Peerless Stock Market Timing: 1915-2013
Full List of Peerless Signals on DJIA  1/1/2014
Example:   Peerless Automatic Buys/Sells Chart, for 12 months ending May 25, 2012 
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    William Schmidt, Ph.D. (Columbia Unversity) Tiger Software   858-273-5900 william_schmidt@hotmail.com

     --------- CALLING ALL TOPS --------
    You, too, Can Call The Tops with Peerless

       TIP:  When you know how to call tops, you also can tell when the market is safe.
       This lets you buy aggressively early in a bull market and not sell out prematurely.

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Trade with new confidence.  Peerless has called every major top real-time since 1981.
   >    It calls bottoms, too.  Amazingly, Peerless has averaged more than 20%/ year
          using the blue chip Dow Jones industrial Average.     

    >   Its automatic Buys and Sells have been painstakingly back-tested to 1929.
    >   Profitably super-impose the Peerless signals on DIA, SPY, QQQ, IWM, FAS, TNA.      
    >   When Peerless gives a Buy, go long the strongest stocks and ETFs with new confidence.
   >  When Peerless gives a Sell, sell short the weakest stocks and ETFs.

>   You can run the software yourself or get a discussion of the signals and the
          market each night from our on-line Hotline.

              You are invited to:

              > Discover the technical rules behind the Peerless Automatic Buys and Sell Signals. 
              > Study their individual track record since 1928 and trade them confidently.
  > Use our Buy B1....Buy B19 and Sell S1...S19 signals. 
                              The numbers allow us to distinguish them and study their individual
                               potency and reliability since 1928.


                           Many casual writers glibly say market timing cannot be done. 
                          They call it a waste of time and  "a fool's errand".  If you're "lucky" to get
                          out before a big decline, they warn, "you'll surely miss the next bull market."  

                          But just because these nay-sayers cannot do it, does not mean it can't be done.
                          Our real-time track record is proof of the power of Peerless.  I've spent 30
                          years back-testing, verifying and predicting the stock market.  At least,
                          consider all that my Peerless can teach you.  Over and over, the same
                          type of tops occur.  Over and over, the same type of bottoms occur.

                           Next time you run into one of these nay-dayers, asking them some questions?
                                  1)   "How do you prove a negative?" 
                                  2)   "Are you really familiar with technical analysis?"
                                  3)   "How much original historical research have you done?
                                  4)    "Have you ever used Peerless Stock Market Timing?" 
                                   5)   If they're still snippy, ask them why they persist in helping Wall  Street insiders
                                        keep their biggest trading secrets and advantage all to themselves?

                           Stock market history and our automatic Buys and Sell offer overwhelming evidence
                           showing how wrong they are.  The very Wealth and Power of Wall Street
                           is contrary proof.   Insiders time and manipulate the market all the time.
                         There's so much at stake here,  keep an open mind and please read on.   
                         Discover that you do not have to suffer through  long bear marets. 
                         Instead make money from them and still buy at the bottom!                        

                         Too often buying and holding is very costly.  You can easily lose 50% or more
                         in a market "correction".  Anyone who went through a market Crash like 1987 or 1998
                         or a long bear market like 2000-2003 or 2007-2009 will tell you how much they now wish
                         they had not listened to a "buy and hold" stock broker.                         

                                                        How Many Times Must
                                                      We Prove Peerless Works?

                         Peerless is proof that the stock market can be timed.  In fact, we have been successfully
                         timing the market real-time since 1981.  We have had subscribers for 30 years.  And
                         we share the secrets of what we have learned, so that you can back-test the signals
                         themselves.  Take for example our famous Sell S9.  Look at what has happened
                         real-time when a Peerless Sell S9 has occurred.  How many subsequent big
                         declines in the market will it take to convince the doubters?

                                       Recent Famous Sell S9s     Subsequent DJI Decline
                                       October 1987     Sell S9 brings 34.1% gain on short sale.
                                       July 1990            Sell S9 brings 16.8% gain on short sale.
                                       July 1998            Sell S9 brings 16.8% gain on short sale.
                                       January 2000      Sell S9 brings 12.8% gain on short sale.
                                       February 2001     Sell S9 brings 12.8% gain on short sale.
                                       May 2002            Sell S9 brings 12.8% gain on short sale.
                                       July 2007             Sell S9 brings 4.7% gain on short sale.
                                       December 2007   Sell S9 brings 9.9% gain on short sale.
                                       March 2008         Sell S9 brings 9.3% gain on short sale.
                                       May 2008             Sell S9 brings 9.3% gain on short sale.                                 

                         Peerless works because history repeats.  Tops are made in a limited number of
                         of well-defined ways.  They show insider Distrbution.  They show measurably
                         foolish over-enthusiasm.  And they show too much money is going into too few
                         stocks at the final top.   We mumber the ways the market tops out.  Some of
                         our Sell signals are extraordinarily deadly.  Others only call for 5%-8% intermediate-term
                         declines.   Similarly, market bottoms are also made in a limied number of very
                         definable ways. 

                         The Sells and Buys are numbered so that we can distinguish them, one from another,
                         and so that we can study their track record going back to 1928.   You will want to
                         readily study these signals so that you validate them and see their likely
                         significance when they occur real-time.  Peerless will elevate you to a completely
                         new level of understanding about the stock market.  And it will be much better than
                         most market Pros have.  

                        Peerless Shows History Does Repeat.                      
    Very Profitable Applications
                        Superimposing Peerless Reversing Signals on Various Investments:
            30% Annualized Rate of Return since 1993 Trading SPY (Long and Short)                            Long Trades Only, 2% Slippage/Commissions allowed for each round-trip trade.
 SAFER, HIGH Peerless Investing Returns on SPY, DIA, QQQ and EWC (Canada). 
                   Which Country ETFs Have Worked Best with Peerless Automatic Buys and Sells since 1996?
                                                $1,000 would have become $100,000 in 15 years.
                   Which Sectors Work Best Trading with Peerless Automatic Buys and Sells?
                                                 Peerless Fidelity Sector Funds' Performance: 1986-2011
                                                 FSLBX Gained 26% per year.    $1,000 Becomes $340,000.
                   Trading Individual SP-500 Stocks Using Peerless: 1980-2011


                                         One Year of Peerless/Tiger HOTLINE   $350 
                                       Peerless Stock Market Timing: 1929-2011  $395.
                              TigerSoft & Peerless Stock Market Timing: 1929-2011  $495.                                           

       Introduction to Peerless Stock Market Timing      Older Real-Time Track Record: 1981-2009
            New Peerless
with On-Line BookPeerless Stock Market Timing: 1915-2011

--------- CALLING ALL TOPS --------
    You, too, Can Call The Tops with Peerless

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          The First Task for A Successful Trader:
                         Determine How Safe The Market Is.

Most of your profits will normally be made in rising markets.  A reversing Peerless
          Buy signal should be your starting point to buy aggressively.  The lastest Peerless
          Buy in late June 2010 has now seen the DJIA rally 25%.  Our stocks have done
          much better.  We bought aggressively, because we know how reliable Peerless is
          at getting out as the market peaks.

                                  Peerless Buys/Sells on DJIA
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  You do not have to suffer through declines in the stock market.   And you do not
         need to wonder if it's safe buy.   Peerless can show you exactly when to get out
         of the market.   It has done that, REAL-TIME,  in early 1981, January 1984, October 1987,
         July 1990 and at the tops in 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2007, 2008 and 2009. 
You can actually make a fortune from declining markets.
         Our Peerless users made millions in the 1987 Crash.  Many bought OEX puts
         because of the fourth Sell S9 in early October 1987.  Three weeks later the
         options had risen 50-fold.  The OEX fell from 321 on 10/1/87 to 233 on 10/20/87.
         The Peerless Sell S9 was classic.   It was unmistakeable.  And it was made
         more bearish by the fact that there had been earlier Sells without a market break.
         Instead of buying puts, one can now buy leveraged short sale ETFs on various
                                    PEERLESS DJIA CHART - OCTOBER 1987 CRASH
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                                      PEERLESS SIGNALS ON OEX - OCTOBER 1987 CRASH
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Peerless can also show you when it's safe to buy, just as it did real-time August 1982,
         July 1984, December 1987, October 1990, January 1995, October 1997, October 1998
         and March 2003 when major Buys occur.     

      Trade anything with Peerless.  The world markets have never been so closely
         linked as now.  That has made our Peerless Stock Market Timing even more valuable
         and necessary for  trading and investing success.  The result is that Peerless can be
         used not just by traders of general market ETFs  (DIA, SPY and QQQQ and their more
         leveraged equivalents),  Options' and  S&P Futures' traders,  but also investors
         in foreign ETFS and certainly most stocks, too. 

At least, hedge with Peerless. Instead of losing money, in the 2008-2009 market crash,
         a Peerless user who traded DIA (the equivalent of the DJIA) long and short from
         April 2008 to March 2009 would have gained more than +96%, most conservative
         calculated.  Please note: these were real-time signals, documented on our Hotline,
         so that you get these signals, even if you did not have Peerless.

Short-term traders should trade the trend of TigerSoft Professional Buying
         Power for the DIA, SPY, QQQQ etc. primarily in the direction of the operative
         Peerless Signal.
             The QQQQ chart below shows both the Peerless signals and the Professional Buying Power
              signals.   The gain for these signals was 92.2%, conservatively calculated, using the next
              day's openings to make the trades and allowing $40 commission for each trade with
              the proceeds from  $10,000 fully re-invested.  There were 14 winning trades. 3 losing trades.
              The biggest intra-day loss was 5.2%.  Trading beat buying and holding by 35.7%.

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               See also
                     Trading DIA, SPY and QQQQ with Peerless Signals
                     and TigerSoft's Professional Buying Power Index
See also:

Look at the real-time track record of Peerless major "Sell S9s" and "Sell S12s" since
       1928 in the charts below.  When they appear, the market becomes dangerous. 
       The more such signals appear, the more dangerous the market becomes.  The
       failure of key support following Peerless major Sells always has brought a bear

       Our Peerless Stock Market Timing: 1915-2011 Will Tell You When The Market Is Safe
       and When It Is Dangerous.  Look at Its real-time track record.  As the world markets
       become more and more integrated, the Peerless automatic Buys and Sells have proven
       themselves universally.  Peerless averages 3 reversals per year.  The average gain on
       the DJI from Buy to Sell produces an average gain of 17%/year.  91% of Peerless signals
       have been profitable.  We provide all the data needed.  And if you prefer to simply get the
       Buys and Sells with explanations and historical justification, subscribe to our popular
       on-Line Nightly Hotline.
                                          Buys and Sells You Can Count On and Understand.

           Calling All Tops: 1929, 1937, 1957 1959, 1962, 1966, 1973, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1987, 1990, 1998, 2000 and 2007
  Peerless Gain = +96%  April 2008-March 2009
Calling All Bottoms:   1933, 1938, 1942, 1949, 1953, 1958, 1961, 1962, 1967, 1970, 1975, 1978,
                                       1980, 1982, 1984, 1988, 1991, 1995, 1998, 2003...  

Calling All Tops:
  1929, 1937, 1957, 1966, 1973, 1978, 1987, 1990, 2000, 2007, 2008
     and others, too.     

                        - Our Famous Warning of June 24, 2007 -   

"SELL S9, SELL S12"            
   The 1929 Crash: Could It Happen Again?   Yes - Absolutely. 
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  JPMorgan               Twenties party, as depicted in the 1929 film Gold Diggers Of Broadway           1929 Car

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The 1937 Panic:
                                                                              "SELL S9"
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wpe1A2.jpg (2569 bytes) wpe1A3.jpg (39194 bytes) wpe1A4.jpg (23946 bytes) wpe1A5.jpg (35923 bytes)wpe1A6.jpg (30559 bytes)

1957 Bear Market:
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wpe1A7.jpg (11602 bytes) wpe1AA.jpg (34451 bytes) wpe1A9.jpg (2763 bytes) wpe1AB.jpg (2454 bytes) wpe1AC.jpg (2169 bytes) wpe1AD.jpg (3837 bytes) wpe1AF.jpg (26852 bytes)
World Wide Influenza Pandemic of 1957
1966 Bear Market:
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wpe1B0.jpg (2443 bytes) wpe1B1.jpg (31656 bytes) wpe1B2.jpg (34898 bytes)

1973 Top to 1973-1974 Bear Market:
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wpe1B3.jpg (2564 bytes) wpe1B4.jpg (2326 bytes) wpe1B6.jpg (2257 bytes) wpe1B9.jpg (2624 bytes) wpe1B8.jpg (3952 bytes)  wpe1B7.jpg (2946 bytes)
1978 Mini Crash:
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1987 Crash
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wpe1BB.jpg (3447 bytes) wpe1BA.jpg (2564 bytes) wpe1BC.jpg (2874 bytes) wpe1BD.jpg (3397 bytes) wpe1BE.jpg (2710 bytes) wpe1BF.jpg (2738 bytes)
1990 Bear Market
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wpe1C0.jpg (4030 bytes) wpe1C1.jpg (1971 bytes) wpe1C2.jpg (2212 bytes) wpe1C3.jpg (3447 bytes) wpe1C4.jpg (3106 bytes)
2000-2003 Bear Market

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wpe1C6.jpg (41974 bytes) wpe1C7.jpg (1999 bytes)

2007 Top to Bear Market of 2007-2009

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2008 Continuation Top
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