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Bullish Special Situations:

When to Buy and When To Sell Them

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Below are examples of Bullish Special Situation stocks from 1997 - 2005.  Our TIGER Elite Stock Professional (ESP) subscribers downloaded these images from us in time to make enormous profits.

Please note that these are the automatic buy and sell signals just as they appeared at the time.  Below is the chart of ACRT (Actrade) exactly as a user of the TIGER Elite Stock Professional (ESP) service would have seen it after downloading it from our TIGER BBS on 9/19/96.


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ACRT was recommended on the BUY B10/B12 breakout between $6 and $7 after our screening 10,000 stocks on the night of 9/10/96 showed it had ideal technical conditions for purchase.  ACRT exploded upwards as you can see from its 1997 chart shown below.   15 months later it had risen to more than $30, thus producing a profit of more than 400%.


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Page 2:  When to Sell

Page 3:  The 1997 Study of Bullish Special Situations

Page 4:  Table Showing Special Situation BUYS between the 28th and 4th of Each Month from January 2, 1997 to October 31, 1997

Page 5:  More Examples of Bullish Situations in 1997

             Examples from 2003.   The average gain for stocks picked from January-June 2003 as of 11-10-2003 was 39%.  Interestingly it rises to 46% if one leaves out stocks with an AI/200 score below 155.


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