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Serving All Investors since 1981. 

      Stock Market Software --- Research --- Nightly Hotline --- Historical/Current Data

Insider Trading is Rampant, but We Track It To Your Big Advantage.     TigerSoft Blog
"Don't Get Mad, Get Even!"   See how here.

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                                Hedging: Long and Short Simultaneously

                    2017's best performing stocks prove once again that TigerSoft's
                    major Buy B20 gets folks in at the start of really big moves. 


                  Short what Insiders and Professionals are selling at just the right time!
                  Red Distribution as shown below signifies insider selling.
                  A very weak Tiger Closing Power shows heavy Professional selling.
                  AUTO is now down 50% in five weeks.

           Come see learn what the latest Peerless signal is on the general market.
                   Discover the most technically Bullish and Bearish Stocks and ETFs.
                        See what TigerSoft says about your stocks and ETFs
                            Get a full Demonstration of all our market timing and Power Ranking programs.

                           --->   All books, software, Hotline and Data for a year - $995.
               Email us for an appointment to discuss how we can help your stock trading and investments

        Author: William Schmidt, Ph.D. (Columbia University)  About Us   35+Yrs Market Experience.
        Tiger Software   858-273-5900     PO Box 22784   San Diego, CA 92192   
        Email william_schmidt@hotmail.com     

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    Favorite quote:   "Nije mi žao što su ukrali moje ideje, vec što nisu imali svoje." (N.Tesla)
"What's  important  is  not that they steal  my ideas,  it's that they have none of their own."

                Use Peerless Stock Market Timing and Tiger's Internal Strength Indicators.
                     Make The Stock Market EASY, SAFER and more PROFITABLE. 


                                        --------   Peerless Stock Market Timing: 1928-2018 ------------

                       #1 Avoid the long side of the stock market when Peerless has given Major red Sells (S). 
                                 Peerless works.  Use it.  It called these market tops Real Time!
                                 Hundreds of traders have benefited from these timely Sells. 
                                 See our unsolicited testimponials.

                            1984, 1987
, 1990, 1998, 2000,  2001, 2007, 2008, 2015 and 2017?

Let TigerSoft-Scanner find the stocks with the best optimum
                               trading system
 Read the chart's top line to learn what system has worked best
                               for last year and what would have been gained trading it.
                               Trade only the signals that are reinforced with the proper
                               TigerSoft internals. 
              Examples: ENDP - Sell short on Red Sell Arrows when Tiger Accum. Index is very weak (red)

                              AMZN - 14 day Stochastic's gain long and short +54.2%
                              FL -  14 day Stochastic's gain long and short +119.6%


                                                --------   Tiger Power Stock Ranker ------------

                             Use TigerSoft to pick the biggest winners and losers in any stock market.
                   Learn how to do this early in their moves using our Tiger internal strength indicators.

                   Sometimes, we buy on strength, but only when it is richly confirmed by our technical indicators.
           10/18/2017 - Our SPPI doubled in two months, hitting 22 today. It was a classic "Explosive Super Stock".
            This is what it looked like when we recommended it.

                                     "If it can't rise in a bull market, it will likely go bankrupt in a bear market".

                           Here's a classic High Accumulation TigerSoft pick: RACE

                                                  A very nice stock to have sold short.


                                More about our Unique Indicators of Internal Strength

Trading ETFs With 'Peerless' and Tiger's Closing Power  

            We offer: 1) Peerless Stock Market Timing Software's Automatic Buys and Sells: 1928-2017
                             2) TigerSoft Charts, Internal Strength Indicators and Tiger Buys and Sells.
Trade with the Professionals.  Trade with Tiger's Closing Power.
                                                       It makes all the difference!

                             3) Nightly Data in the TigerSoft format
                             4) Nightly Hotline - Research, Commentary, Most Important Charts
                             5) Many Books and
                             6) Regular Software Updates.

 Simple and Consistent Profits Trading Long UDOW
                            UDOW is 3x Leveraged DIA.

                    Buy at opening the day following the first (reversing) Peerless Buy.
                          Sell at opening the day following the next Peerless Sell Signal.

                        2010  Gain = 144%   Biggest Paper Loss = 8.7%
                        2011  Gain = 109%   Biggest Paper Loss = 14.7%
                        2012  Gain = 135%   Biggest Paper Loss = 10.3%
                        2013  Gain = 99%     Biggest Paper Loss = 4.4%
                        2014  Gain = 104%   Biggest Paper Loss = 1.3%
                        2015  Gain = 47%     Biggest Paper Loss = 7.3%
                        2016  Gain = 46%     Biggest Paper Loss = 9.3%

 Real-Time Peerless Profits: 1981-2017
          How To Use Peerless and TigerSoft:
                   2007-2016: Signals, Charts and Profits

Back-tested to 1928

Get TigerSoft's Killer Short Sales now.
                      Profit from the coming Bear Market:
Tiger's "Easy As 1-2-3" Strategy.
More information http://tigersoft.com/--5--/index.html
Killer Short Selling Profits in Any Market:  
                                        ===> Order Here ($42.50)
Formulae included.


                    > Join Us.  Beat Wall Street at Its Own Game! 

                    > They already have too much Money! 

                    > Learn how They are Trading a Stock to Maximium Advantage.

                    > Turn Their Insider Information to Your Advantage   
                       We offer:

- Original Research: Peerless Stock Market Timing: 1915-2016.
                                       - Peerless and TigerSoft Automatic Buys and Sells.
                                       - Tiger's Accumulation Index to measure big money activity and dangerous distribution.
                                       - Tiger's Closing Power to measure Professionals net Buying/Selling.
                                       - Tiger's Day Traders' Tool to measure Computerized-Trading's net Buying/Selling.
                                       - Tiger Indexes and Analysis of Sectors.
                                       - Tiger Power Ranker: Tahiti Longer Term Trading System
                           Together, Let's Beat Wall Street at Its Own Game! 

Here's how.  The tools and methods below are unique to TigerSoft.

1) Discover at a glance exactly how Professionals are manipulating a stock or
                            ETF and how to exploit this to maximum advantage.

                     3 examples: CWEI + 1549%, EWU (UK ETF) +170%, BRZU (Brazil ETF) + 970%

2) Watch the Insiders with TigerSoft's Closing Power and Accumulation Stock. 
                            Buy the stocks they are buying.   Trade them by following the Tiger Closing Power
                            Trends that show what Professionals are doing. 

                                                   LXFT is a recent example.

  3) Sell Short what the Insiders and Professionals are dumping to hedge
                                   or when Peerless gives a Sell.  These are very profitable!

 In 2014, most fell more than 50%.  2015 was even more profitable for us.
     Examples:   WLT -99%, GTI - 88%, ADHD 75%, CLF - 80%, CLD -80%,  EXXI -90%, SODA -80%, BTU -80%

Tiger's Short Selling Techniques will make you Money.                      
             Our Secret: Screen for Bearish TigerSoft Charts and Trade Their Closing Power Trends.
Using TigerSoft charts, you can readily spot the massive insider selling, professional selling
              and institutional dumping that ALL these stocks showed.  Let us show you how easy this
              selection process is. 
More Sample Charts  --- TigerSoft's  Killer Short Sales  

                            4) Time Leveraged Stocks/ETFs with Tiger's Professionals' Closing Power,
                                     Tiger's Automatic Buys and Tiger's QuickSilver system.

  5) Learn History's Lessons from our Peerless Stock Market Timing: 1915-2015   
                                    and our Nightly Hotline.

                                    6) Think for yourself.  Don't trust Wall Street, Washington or the talking heads on TV.
                                    Subscribe to our Hotline and get all of these tools and a 100 Tiger graphs a night to
                                   choose from.  Don't make the mistake of listening to the "talking heads" on CNN.  They
                                   all said "BREXIT" would be catastrophic for the market.  Instead, we got a superb buying
                                   opportunity.  Our Buy signals were right and so was our Hotline.  We said they were
                                   scaring out weak holders and "leaving stocks in strong hands".


                            Our TigerSoft and Peerless Stock Market Timing will help you beat Wall Street.
                            See how Peerless turns bullish right at the bottom, decline after decline. 




                                                         More Reading.... Older Charts

bigtiger.jpg (7196 bytes)           Insider Trading is Rampant, but We Track It To Your Big Advantage        
          Tiger Software's Automatic Signals   
          Sample TigerSoft Charts    May-June 2014: BBY, AMZN, TSLA, FAS, TNA         
          Save lots of time:
Tiger Power-Ranker
          Tiger Nightly Stock Data
                      Special Downloads of the Most Accumulated Stocks
                      and Most Professionally Bought and Sold Stocks

See more of TigerSoft: Go to Page 2.   )

        Peerless and TigerSoft Charting Software
       with Automatic Signals.

Peerless Stock Market Timing Buy/Sell Signals and Charts

         >The market has now been rising 85+ months.  None have lasted longer
           without a 20% bear market.  But none have had such "dovish" heads of the Fed.  

           What will happen when rates finally do go up?   It will not be a pretty sight.

           How will we first spot the coming change in rates?  The Peerless stock market
           history teaches us what to expect.  We should expect a Sell S9 or a Sell S12.
           We should expect Closing Power turn down.  And we should expect to make
           a lot of money on the short side.

           Run the software and also get William Schmidt's continuing research nightly
           about market history to the present.

           Given the market's internals, how close are we to a major Sell now?
           When will the bull market end?  There are the questions our Peerless Software
           answers objectively based on market history.  Time and time again, we've
           learned to trust Peerless, not the talking heads on TV!  What are Professionals
           doing?  TigerSoft tells us without a misstep.

           >Since 1981, Peerless Buys and Sells have been calling market tops
           and market bottoms, real-time...
                         >    Peerless Stock Market Timing: 1915-2014      
                         >    Real-Time Peerless since 1981
                         >    Profitably Trading SPY, QQQQ and DIA with Peerless. 

            How much would you have made buying and selling on our Peerless
            Buys and Sells.  Our Peerless software readily calculates the gains that
            would have occurred on any investment vehicle you choose using the
            next days' openings and conservatively subtracting $40 for commissions
            and slippage on each trade. 

Peerless Gains on various ETFs
                    as of 10/29/2014 for the last 12 months:

                     ETF       Gain        Wins   Losses    Biggest
                                                                         Paper Loss
 FAS      180.8%      7         0          -3.9%
                     TNA      101.7%      5         2          -5.7%
                     DIA       43.9%        7         0            -.7%
                     SPY      45.7%        7         0          -1.0%
                     QQQ     46.1%        6         1          -1.7%
                     IWM      28.1%       5         2          -1.8%

 TigerSoft Charts

            Use TigerSoft Charts, Signals and Time-Saving Tiger Power-Ranker
            These feature automatic Buys and Sells, Closing Power and Tiger's own Accumulation Index.
            Learn to trade the "Piffle" Stocks, the ones that run crazily up and then collapse.  
            Buy with the Insiders and sell when Professionals do.  All the charts on this site are produced
            with Peerless and Tiger Software.


                       >    Automatic Buys and Sells   
EBAY.BMP (1094454 bytes)
                       >    Detached, LONG-TERM Blue Chip Investing from Tahiti (or Far Away)

BA.BMP (1094454 bytes)
                        >   Explosive Super Stocks  
GENT.BMP (1094454 bytes)
                       >   Killer Short Sales    
wpe7EB4.jpg (85820 bytes)

                        >    TigerSoft   Insider/Professional/Public Trading Charts,                      
      ARCW below was a perfect "Explosive Super Stock"            But you also need to know to watch TigerSoft's
      using the Tiger criteria described here..                                Closing Power for an up-trend-break Sell.  

              ARCW2.BMP (280950 bytes)                           ARCW2.BMP (318870 bytes)
 and ETFSS
             Now would be a good time to learn about our
          PEERLESS STOCK MARKET TIMING: 1915-2016:
           Pundits now tell you that there's a Crash just ahead.  The
           same pundits told you a month ago that markets can't be timed. 
           They can't have it both ways. Pay these "talking-heads" no mind..
           Use and trust Peerless.   Our Peerless Buy and Sell Signals
           have worked over and over real-time since 1981.  Their success
           emphatically proves that market can be timed.  Wall Street insiders
           know this.  Learn what we've learned from our 30+ years researching
           market timing.  We have a lot to teach you. 
          Peerless Stock Market Timing: 1915-2016
Use TigerSoft-Peerless Software on an XP to see the
  Peerless signals on any stock or ETF.  ===> $995

  Get our Nightly Hotline to see the signals on most
  key ETFs.   ===>
       index.2.jpg (12326 bytes)
        The World's Market are more synchronized
        than ever before.  This means Peerless works
        everywhere.  Trade it with added confidence.
wpe12.jpg (1189 bytes)
wpe11.jpg (3206 bytes)
  wpe10.jpg (2175 bytes)
  wpeD.jpg (1588 bytes)   
  wpeF.jpg (1648 bytes)
wpe141E.jpg (2688 bytes).
wpe141F.jpg (3423 bytes)
wpe11.jpg (2382 bytes)    Profitable Predictions
    Trading SPY for Maximum Profit...   DIA  QQQ  IWM
    Properly Using Technical Analysis, Market Pschology and Political Economy
    TigerSoft Blog/
Research / Political Economy: 2007-2013   
wpe1D.jpg (120363 bytes) BUY THE YEAR's EXPLOSIVE SUPER STOCKS

At the end of each year, we review the stocks
       up the most.  70%-80% of them always start of the
       same way:

Bullish bulges in the TigerSoft Accumulation Index
           Major Tiger Buy signals.
           Strong Professional Buying
           (Red) High Volume on Price Breakouts
           Price Gaps
           Our Peerless Stock Market Timing
           is on a Buy Signal

   Learn more here...

     AIQ.BMP (1101654 bytes)

LCI.BMP (1094454 bytes)

  Don't let a bear market get you.
        966-Bear_Market_Stocks.jpg (19972 bytes)
      Now - would be a good time to call us -                              858-273-5900
Hedging-e1324576814472.jpg (10595 bytes) Learn about TigerSmart
          Summer Stock Market Hedging

Watch the Insiders like we do and see how stock market history repeats. Contrast our best,
ike AFPC
with the worst, SQM.

                   7/19*    7/31     8/19     9/4        10/18
APFC      33.74     36.37  44.18    50.93   53.82
SQM         38.2      28.96  27.03    26.96    27.12
* Recommended in Hotline.

       TigerSoft is easy.   Do you see the early difference between these two stocks below?

APFC showed massive blue, insider Accumulation and steady net Professionals' buying.
SQM showed heavy red, Insider dumping and steady net Professionals' selling. 
We buy stocks under heavy blue Accumulation and Sell Short stocks showing heavy red Distribution
               as measured by TigerSoft's creation the Tiger Accumulation Index.
Then we check to sure the
               Professionals' Closing Power is in agreement and Tiger automatic Buy/Sell signals have appeared

                                                           Bullish AFPC
APFC.BMP (1056054 bytes)

                               Bearish SQM - Short the Confirmed Breakdowns
SQM.BMP (1097982 bytes)

                  Do you see the difference? 
                   Successful investing and trading is not very hard when you use TigerSoft.

                  Hi.   We invite you to see how TigerSoft, Peerless
                  and the Tiger/Peerless Hotline can greatly help your investing,                 

Our Tiger patented Bulges of Insider Buying Will Help You A Lot.
                  See AFOP, APFC, DXYN, FFKT, GEL, MDCA, NMR, SILC, SPA, XRM
                  This is what you want your stocks to look like unless you are selling short.
                  Then you want your stocks to look like this.

XRM.BMP (1051254 bytes)
Our Automatic Buy/Sell Signals Will Help You A Lot!

AMRI.BMP (1048854 bytes)

DUST.BMP (999350 bytes)


                        3.    Timely Warnings from Tiger Charts and our Nightly Hotline.

Understand that a change in the Fed's interest rate policies,
                        as shown by the bond charts below, will almost certainly impact the 
                        general market.  See my history of Fed Interest Rate Changes
                        and Fed Policies.   Our hotline has emphasized the extra vulnerability
                        rising rates have for Latin America now.  Our Bearish MINCP stocks
                        show us which sectors and industry groups make the best short sales.
                        Learn here how to safely sell short, if only to hedge the long positions
                        you hold.

6/2/2013      Compare how bearish many bond funds look now
                         with how bearish Gold and Silver Mining Stocks looked 4-5 months ago.

                        ---> Now would be a good time to get our
                         Nightly On-Line Peerless/TigerSoft Hotline 
NNJ.BMP (1101654 bytes)

wpe19.jpg (17840 bytes)       THE DEEP GOLD STOCKS' DECLINE - VERY PREDICTABLE
NEVER make investment decisions based on the blabber-mouth,
       paid gold promoters, Glenn Beck and  Sean Hannity.  If you've owned gold
        and silver mining stocks this past year,  I'm very sorry that you've lost a lot of money.   
        The good news is that you can learn a lot from the ordeal.  You especially need our help
        and we will be glad to provide it. 
  See how easily TigerSoft users avoided or even
        profited from the collapse in Gold Stocks.   Their Heavy (red) Distribution and significant
        Net Professional Selling as seen in TigerSoft charts were easily spotted.  
        GOLD Stocks: AXU, SVM, GG, ANV, NEM, AG, AEM, AUY, EXKAU  
red-approved.gif (5540 bytes)
            4. Charts... Bullish?   Bearish?
Easy to see the Difference with TigerSoft.

            Bullish stocks have positive Insider-Buying and Accumulation at the
bottom of the Tiger charts.  They also have rising Professional buying as
measured by Tiger's Closing Power.  These are the "Tiger Approved" investments. 
            For first half of 2013, the best stocks all have these characteristics.
Bullish High Accumulation (Speculative): FFKT, SILC, EXH, JOF, DXYN, SPNC, BBX, AMG
Bullish Explosive Super Stocks: SILC, WIPC, SEIC, GME, KUB, JOF, SPNC, SEIC
Bullish Low Price Stocks: CERS, DYXN, TELOZ, OSBC
Bullish New Issues: EAC, PFPT, TSRO. EPAM

All Tiger "approved" stocks show maximum Insider and
Professional Buying,  based on our own Accumulation and Closing Power indicators.
Hold them as long as Professionals remain net Buyers and our Closing Power
keeps rising OR until our Peerless Stock Market Timing: 1915-2013 gives a Sell.

                                   5.  WATCH WHAT PROFESSIONALS ARE DOING.
                          THE TREND OF TIGER's CLOSING POWER SHOWS YOU
                                    Study this TigerSoft chart.  The techniques it shows will make you money.


JPM.BMP (1068054 bytes)

                                  Tiger's #1 Trading Rule

                 Always Buy Stocks when there is as much Insider Accumulation
                 and Professional Buying as shown in chart below, especially when
                 the Public, as measured by Tiger's Opening Power (at bottom of chart
                 below) remains bearish downtrending.  Professionals and Insiders
                 are usually right.  The Public is usually wrong.  This type of chart
                 is only available from TigerSoft.

BBX.BMP (1164054 bytes)
BBX3.BMP (244854 bytes)

     TIgerSoft Will Make You More Money, Whatever You Trade,  
Profit from the Insiders' Tell-Tale Trading:
          Detached, LONG-TERM Blue Chip Investing from Tahiti     Explosive Super Stocks      Killer Short Sales    

        Nightly On-Line Peerless/TigerSoft Hotline
          TigerSoft Signals and Insider/Professional/Public Trading Charts,
          Peerless Stock Market Timing: 1915-2016       Real-Time Peerless since 1981

          Profitably Trading SPY, QQQQ and DIA with Peerless. 
Save lots of time: Tiger Power-Ranker
          Manipulated Emotions     How To Get Started with Tiger     TigerSoft Basics      Latest Q & A     

wpe19.jpg (7103 bytes)        TigerSoft Blog : The Real Politcal Economy.

          May 10, 2013     Austerity? Rising Dollar? Falling Prices?  American Leaders Seem Intent
         on Making The Same Mistakes that Brought about England's High Unemployment in 1920s.     
           There was no "roaring 20s" for England/ Unemployment there was always above 7.4%. 
April 11, 2013
     Big Banks Insider Trading
          Match 21, 2013   EEC's Bank Robbery in Cyprus
Order Here or phone
wpe8.jpg (1710

 bytes)mastercard.gif (1779 bytes) 
         Nightly On-Line Peerless/TigerSoft Hotline  
         Peerless Stock Market Timing: 1915-2016 and Tiger Software ($495)
                         Tiger Power Ranker Software (Add $395)   
Tiger Books.
         Explosive Super Stocks     Killer Short Sales     Tiger Tahiti System    Tiger Closing Power
         Peerless Stock Market Timing: 1915-2016   (soon)
         6000 Stocks / ETFs/ Indexes/ Commodities' Nightly Data only $175/year

         All Software , All Books, Hotline and Tiger ESP Service for a Year ($995)  
         Whatever You Trade,  TIgerSoft Will Make You More Money:  

SPY    QQQQ   Mutual Funds     Retirement: DJI-30 Blue Chip Investing
             Index Options    Stock Options      Biotechs       Low Priced Stocks    

  Oil / Gas Futures / Stocks    Gold / Silver Metals / XAU Stocks
             Commodities   Grains    Currencies
Gold    Silver  Gold Stocks  Silver Stocks      
             Many More Links  Customized Research  

         wpe1A2.jpg (46062 bytes)    TigerSoft  
Why should only Wall Street Professionals know how a stock's up and downs are being rigged?
                          Simple Rules for Profitable Trading
                    Optimized Automatic Buys and Sells on all charts
                    Five Different Types of Automatic TigerSpft Buys and Sells To Make Trading Easier.
                    The Best Stocks for Trading
                    Automatic Trading Range Buys/Sells  
                    Trading Rules for Closing Power and Automatic Signals:  1  2  3   
                    How To Find and Exploit for Maximum Profit The Best Trading Stocks & ETFs   Examples: 2010

                        wpe1B1.jpg (10877 bytes)
                                                       Insiders, TigerSoft is watching you!

        SPOT IT and MAKE BIG MONEY from IT.

ALK.BMP (1063254 bytes)

Here's What TigerSoft Offers You. 
                    Its as easy as "1, 2, 3".     

                1.  TigerSofts Highlights, Flags and Ranked Insider Buying and Selling.        

Every study shows Corporate and Political elites have huge advantages when they
                 play the market.  These insiders know corporate developments first. They are the
                 first to see the sales and earnings numbers.  They rig the books and earnings to serve
                 their own purposes.    They lobby Congress and the Executive.  These elites know
                 the importance of big new government contracts, subsidies, regulations, tax breaks and
                 de-regulations.   Their influence amd personal profits depend on keeping these things
                 from the general public.  When regulators do start sniffing around for fraud, dangerous
                 products or work conditions, these elites know first.  Long before the public hears
                 bad corporate news, insiders  sell.  Tiger lets us pick up on and profit legally from their
                 selling.   Example: Bank executives clearly knew how dangerously over-leveraged
                 their banks, mortgage and home-builders were in 2006 and 2007.  They sold huge stock
                 positions in their companies to the general public.   Only one or two of these insiders
                 were ever charged with a crime.

                                  See http://www.tigersoft.com/Insiders/index.html
                 See on this site the ways we have invented for you easily to spot this insider and
                 insider-informed buying and selling.  Most important,  TigerSoft invented in 1981
                 a unique tool  for detecting and measuring this Insider Buying and Selling.  This
                 is TigerSoft's Accumulation Index

CPSS.BMP (1092054 bytes)

            2.    Spot Significant New Professional Buying and Selling by Wall Street.        

                 TigerSoft also has a unique tool  for measuring Professional Buying and Selling
                 by Wall Street professionals, the market makers, specialists and hedge fund managers.
                 This is vital because Professionals manipulate stocks and make a lot more money
                 in the market than the broad public does.   TigerSoft's Closing Power
detects and
                 measures what market Professionals are doing in a particular stock, commodity or ETF. 
                 TigerSoft's Opening Power, on the other hand, measures what the Public is doing
                 in a stock or ETF.  Just watch our Closing Power for its trend-changes to trade profitably.
AMRI.BMP (1096854 bytes)

                  3    Our Unique Peerless Buys and Sells will tell you when the General Market
                          is going to Rise Steeply and when it is about to collapse. 

                                                                      look-up.jpg (35667 bytes)    

                            1982-Take Off                                               1995-Take Off
indeasasx.1.jpg (5018 bytes)8311.jpg (27041 bytes) DATA2222.bmp (95734 bytes)  ind4444dsx.4.jpg (31544 bytes)                                                                
         2003-Take Off                                                                        2009-Take Off  

333.jpg (6661 bytes) DATA03.BMP (432406 bytes)      44444.7.jpg (5502 bytes)   wpe5276.jpg (26553 bytes)
                            Learn When The General Market Is Going To Fall Significantly. 

                                                      wpe19A.jpg (16000 bytes)                

                                 Below the market top in 2008 showed the same weakness
                                 and Peerless major sell signals that it showed before the
                                 1929, 1937, 1957, 1987 and 2000 bear markets. 

                     2008 Market Top Was Easily Spotted by Peerless Users.
DATA0708.BMP (1108854 bytes)   

                  You still have to worry about bear markets. 2008 proved that.  And when the
                  market is safe, you want to use more leverage like the Pros do.
                  Accordingly, we have developed the Peerless system of market timing.
                  Based on 10 simple entries a day, it generates fully automatic Buy
                  and Sell signals on the DJI that work very well for almost all stocks
                  and ETFs.   Our Peerless Stock Market Timing has been back-tested
                  meticulously back to 1915.  Our customers would not trade without it.

                  See how well Peerless Signals work with SP-500 stocks since 1980.

                                          This site has many, many examples. 
                  Study them.  Use our tools.  You'll never  again trade without them.

                  And if you don't find it, call or email us.  Also Google "TigerSoft" and your question.
       TIP -        Insider Buying + Professional Buying =
                              Big Profits for Tiger Users

           TigerSoft Insider Trading Charts detect and highlight significant insider and professional trading. 
           It is precisely because Insider trading is so rampant and so profitiable that our market timing

           with individual stocks succeeds so well. 

    See the difference between the biggest winners and losers.
                  2012's Biggest Winners  HOVNP      2012's Biggest Loser STXS

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          wpe15.jpg (9047 bytes) 2/21/2013 "Get with the Times!"  
Get Peerless and TigerSoft and Get in on the Profits, too.
                    If you don't trade the big banks and brokerages with Peerless and TigerSoft,
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                                           CitiGroup + 61%
                                           Schwab +60%
                                           JP Morgan +49%

                    Has Home Depot been one of your longer term investments?   
                    Did you sell short Gold and Silver stocks, like SVM?

Insider Selling + Professional Selling => Big Profits for Tiger Users

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                    Did you sell short the Japanese Yen like we did?     
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                                                  Call us for more information. 858-273-5900  
      Go to Page 2 of www.tigersoft.com.

          wpe1A2.jpg (46062 bytes) Peerless and TigerSoft Software Special
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   Peerless and Tiger Software
    7 months of Tiger/Peerless Data on 6000
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                           Yes, Insider Trading Is Rampant and Stock Prices are Rigged.
                                               But we can turn this to  our advantage by

                    (1) studying our detailed history of the stock market since 1915
                    (2) using TigerSoft's unique indicators to see what Insiders and Professionals are buying or selling.
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     Our Tiger Power Stock Ranker  and our On-Line Nightly Hotline give you a list of these stocks each night.

           ------------------------------ Use TigerSoft To Level The Playing Field ----------------------------------------------------------
How To Get Started       Insider Trading Is Rampant      Wall Street Is Not Fooling Anyone Anymore.
               How To Turn Insider Trading To Your Advantage      How To Spot A Coming Takeover     

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wpe19.jpg (7103 bytes)        TigerSoft's Public Blog : The Real Politcal Economy.  
            (TigerSoft Hotline lets you get the real news first.)

March 8, 2013   The Bond Bubble Is Breaking.
         "Bond Funds look more dangerous than housing stocks did at
                                  their peak in 2005." Compare the TigerSoft Index of
                                  Bond Funds and LEN back then.
  It's hard to imagine a more
                                  bearish looking top pattern.
wpe15.jpg (9608 bytes)      4/11/2013        TigerSoft Hotline  TigerSoft Past Predictions|
    12 Banks Given Fed's Minutes A Day Early.
   Egregious insider trading at the highest levels.  But
       no one at the Fed is going to be charged with this crime.
Use TigerSoft.  Our Tiger Closing Power
      turned up sharply from all the big banks' insider buying.


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Free San Diego Tiger User Group Meeting

June 10th, 2017  Saturday - 12:45-4:00 PM    

           on Clairemont Mesa Blvd.   Clairemont Shopping Center.

                    Will the DJI's rally start again?  Given the DJI's key values (as measured
                    by Peerless, what does the past suggest?

                    How important is the coming Fed decision to raise rates? 

                    Should we even care about the DJI or the FED now, given
                    how much our "longs" have risen and our "shorts" have
                    simultaneously fallen?  Can the Semi-Conductors keep rising?
                    Will the Oil/Gas Stocks and Retailers fall even more?

                    More and more higher priced stocks are falling through a trap-door and
                    plunging more than 10% in one day.  What can we learn about the
                    way they set up for this.

                    Let me tell you about my new Peerless book.  Eye-opening conclusions.


                     wpe11.jpg (2627 bytes) San Diego Tiger Software User Group Meeting

                      Free San Diego Tiger User Group Meeting

August 12, 2017  Saturday - 12:45-4:00 PM    

           on Clairemont Mesa Blvd.   Clairemont Shopping Center.

                                 "The Fed made the  rally.  Now they could take it all away."
                            The Fed has a long history of defending the Dollar by pushing
                            up interest rates.  Is that in store for us now?

                                   This would be a good time to  see what our Peerless Stock Market Timing
                                   system: 1928-2017 now recommends.  What about Summer rallies?  How
                                   often does the market pivot-down in August, even before the more treacherous
                                   months of September and October?    

                             >   What stocks should be sold short to hedge? 
                                        How To use use the Tiger Power Ranker.
                             >   What leveraged ETFs are apt to be the biggest movers this Summer?
                                        How To use our Tiger QuickSilver Ranking of Leveraged ETFs.
                             >   What Industry Groups are starting to breaking down?
                                        How to use our Tiger Industry Ranker.