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Tiger's Bullish Special Situations

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When To Sell


     Some of our Bullish Special Situations go up more than 100%.  They keep rising and rising.  We have to know how to stay in the very strongest and let them run and, yet at the same time we have to know when to take profits.  This balancing act is the subject of several of the chapters in my Explosive Super Stocks book.

      You will also see a link to it when you get a subscription to our data page.




Page 1:  Introduction:  Tiger's Daily Bullish Special Situations

Page 2:  When to Sell

Page 3:  The 1997 Study of Bullish Special Situations

Page 4:  Table Showing Special Situation BUYS between the 28th and 4th of Each Month from January 2, 1997 to October 31, 1997

Page 5:  More Examples of Bullish Special Situations in 1997

Page 6:  Conclusion:  "Chasing Can Pay Off Big" or "Don't Sell Your Big Winners Too Soon"

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