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     Tiger Software

    Our Nightly Hotline and Software offer:

                  ...   Time-Tested Methods to Increase Your Profits.
                                We've been building and back-tetsing indicators for 35 years.
                                Learn what we have learned.

                  ...    Safety from a Bear Market and comfort in a Bull Market to apply
                        more leverage and buy more aggressively.  That's what our
                        Peerless Stock Market Timing is all about!  Look at its track record.

                  ...    We created price bands in 1981 to show psychologically "overbought"
                        and "oversold" conditions.  These alone will allow our software to
                        pay for itself very quickly.

                  ...   We created original Indicators that measure "insider-informed" buying
                        and selling to show what savvy Professionals are doing.  Internal strength
                        or weakness used  in combination with our bands makes the stocks much
                        more likely to reverse from the price bands.

                  ...    We created unique measures of relative strength and seasonality. We
                        can teach you a lot here.
                  ...    Simplicity.  We highlight each night the stocks Professionals are most
                        aggresively buying and selling.  Apply our Power Ranker to the MAXCPs
                        and MINCPs to show the stocks with the very highest and very lowest
                        composite strength.  This is also great for hedging.  One can often buy the
                        highest rank MAXCP stock and sell short the most bearish ranked MINCP
                        stock simultaneously and make money at the same time on both trades.

                  ...   Personal Support.  We quickly get you up and running.

                  ...  The Confidence that comes from knowing Tiger Software has many
                        thousand happy, satisfied customers.

   ==== TOTAL PACKAGE  ====
    Everything! Includes all Peerless and Tiger Software,
     Books, Data, plus Elite Stock Professional Report
     and ALL Software Updates for a Year!
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==== Nightly Market Commentary ====
         Dr. Schmidt's HOTLINE comments each night on the
         general stock market.  Each HOTLINE shows over 100
         updated charts of the   DJIA, SP-500, NASDAQ, QQQ and
         other key ETFs,  stocks, foreign markets,  metals and
         currencies.   You immediately see their current Buy and
         Sell signals, Peerless and TigerSoft.

To simplify, each night's HOTLINE shows the 10 most most
          bullish and bearish stocks' charts, too.  Here we apply the
          Power Ranker to the MAXCPs and MINCPs, the groups of stocks
          Professionals are most busily buying or selling. 
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========== Software ==========

  #1    >
Peerless Stock Market Timing Software:
        Major and Minor Signals on the General Market.
        20%-24%+ Profit on On DJIA per Year since 1965.       
        >Tiger Timing and Stock Trading:
           Automatic Buys and Sells  on Any Stock,
        Index, Currency or Commodity.

       This Peerless and Tiger Software comes with three months
       of data from us for 6000 stocks, metals, ETFS and commodity ETNS
       and three months of our Nightly Hotline. 

  $495.     ->  Phone (858-273-5900) or email us.   
 #2   >Tiger-Power-Ranker -    Flags and Ranks 7000            
         stocks for most bullish and bearish conditions.  
         Lists Buy/Sell Status on all stocks.    Click on any stock's            

         key internal strength values to get a Tiger graph with signals..
         Power-Ranker includes all Peerless and Tiger
         updates as  well as latest research  into how to turn
         "Insider Buying"    to your advantage, how our best
         system system  for doing this has had a yearly
         average gain of 36% per year since 1990.  The Power-
          Ranker is  only sold to owners of  Peerless and
          TigerSoft.   It also includes 3 months' access to our
           Nightly Data. our   Nightly Hotline and all software  
          updates for three months.
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== On Line TIGER DATA Service ==
          Nightly Data on 1500 stocks, ETFS, Indices,
         Currencies, Commodities for a year...Data Service is FREE
         with Software purchases for 3-9 months. Our software     
         supports most professional data services, like Dial Data
         and TC-2000.  .$150/year.-> Phone us

       Elite Stock Professional Service (ESP)
                   Tiger Data Page
                   Bullish and Bearish Special Situations
                   Weekly On-Line of Followup Stock Recommendations
               Software Updates...
                    ..     $650/year. ->
->  Phone (858-273-5900) or email us

On-Going Research
             Research is included with Full Tiger Software order
             and Elite Stock Professional Service for a year.
Regularly $995/year.  HH participants only $796              Call 858-273-5900       
                          Full Study: +36%/year since 1990 buying most Intensely Accumulated Stocks
                          as measured by Tiger's "Accumulation Index".


     > Explosive Super Stocks: How To Spot Them at The
         Start of Their Move: The Conditions That  Launch Each
         Year's Biggest Gainer s and How To Not Overstay One's
                  ... Regularly $75.                        

      > The  Tiger "Tahiti" System:    +25%/Year: 1970-2000: Buying
        The Most Accumulated Stock in the DJI-30.
Regularly $70.                        

     > Killer Short Selling Pofits in Any Market:
       Using Tiger's Accumulation Index To Spot Insider
Regularly $70                       

   > S&P 500 and OEX Index Option Trading: Using Peerless
        Signals and Over-Bought and Over-Sold Reading to Trade
         Index Options: 1980-2006
                   .... Regularly $38.50.                  

      > Peerless Stock Market Timing: 1928-2018 Book
                            (Due Late This Summer).

    (C) 7/3/2018 William Schmidt, Ph.D. and www.tigersoft.com