TigerSoft's ASYNCHRONICITY Indicator
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            TigerSoft invented the Asynchronicity Indicator to spot covert insider buying
            and selling that is attempting to go unnoticed.  Wiley insiders use this tactic
            when they have expectations of a key reversal and they want to buy or sell
            many, many shares without disrupting the current market and tipping others
            as to their intentions.   See below how the advance by QCOM to its peak at 49
            in January 2010 was not matched by a corresponding Asynchronicity new
            high.  Instead, the magenta Asynchronicity Indicator had been declinining
            since July 2009.   A divergence this long is usually significant.     Sure enough,
            when one checks published insider transactions, one learns that corporate
            insiders had sold 2,391,850 shares  between July 2009 and January 2010
            and only bought 2,200 shares.    

                                     INSIDER SELLING AT QUALCOMM
Insider Purchases of QCOM - Last 6 Months ending January 28, 2010
Shares Trans
Purchases 2,200 1
Sales 2,391,850 79
Net Shares Purchased
(2,389,650) 80
Total Insider Shares Held 25.44M N/A
% Net Shares Purchased
(8.6%) N/A

                   (Source: http://finance.yahoo.com/q/it?s=QCOM )

                                       TIGERSOFT CHART OF QUALCOMM:
                                         PRICE VERSUS ASYNCHRONICITY
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