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            Sample Peerless
     and TigerSoft Charts
with Automatic Buys and Sells


                          Newmont Mining (NEM)
- An average-looking stock at this point in time.

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  > 1 year bar charts at top.
                        > Red moving avg and Tiger Price Bands.
                        > Purple longer-term moving average
                        > Automatic Buy and Sell Signals.  
                        > TigerSoft Blue TigerSoft Professional-Closing Power 
                                                   It usually leads prices.  It confirms signals and reversals.
                                                   When it rises and prices fall, it is a very BULLISH sign..
                       >   Granville's OBV (Magenta) - A crude measure of aggressive trading. 
                       > Tiger's Relative Strength Quotient (Brown) - Buy the leaders.
TigerSoft Blue/Red Accumulation Index at bottom 
                                                   Spikes show insider buying.
                                                   Steadily Blue - Institutional Bullish Interest is high.
                                                   Deep dips show insider selling.
                                                   Steadily Red - Institutional Distribution.
                                                   Deep dips show insider selling. 
                      > Other Tiger Indicators not shown here:
                                                   Tiger Public Buying Power
                                                   TigerSoft Day Traders' Tool  (See here for examples.)
                                                                 This shows what professional day traders are thinking:
                                                                 Rising is Bullish.   Falling is Bearish.
                                                   TigerSoft Asynchronicity (See here for examples)

                The Newmont TigerSoft chart below shows a stock without any lasting
                 and predominant Accumulation.  Trading the automatic Buys and Sells
                 along with the trend changes of the Tiger Closing Power worked well. 

                 we would prefer to buy stocks showing much higher levels of Blue Accumulation.
                 NEM's was too ordinary a chart,  Further below you will see charts showing much,
                 much more Accumulation at this point.  Compare the bullish "explosive super stocks"
                 with the "killer short sales".   Whereas NEM in July 2010 showed average Accumulation,
                 QPSA showed spectacularly high (blue) Accumulation and  BAC and BFSB showed
                 extremely heavy (red) distribution.  In the following 6 months, NEM rose less than 10%,
                 but QPSA with very high Accumulation rose 150% while the the deeply red Distribution
                 stocks fell, BAC -11% and BFSB - 65%, all in a very good market when the DJIA rose
                 more than 10l %.

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                        BUYS AND SELLS 

              The automatic Peerless Buys and Sells are produced initially on the charts of the DJI-30. 
        These signals have been carefully nack-tested on DJIA data back to 1915, but most completetely
        on the data from 1928-2009,  Below is the chart with Buys and Sells for the first half of 1989
        and second half of 1990/  Note that it takes about 50 days of data for the computer to calculate
        all the signals. 

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            The automatic Peerless Buys and Sells dervided from the DJI-30 can and should be posted on
            the charts of other stocks' and indexes.  Most stocks move and down with the general market.
            So, the Peerless Buys and Sells work very well on other investment vehicles.  Below is the
            chart of APPLE in 1987 with the famous Peerless Sell S9 of early October 1987.  Below that
            is the chart of SSRI, a volatile silver stock, in 2008. 


            Our software calculates the gains of these signals realistically using the next day's opening prices
            and allowing $20 for commission and slippage per trade after starting with $10,000.  Using both 
            long and short positions, the gains on APPLE trades in 1987 would have been 166%, with 7 winning
            trades and 1 losing trade.  For SSRI in 2008, $10,000 grew to $102,004, a gain of 920%.  There were
            7 winning trades and 2 losing trades.

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                              (3) TIGERSOFT BUYS AND SELLS

                The TIGERSOFT programs generate their own automatic Buys and Sells.  Two separate
            concepts of signals are employed:
                              (1) optimized signals for  a year and
                              (2) fixed rule numbered Buys and Sells.

                                        Buy and Sell Signals from Best Trading System for The Last Year

            Our software quickly calculated the best trading system from 60 good systems and places the
            Buys and Sells of that system on the screen.  Of course, conditons change.  So we need
            to watch for sins that the older best system is giving way to a new best system.  Our manual
            shows how to do this.   What is important to realize that often a particular system works
            very well for a long period of time and our software readily identifies the best, the second
            best, third best and fourth best.  Often the gains from the optimum system are stunningly
            good.  When this is so, use the signals, so long as internal strength indicators confirm
            the direction of the signal.   In the chart below, the best system was a 20 day Stochastic
            and the gain was 174.5%.  About 15% of the stock get gains like this with the optimum trading

                                               Optimized TIGERSOFT Buy and Sell Signals

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                             Buy and Sell Signals  Based on Internal Strenth Rradings and The Direction
                  of The Trend, as Measured by thr 50-day and 65-day moving average.  We pay close
                  attention to crossovers of the 65-day ma when they are confirmed by weak and declining
                  readings from out Tiger Closing Power (Blue) above, the OBV Line (magenta), the TIger
                  Relative Strength Line (brown) and TigerSOft Accumulation Index Oscillator (red and blue)
                           The chart of USO - Crude Oil - gave a clear Sell S14 signal using this approach in
                 July 2008.  Prices then collapsed.

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                    Mostly, we prefer to trade the trend of these moving averages.  But we have
             a big advantage.  Not only does Peerless tell us when to Buy and Sell, we also have
             very reliable measures of Insider Buying and Selling.  Thus,  AMGEN's chart in 1990
             trended up despite a bear market, all the while showing unusually positive
             Blue Accumulation. We made a lot of money in this because of the steady insider buying
             occasioned by how well the clinical trials were going for two block-buster drugs AMGEN
             would get FDA approval for at the end of 1990.

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                 Insider Buying - which we measure by noting the Tiger Accumulation Index
                 readings above a key threshold coupled with subsequent major fixed rule Buys
                 is our key to buying speculative low-priced stocks.  Riding it upward so long as
                 it does not violate its 65-day ma while also getting a TigerSoft fixed rule Sell is
                 how we trade the explosive super stocks we find early on. 

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                   Insider Selling.  Often we find a declining stock with terrible internals while Peerless is
                   on a Sell.   We would Sell Short on each automatic Sell and cover on the optimized
                   Red Buys, with a some exceptions you can read about elsewhere. 

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