and Obama's Ignorance of Economic History Are Going To Cause A CRASH. 

How Long Must The 25 million who are Unemployed Wait for A Decent Job?
The Severe Mal-distribution of Income Caused the Crashes of 1907, 1929, 2007-2008 and 2011.
Obama Is A Captive of Chicago' s Laissez-Faire, Anti-Keynesian Economic Orthodoxy.
The Tea-Party As Shils of Anti-US, Anti-Regulation Multi-Nationals.

The Unaddressed Causes of The Stock Market Crash of 2008.

The Obama - Goldman Sachs - Federal Reserve Triumvirate and Marriage of Convenience. 

Ignoring Economic History Causes Much Higher Unemployment

Balancing the Federal Budget in the Middle of an Economic Slump
Caused the 1937 CRASH..

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           From our Hotline:

                 With Peerless, the  2008 Crash Was Easy To See Coming.
   1929 Again?  July 24, 2007  -   "Absolutely, The 1929 Crash Could Definitely Happen Again."    
What are you waiting for?   August 5, 2007 Don't Be A Deer in The Head Lights.  Timely!  Cassandra's Curse
  DJIA is at absolute bottom:    March 7, 2009   Cover all short sales.     March 8, 2009  Buy...Buy...Buy  

>   "You just Cannot Be Too Cynical When It Comes to Wall Street Greed.
               >       July 2007 SEC Let Professionals Sell Short on Down-Ticks, for the first time since 1934.
                                  They had been lobbying for this because they knew they could make a killing
                                  in the bear market that was about to start. See our Major Sell right at the top in July 2007
               >       2007 Big Wall Street Bankers sell millions of shares of their own stock and short home mortgages.
               >       2007 Insider Selling - Donald, You're Fired.
  Quest      Washington Mutual and CitiGroup 
                                         Northern Rock and too many others to mention.
               >   March 2009  Market reverses when Obama sells out his supporters and bails out Wall Street again,
                                        Obama protects top bank executives' obscene jobs, salaries and bonuses. 
               >      May 2009  "The Stock Market Must Rally".
Wall Street Runs The White House and Congress
               >       July 2009   "Wall Street's Stealthy Bull Market Forgets To Invite The Public"
               >       October 2009 - "Buy Gold and GLD."
               >       September 2010 - "Buy SILVER and SLV."   
               >       September 2010 - "Bullish Technology Takeovers Abound... Professionals are very bullish". 
               >       November 2010 - "Very, very bullish seasonality."               

  >    December 2010 -     Why The Market Keeps Rallying...
     "Tax Cuts for Billionaires and Cuts in Social Security Should Make Wall Street Even Happier
                           in 2011. Shades of 1921-1929, 1983-2000"
                    "Learn how to think like a billionaire. Know what they are buying and selling
                     is the surest and safest way to make big money in stocks, commodities and currencies."

             More profitable predictions.

                Thanks for visiting our tigersoft.com     
                                       SAVE TIGERS EVERYWHERE
             GLORIOUS TIGERS
Candle image.jpg (13028 bytes)  10/29/2011    Fond Memories of My Brother, Baldwin Stephen Schmidt 

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