CLOSING POWER TREND-BREAKS
                          (C) 2011 9/5/2011

Closing Power trendbreaks, especially as we suggest them to be
              used, very often produce excellent trading gains.  This is because
              TigerSoft Closing Power measures changes in the trends
              of net professional buying and selling.

              Here's how to know EXACTLY how much of a rise or fall in
              TigerSoft's Closing Power the next day will bring a break in the
              Closing Power trend you draw.   Using the TigerSoft of 9/5/2011
              or later, take the following steps:

              First, put a graph like the one below for QQQ on the screen.
Peercomm + Chart-2011 + Daily Stocks +  QQQ

wpe1B5.jpg (92941 bytes)

Second, produce an enlarged TigerSoft chart of the last 40, or
              so, trading days on the screen.

Lines + Explode Selected Screen Area + OK
                      Click with left mouse key a spot on the screen back about
                      40 trading days back from the last day.
                      Click with left mouse key a spot on the screen just past
                      the last trading day.

              This produces a graph like this.  Note the blue Closing Power
              just underneath the black daily price bars in the middle of the
              left side of the screen.

wpe1B8.jpg (54379 bytes)

               Third, at the top of the screen choose
Lines + Draw Closing Power Trend, Show Stats

Pick two spots on the blue Closing Power trend which
               you want to draw the CP trendline through.  Pick the earlier
               point first.  Try to point the mouse exactly at the points you
               want.   Click the two points carefully with the left mouse-keys. 
Do not pick
               a point much before the first data element or much after the last date. 
               This will draw a straight red line through these two points and
               then extend it further to the right as a finer dark line.

   It provides you helpful information on the
              CP trendline, how close the current CP value is to
               the trendline and what it would take in the way of
               a move from the Opening the next trading day to
               surpass the CP trendline.

               Study the Comments on Closing Power at the lower right:
#1 shows where the CP trendline now crosses.

               #2 shows the current (actual) CP value.
               If the current value is above the CP trendline, the condition is bullish.
               If it is below the CP trendline, the condition is bearish.

               #3 shows what it would take the next day to get back above
               a downtrending CP trendline or above a rising CP trendline.

                         Watch key CP Difference: #2 - #3
n the example below, QQQ's drawn trendline is downtrending.
               It would take a close of more than .8056 above the opening on
               the next day to break the downtrend.  The software uses the
               trendline using the actual CP points, so you can draw the trendline
               a little off and still get the correct results.  

                         Example of Downtrending Purple CP trendline.
      QQQEX2.BMP (1212054 bytes)          . 

                          Example of Uptrending Purple CP trendline.

NEMEX2.BMP (1207254 bytes)