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               VERY PROFITABLE ...
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 Part II    Trading Tiger's Pro-Closing Power Trends:
      Buy on Tests of Key Support and Sell When
      CP Uptrend is Violated.

wpe115.jpg (46074 bytes)       Welcome,                     

               TigerSoft thanks you for visiting.  We have had nearly 30 years to test and
           develop for you the simplest and most profitable stock trading software offered anywhere.
           See if you don't see this from the discussion and demonstration on this page.

               Let's assume you had to $10,000 to invest at the start of 2010.  Here's how
           Tiger helps you using just the Introductory TigerSoft program.  We want to find stocks
           to buy and then sell, using our simple rules.

               Take any group of stocks you like OR, better, work with the ones we have
            prescreened for high Accumulation and and insider buying which are offered each
            night on our Tiger Stock Data Page.

              #1  Go through the Tiger charts looking for stocks with recent big bulges of blue
                          1.   The Tiger Accumulation Index bulge should rise up to the black
                                horizontal line labelled "Insider Trading".
                          2.   The AI bulge should have occurred in the  past 3 months.
                          3.   The purple 65-day ma must be rising. It is best if the 65-day ma has just
                                 turned up or its rate of climb is increasing. 
                          4.    The blue Tiger Closing Power should be in general uptrend.

              #2   Buy on a retreat by the stock close to or below the rising 65-day ma kust after
                         the blue Tiger Closing Power breaks its minor downtrend to the upside..

              #3   Traders should simply sell when the uptrend line of the Tiger  Closing Power
              breaks its downtrend.
              To find these stocks, just hit the down-arrow key to chart the next stock. 
              Here we will simply work with the stocks that begin with the letter "A". 

               As you should be able to see, the first chart belongs to A - Agilent Tech. 
Agilent shows a bulge of insider buying in late November 2009 that pushes the Tiger
               Accumulation Index up to the key level showing insider buying.  Below is its chart.
               The arrows we have placed on the chart show where these simple rules
               would have produced a Buy and the subsequent Sell.  After placing the
               Buy and Sell arrows on the screen, the Tiger program shows you what happens
               to $10,000, assuming the trade is taken at the next day's opening and commissions
               amount to $40 for a round-trip trade (Buy and Sell). The result was a gain of
               $1810 if $10,000 had been invested.  The software has paid for itself and 5x over.

A.BMP (1039254 bytes)

                The next stock AA does not show this pattern of insider buying.  See it below.
AA does illustrate how we find short sales.  The only difference in reverse is that
                the Accumulation Index need only fall below -.25.  After that we wait for a
                pullback to the falling 65-dma and then a break in the temporarily rising Blue
                Closing Power to sell short.  We cover the short sale when the Blue Closing
                Power breaks its downtrend.  See the two place where a short sale would
                have been appropriate.

AA.BMP (1065654 bytes)
               The next stocks to show such a bulge in the Tiger Accumulation Index are
                AAR (a preferred stock that pays a divividend, too), low-priced ABIO. ABR and
                ACF  See their charts below.  When you get handy with this section's rules,
                see the next section - Part II - Buying on Unconfirmed New Lows and Selling
                Short on Unconfirmed New Highs.  Then for Part III, Read about TigerSoft's
                Explosive Super Stocks   
AAR.BMP (1022454 bytes)                                                                           
                                                              ABR   - Arbor Realty - Two trades.
ABR.BMP (1029654 bytes)

    Here the bulge of Accum occurs as stock turns up from 65-dma.   This is more
    immediately bullish.  We have to chase a little but when this happens. 
BUY                     SELL
ACF.BMP (1039254 bytes)