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   9/19/2011  DJI-30.EXE AND A-Z UPDATED.
                   DJI-30.exe is now updated early to let ETF traders get an earlier start
               each night.   A-Z are next.  The captions to the right of the download gives
               the last date in the data.

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A Guide To Profitably Using The Tiger Nightly HOTLINE 
                                           Nightly On-Line HOTLINE  $350  ===> Order Here 
                       9/5/2011       Buy at the Close rather than the Opening

New TigerSoft Exploded Chart
                   It shows exactly how much of a move from the Opening
                   is needed to break the Closing Power trendline.   


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                         TRACK RECORD: 
Falling MA S9v Sell Signal of 9/2/2011.  
                                         Also B14s must be above the 5% lower band.
                                $75 - Peerless Update for this signal if you have Peerless-2010-2011. 
                                 Email me and I will call you back to take CC and send you the link.
                         Elite Subscribers should be able to download this from the Elite Page on Wednesday. 
                         Recent purchasers of the Update will be sent a link by Wednesday evening
                         where they can download the revised version showing all S9vs and the
                         exploded charts to better watch the Closing Power trends.
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    New Peerless Research at Blog.
                     What are best industry sectors to trade with Peerless since 1985?
                     Best country ETFs since 1996?  Best stocks in SP-500 since 1980?

      3/29/201131 Years of Automatic Peerless General Market Buys and Sells
                       applied to SP-500 Stocks

       PEER04.exe     Peerless Data is updated through    9/16/2011
                                      DJIA, NASDAQ, SP-500, OEX, NYSE, Value Line

STOCKS.exe leading stocks/commodities, DIA, SPY, QQQQ, IWM. MDY  9/16/2011                                      
COMODITIES    9/16/2011
     Look at steaming hot coffee  versus h/s tops in rise, oats, soybeans, wheat
       and copper. See Blogs from 2008.

                      Let us know if you have any problems or questions, email us. 
7/23/2011   Update - Download  Revised Install.exe + Peercomm...
              Current A-Z stocks now have "11" instead of "10" in title. Example "11-A.exe"
See  Builder Instructions Note the symbols must be in three places.
1) The stock must be in the A-Z downloads. 
                                   2) It must be in the c:\tigersup A-Z alphabetical files.
                                  3) It must be in your ascii list of stocks in c:\peerless.
                                  Do not duplicate names in this list. Left justify the names.  Use capital letters.


6/17/2011    OVERRIDE.exe   Names associated with Companies.  
                      This is being modified gradually.

                      NEW - TOP2010.exe  - 98 Best performing stocks of 2010  
            Study of Best Performing 2010 Stocks
   If you have any problems with the data here tonight, email us, we will fix them quickly.          

            Blog      Rules for Trading Closing Power.

Data Updated as follows  
                 PEER04.exe   Peerless Data is updated through     9/16/2011

                    DJI-30.exe      9/19/2011
       CURRENT A-Z STOCKS'  DATA  -> A-Z are updated through 9/19/2011
       11-A    11-B    11-C    11-D     11-E        11-F      11-G     11-H      11-I      11-J  
                                11-K     11-L    11-M   11-N    11-O      11-P       11-Q     11-R       11-S     11-T   11UVWXYZ
                                 ====>  STOCKS.exe            
                                 ====>  MAXCP.exe     Closing Power New Highs

                                 ====>  MINCP.exe      Closing Power New Lows
                               IMPORTANT: Sometimes, if there is more than just the MINCP.exe file above,
                               because of the much higher number of declining stocks, you may need to save the
                               MINCP.exe, MINCP.w02 and even MINCP.w03  files to your computer first
                               and ONLY THEN open/run MINCP.exe
                               FROM YOUR COMPUTER.

                               IMPORTANT   NEWLOWS.exe     New Lows.
                               Because of the much higher number of declining stocks, you may need to save
                               all of the above files to your computer and ONLY THEN open/run NEWLOWS.exe
                               FROM YOUR COMPUTER.

                                              Newhighs.exe     New highs                                 

                                                              Closing Power Bearish Divergence Stocks                                               
                                            SECTORS -  c:\sectors   SECTOR ETFS  
                                             SHORTETF  c:\shortetf  Leveraged Short ETF                                             
                                             NASD-100.exe      SP500.exe     

                                             HIPOPT10.exe  High priced optonable stocks  
 REIT stocks Saved into c:\gold  Supplemented with new symbols 7/23/2011
                                             GOLD  Gold/Silver stocks Saved into c:\gold   
      ACCUMVER.exe      See new Blog   2010's Best Performing Stocks  
    ACCUMHOR.exe   Revised AI/200 stocks with AI/200>180.
                                            Other categories' data downloads are further below.
              --->  Categories (example AUTOs, BIOTECH)
                are now updated through
     See further below.

              ---> Older DJI Data: Save to c:\peerless  Others will be added here.
                        DATA08.txt     DATA0809.txt    DATA09.txt      DATA0910.txt          
                        S&P08.txt         S&P0809.txt      S&P09.txt         S&P0910.txt
                       OEX08.txt         OEX0809.txt      OEX09.txt        OEX0910.txt
                       NYSE08.txt       NYSE0809.txt    NYSE09.txt      NYSE0910.txt
                       NASD08.txt      NASD809.txt     NASD09.txt      NASD0910.txt

           Weekly Data  9/9/2011  
                  (These are mostly SP-500 and NASDAQ-100 stocks.   Others
                            cannot be easily added here.  If you want to see our weekly
                            charts of stocks not here, talk to us about using Dial Data as a data vendor. 
                            This requires getting Procomm for Windows and using an XP.  Dial Data
                            costs $50/mo))

1WEEKDAT.exe         2WEEKDAT.exe
       3WEEKDAT.exe         4WEEKDAT.exe     
              9/7/2011 - Open and run OVERRIDE.exe to make current list of name and symbols.                   

                       It shows how a stock behaves when it moves in daily trading in a diifferent direction
                       than the DJI. Its  50-day bearish divergences from price show probable insider selling and
                       its 50-day bullish divergences were common near the March 2009 bottom.
TigerSoft Asynchronicity Indicator  Explanation and Example.

                     1/11/2009   The number of ETFs, leveraged and unleveraged keeps growing. 
                       SECTORS hes has the data for most.    Lnk --- See index ETFS listed by symbol and explanation. .

Daily data back to 1998 for most SP-500/NASDAQ-100 stocks will be available here as soon as possible.

                 Builder Instructions
                            This list is regularly changed.  The latest lists
                             of stocks are in c:\tigersup  in your computer.

TOPPERF09.exe  Download this data to see the 80 stocks up the most in 2009. 
                                                Our study of 2009 Super Stocks will help find the best of 2011.
                                 DATA DOWNLOADS:

            Important - with some of the data, you must FIRST save BOTH of the exe and w02 files
       into your computer.  Only after doing that, run SETUP.exe from your computer. 
       For example, do not try to open SP-500.exe, for example,  from the internet here.  With most
       other downloads you can do this.  There are too many symbols and data, to allow a single file to be
We are working on a new downloader which will get around this problem.         



        A-Z Categories:       
                                   ACCUMVER    Saved into c:\accumver  These are stocks with
very high
                                  bulges of Accumulation (above .45 in last 2 momths. 
Many are very thinly traded.
                                  A minimum of 500 lots of trading on last day was required. We watch these
                                  because they often find excellent support at their rising 65-dma and 30-wk ma
                                  and then run to new highs.  This often represent savvy insider buying.  They often
                                  subsequently make a new high.  On new highs, these may become augmented B24s.
                                  If the bulge of Accumulation lasts for several weeks, these may become weekly
                                  Buy B12s. All are now above their 65-dma.

                                   ACCUMHOR    Saved into c:\accum  These are stocks with very steady positive
All  had AI/200 scores above 180 on 3/12/2010 when added here.  
                                  These are likely to be buys on most pullbacks, as long as their Accumulation does
                                  not stay negative very long.  

                                 AUTO   Saved into c:\auto   

BIGBANK.exe  Only 6 banks.  They are biggest.

                      BIOTECH     Saved into c:\biotech  

BONDFUND.exe   Saved into c:\bondfund  

                                 CHEM      Saved into c:\chem   These are specialty chemicals, including those used for

CHINA    Saved into c:\china   These are Chinese stocks and closed end funds

COMODITIES    Saved into c:\comodity    These are perpetual futures' commodity
                                 contracts foods, fuels, cotton, metals, currencies, bonds and SP-500. 

                                 DOWNER   STOCKS down 40% or more in last two months. 8/5/2011 only

                         STOCKS ...   c:\stocks

DJI-30    Saved into c:\dji30   
                                 These are the stocks used well for years with our Tiger "Tahiti Approach", buying
                                at the end of each quarter the highest AI/200 stock and holding it for 21 month.
                                So that you can quickly compare a DJI-30 stocks with the DIA, SPY, QQQQ and
                                          MDY, we have added those symbols to this download.

ELITSTKS   Saved into c:\elitstks   

                               ETFS    Saved into c:\etfs  Foreing ETFs only.

FIDELITY - Saved into c:\fidelity   
                              Use these to see which industries are strongest and weakest.  

                              FIDSTKS To be saved into c:\fidstks   revised `1/15/2011
                            These are  the top ten holdings for each Fidelity Sector fund as posted by 

                             FINANCE  Saved into c:\finance:     Updated and corrected 12/3
                            162 brokerage, bank and mortgage stocks. 

                              FTSE    Saved into c:\ftse    London Stock Exchange Stocks

FUNDS  Saved into c:\funds    All these are mutual funds.  Because they have no
                            volume and no high and low, you will not be able to run the normal nightly analysis for
                            ranking and flagging program.   Instead use Peercomm + Chart + Ranking Results
                           + User Set Ranking + 21 (or whatever length you like) +1   
                           Send me -    the funds you want to add here.   Use a 21-day,
                         65-day ranking.  The automatic signals under Signals2 work well. Look at the price patterns here,
                          as well as relative strength indicators.

Saved into c:\gold

Saved into c:\green   These are    "green" stocks.  Renewable energy.               

Saved into c:\hipopt10     These are high priced optionable stocks.  Professional           
                          traders like these.  Watch their trends, too, to judge the trend of the market.
Its index chart
                        and A/D Line offers insight into perspective of professional options' traders who favor
                        higher priced stocks.      

Saved into c:\homebldg       

  OPTS-A-D      OPTS-E-L      OPTS-M-R       OPTS-S-Z     OPTIONS                                    

                      INDUSTRIAL MATERIALS (INDMATER.exe)  Saved into c:\indmater  
                     Aluminum, coal, steel, zinc, copper producers ....


                     LOWPRICE Stocks - Saved into c:\lowprice        Mostly under $5.     

                    NASD-100 STKS.-   Saved into c:\nasd-100 
                   List of NASDAQ-100 stocks and other information.  

    Newhighs.exe   Saved into c:\newhighs

NEWLOWS        Saved into c:\newlows 
                     Stocks recently making 12 month new lows.

                   OILGAS   Saved into c:\oilstks    Previously OILSTKS

                  OPTS-A-D      OPTS-E-L     OPTS-M-R      OPTS-S-Z      Optionable Stocks

                   SECTORS -    Saved into c:\sectors                  
               These are non-foreign ETFS.  They are useful for seeing which sectors are performing well
               and show high accumulation.

                 SHORTETF      Saved into c:\shortetf   These are the ETFs to go short
              the market.  Some offer extra leverage. 

  abbreviated by taking out very lower   trading volume stocks
                               and low priced stocks.   
your hard drive.  This creates c:\SP-500

                TRANSP       Saved into c:\transp   These are transportation and shipping stocks:
                railroads, trucking, airlines, shipping, cargo transportation. A few more will be added.   

               UTILITY    Saved in c:\utility  Electircal utilities.


          TigerSoft Help        Bullish Stocks     Bearish Stocks   Trading Ranges   Tiger Power Ranker
        Stock Splits            Removing Directories
      Conversion from Ascii to Tiger format

                               BASED ON  ALL A-Z STOCKS DOWNLOADED.

                      Build your own groups of stocks in a directory you choose.
                      OPEN   INSTALL-BUILDER.exe       Read STEP BY STEP Instructions.
                      Users should update this file regularly.  It expands the number of stocks you can use
                      based on user reports to us of ommitted stocks.      

                2010 HISTORICAL DATA   A-Z Stocks  
                 10-A    10-B    10-C    10-D    10-E     10-F      10-G     10-H      10-I      10-J  
                      10-K     10-L    10-M   10-N    10-O     10-P    10-Q     10-R     10-S   10-T   10UVWXYZ

             2009 HISTORICAL DATA   A-Z Stocks  
09-A.exe    09-A.w02    Save both to your c:\ and run 09-A.exe from YOUR computer. 
                                       Then to graph Select  c:\09-A                                         
               09-B.exe --    To graph Select  c:\09-B
               09-C.exe       09-C.w02      
                                  Save both to your c:\ and run 09-C.exe from YOUR computer. 
                                    Then to graph Select  c:\09-C     
              09-D.exe     - To graph  Select  c:\09D
              09-E.exe     - To graph  Select  c:\09E 
              09-F.exe     - To graph  Select  c:\09F
              09-G.exe    - To graph  Select  c:\09G
09-H.exe    - To graph  Select  c:\09H
              09-I.exe    - To graph  Select  c:\09I
              09-J.exe    - To graph  Select  c:\09J
09-K.exe    - To graph  Select  c:\09K
09-L.exe    - To graph  Select  c:\09L    
09-M.exe    - To graph  Select  c:\09M
09-N.exe    - To graph  Select  c:\09N
09-O.exe    - To graph  Select  c:\09O 
09-P.exe    - To graph  Select  c:\09P    
09-Q.exe    - To graph  Select  c:\09Q   
09-R.exe    - To graph  Select  c:\09R
              09-S.exe    - To graph  Select  c:\09S
              09-T.exe    - To graph  Select  c:\09T
            09UVWXYZ.exe        To graph  Select  c:\09UVWXYZ
       IMPORTANT -
A FAVOR WE ASK --- If you have Windows-7, try downloading one these
       executable files.  Find it in your computer and using the mouse, look at the properties for this file. 
       You will be given a chance to have this file be run as though you had an XP.  That should make
       the download work.  Let me know. I AM TOLD THAT OUR DOWNLOADER WILL NOT WORK
If any of you have made the downloading
       here work with Windows-7, please advise.


          Having trouble?
    Try this method of downloading data.

       Many security systems on computers will not let you open a file
       from the internet after simply going with the internet browser to
       this site -    Instead try this.  This may allow
       you to open a data file executable from our site without having to
       save it.

                    1. Start Peercomm.

                    2. Click Internet

                    3.    Replace the 0123 you see with 55555
                    .between the slashes   You will see

                   4.   Then click Display Web Page Chosen Above.

                   5. This will let you run the correct data-download programs right
                   from the internet.
                          Example SP-500.exe
                          This way when I point the mouse at SP-500.exe  
Then LEFT-CLICK the file to be opened.
                          See if you get a chance to RUN rather than SAVE this file right from the internet,
                          My XP gives this new, more covenient RUNNING option only when I go to the
                          data site from within Peercomm.