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  Peerless is our study of market history turned into automatic Buys and Sells.
                 Whatever you trade, the automatic Buys and Sells of Peerless Stock Market Timing on the
                 general market can make your trading and investing much safer and  a lot more profitable.

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      Peerless will tell you.  See all the Peerless buy signals at the bottom in 1982
              and the Buys at the bottom in
2003 and 2009. We always compare the current
              Peerless chart with past charts

  Another 1987 or 2008-like Crash in the making?
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                                                                   Major Peerless Sells before Crash of 1987.

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1998 Top and Collapse
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2002 Top and Collapse

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2007-2008  Market Top  DATA0708.BMP (1224054 bytes)

      We can make Your Stock Trading Safe, Easy and very Profitable. 
                     In life, good timing is often the key.  In the stock market, it is usually the difference
                     between success and failure. 
Peerless gives automatic Buys and Sells on the general
                     stock market; it has been back-tested to 1928 and used widely since 1981.
                     Real-time, it has called every major top and bottom since 1981 when it was invented.   

             Turn The Market's Trends To Your Advantage with Peerless
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> Peerless Real-Time Buys and Sells since 1981: Calling All Tops and Bottoms, too.

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