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Finding Super Stocks

Tiger's Power-Stock Ranker Software

For Individual Stock Selection

by William Schmidt, Ph.D.

Since 1981 we've been pioneering original computerized research into what best predicts the general trend of individual stocks, their major and minor turning points and how to pick the stocks that exhibit the most "big-money accumulation" preparatory to an exciting price advance.

Thousands of TIGER users have profited from our discoveries about market DIVERGENCES and "BIG-MONEY" ACCUMULATION and DISTRIBUTION.

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Test Your Own Current Skills at Stock Selection


Would You Like To:

(1) Learn How To Pick High Tech and Low-Priced Stocks That Can Triple in A Year, or Less?

(2) Own "Blue Chips" Stocks That Rise 26% A Year,
Even in A Bear Market?

(3) Turn $10,000 into $1,000,000 Investing only in "Blue-Chip" Stocks in 20 Years?

(4) Learn When It Is Often Best To Sell Even The Most Accumulated Stocks?

(5) What Stocks To Sell Short and When?


Examples of Explosive Super Stocks:


Three major Buy signals on ANCR (shown below) occurred the same day below 9.  These TIGER signals were fully automatic. ANCR was flagged out of 11,000 stocks.  The signals were produced on the ANCR chart at this time, just as you see below.

After the stock had quickly tripled, a major Sell("S24") was produced.  The stock was prominently featured in our Nightly Hotline and Fax Service.

William Schmidt's 175 page book "Explosive Super Stocks" shows you how to find stocks like this again and again using TIGER's proprietary tools.


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