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               using RSX for Period - 2007-2012


                po russkiy - http://tigersoft.com/RUSSIA/Russian-Introduction/index.html
        3/8/2012 PEERLESS RULES: Big Peerless Profits Trading Non-US Country ETFS: 2011-2012, 

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             Peerless Automatic Buys and Sells on RSX - ETF,
              which invests in biggest Russian stocks

                                             RSX's One Year Trading Gain = +116.%,
                      Long and Short using next day's openings following a Peerless signal.
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           TigerSoft's Peerless has had a fine track record in trading the US stock market
            since its creation in 1981. What is becoming very clear is that Peerless can be used very
            profitably with all foreign ETFs and most stocks, too.  The world's stock markets move much
            more in tandem than ever before.  They do not move in a random walk.

            Russia's market volatility is a perfect place for savvy traders to aggressively apply
            the automatic Peerless Buys and Sells based on the DJI.   Just superimpose these DJIA-based
            signals on the chart of RSX, an ETF for Russian stocks.  Our software allows
            a user to quickly compute the Long (Buy and then Sell) and Short (Sell and then Buy) gains
            using the next day's opening price and allowing $40 for commissions and slippage on
            an original investment of d $10,000 with all subsequent proceeds fully invested.

            RSX is an ETF traded on the NYSE.   It holds only Russian stocks.  We show RSX because
            it is representive of the leading and biggest Russian stocks.  We trade it because of its
            liquidity and relative safety.  Individual stocks might also be traded, of course,  As of 2/25/2012, 
            RSX's yahoo.comyahoo.10 biggest holdings are:

                                                                                         Amer ADRS
                         Gazprom OAO ADR                               OGZPY            7.95% of assets     
                         Sberbank of Russia OJSC                                              7.58% of assets      
                         Rosneft Oil Company OJSC GDR        ROSN             7.35% of assets
                         LUKOIL Oil Company JSC ADR         LUKOY           6.53% of assets      
                         Novatek OAO GDR                               NVTK              5.94% of assets
                         MMC Norilsk Nickel JSC ADR          NILSY              5.31% of assets    
                         Bank for Foreign Trade Vneshtorgbank VTBR            4.43% of assets
                         Surgutneftegas OJSC                             SGTZY             4.41% of assets  
                         Gazprom Neft OJSC                               GZPFY             4.17% of assets   
                         JSC Uralkali GDR                                  URKA              3.97% of assets.

            TIGERSOFT readily graphs the American Depository Receipts (ADRs) of these
             companies.   The TigerSoft chart shows automatic Buys and Sells and internal
             strength indicators.  Using Closing Power trend-breaks would have gained a
             trader +132% for the last year.  Here is
OGZPY, the Gazprom ADR, chart with the
             CLosing Power trend-break Buys and Sells.

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              Tiger also allows you to super-impose the Peerless signals on the chart, 
              Here is OGZPY, the
Gazprom ADR.   Trading on the long side (Buying and Selling)
              using the Peerless signals would have gained the trader +69.5%.  Also Selling Short
              on the Peerless Sells and Covering the Shorts on the Peerless Buys would have
              gained the trader
+178%.  The software easily shows this based on using the next
              day's opening in New York to take and close out all positions.

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              Russian Economic News


                                                       RSX: 2007-2012 

               Charts for                            Gains:                     Gains:                  Gains:
                                                         Longs Only          Short Only        Long and Short

                2007                                       +15.9%              +1.5%              +18% 
  Partial Year
                2008                                       +15%                 +174%              +213 % 
Bear Market
                2009                                       +131%             
-19 %                +87%       Major trend Reversal.
                2010                                       +43%                  +13%               +61%
                2011                                       +24%                  +71%               +111%
                2011-2012   2/24/2012        +43%                  +58%               +125 %

                                                   RSX Charts and Peerless Signals

RSX  2007
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RSX  2008
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RSX  2009
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RSX  2010
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RSX  2011
RSX11.BMP (1920054 bytes)
RSX  2011-2012
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Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky          The Moguchaya Kuchka - The circle of Russian composers who met in St. Petersburg between 1856 and 1870. Mily Balakirev (the leader), CÚsar Cui, Modest Mussorgsky, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov and Alexander Borodin. The group had the aim of producing a specifically Russian kind of art music, rather than one that imitated older European music or relied on European-style conservatory training. Listen to the Georgain, Borobin's Steppes of Central Asia.  The scenery in this video is so beautiful.   Listen to Rimsky-Koraskov's Eastern Festival Overture.    Here is the historic opera Boris Godunov hby Mussorgsky.

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Boris Pasternak - Author of Doctor Zhivago and Babi Yar

Dmitri Shostokovitch - Listen to his haunting Fifth Symphony.  My first hearing brought images of a person being
terribly persecuted.  As it turned out, it was, in fact, written in 1937, when the purges were at their height.

Enjoy the priceless discussion of those who heard its premier and of historians .
Sergei Prokofiev - Among many pieces, he weote the music to Alexander Nevsky and the ballet Petrushka,
His violin concerto No.1 in D major, is exquisite.  So soulful and sad.    

                                                          The Patriotic War 1941-1945

Alexander Alexandrov - Composer of the imspirational music that  was the Soviet. and is now the Russian, National Anthem
Wihout the unconquerable courage, hardiness and resilience of the Russian people, the NAZIs might have won WWII.
Remember, the Normany landing took place more than 17 months after the elite German 6th Army surrendered at Stalingrad. Historians all agree that the German defeat there was the turning turning point of the war.
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