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                           IN ANY MARKET        
                 By William Schmidt, Ph.D. (Columbia University) 

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It is DANGEROUS for you to try to ride out long bear markets.   It is unnecessary. 
                And you can make much more money if you go short when a big general market
                decline starts.  Our Peerless Stock Market Timing's track record at calling
                stock market tops is unequalled.

                Nor do you have to wait for a bear market to profitably sell short.  We only avoid
                short sales when a new bull market is starting just after a reversing Peerless Buy
                signal and often at the end of the year and the beginning of the new year when
                tax considerations often bring brief advances in the weakest stocks.  Otherwise
                there are almost always a good number of stocks that are in their own bear markets. 

                This is a book about our best strategies to find them.  For example. we use
                TigerSoft "bearish MINCP"stocks to hedge and sell short.  These are the
                stocks we identify as havining the heaviest insider AND professional selling.  

                Example:Week after week, FSLR was our number #1 short selling candidate.  It was
                the #1 most bearish MINCP stock on our Hotline using our software and data.  See
                below how it fell 75% in the last 8 months, ending April 2012, while the DJI rose 25%.
                Then see all the
red Distribution by insiders and the heavy Net Selling by
                Wall Street Professionals
in the stock.  This combination is very bearish.

                 Our Tiger Power Ranker easily finds you the most vulnerable stocks, the ones
                 that BOTH professionals and insiders are heavy sellers of.  It also finds for you with
                one command the stocks that decline the most when Peerless switches to a Sell.

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               Protect yourself from long bear markets and severe intermediate-term corrections.
               You do not have to endure them.  Make money from them and be ready to buy
               and go long when they are over.  Peerless Stock Market Timing makes that

                                               Big Bear Markets Are More Certain than Ever

               The stock market goes down faster than it rises.  Governments no longer use
               Keynesian macro-economics to smoothe the business cycle.  Instead the rich
               favor de-regulation of banks that are "too big to fail".  They oppose government
               intervention except in military spending and big oil subsidies.  They oppose
               taxation of the rich at the same level that working people are taxed.  The result
               is an impoverished average American.   "Austerity" has become the cruel watch-word
               among Conservatives.   Nor do most Democrats argue the point, ignoring the
               role of AUSTERITY and the 1937 FDR Crash and the 1930-1932 HOOVER CRASH.
               They ignore that income and wealth are now even more unevenly distributed than
               right before the 1929 CRASH. 

               This author wrote his dissertation at Columbia University on the Disastrous
               Consequencs of Austerity in the 1920s and 1930s in the UK.  Churchill wrote later
               on that austerity and going back on the Gold Standard were the single biggest mistakes
               of his long political career, even exceeding his tragic landing of marines at Gallipoli
               in World War I.)  So AUSERITY when UNEMPLOYMENT IS HIGH is a prescription
               for economic and financial disaster.  Learning about short selling with TigerSoft
               is a must for the intelligent investor.

Why should only insiders sell and professionals sell short when the
               stock market is about to collapse?
Making money in a down market will give you
               much more buying power when declines comes to an end.  Watching the
               Insiders and Professionals' net selling switch to net buying is easy with
               TigerSoft.   And it will, in our view, make all the difference to your portfolio's value
               and to your successful attainment of your goal of financial independence.
The Key To Killer Short Selling Profits in The Stock Market:
           Learn To Spot Insider Selling with Tiger's Accumulation Index.

What gives us the edge and makes our short selling so profitable is how
                 extensive, endemic and systemic INSIDER SELLING before bad news is
                 released to the general public.  TigerSoft spots the selling of their shares by
                 CEOs and other insiders weeks and months before the sharply lower earnings,
                 consumer lawsuits, governmental challenges and bankrutcies are announced.

                                  Explore the Dark Side of Wall Street:

                  This is a world of insider selling, cooked books, earnings disappointments,
                  recalls, contaminated products,  over-hyped "cats and dogs"...  Use TigerSoft's               
                  Accumulation Index and Closing Power to spot "Insider-informed Big-Money selling",
                 "distribution" and "dumping".   See Insider Selling's HALL of SHAME 
                  There is no just low to which greedy insiders will go to sell ahead of their shareholders
                  if they think their stock will collapse.  They know the SEC is largely a toothless
                  facade trying to fool small investors into thinking Wall Street is a level-playing

                         90% of all big decliners all have one thing in common: Insider Selling! 

   Links to more short selling examples and opportunities:
    Rampant Insider Selling: More Examples: 1990-2007
                                         Picking Short Sale Candidates with TigerSoft's Power-Ranker.
                                         Sub-Prime Mortgage Lenders: Report on 3/10/07
                                         Examples:  2007 Biggest Decliners  
Imclone - Insider Selling and Data Falsification
                                         What To When Peerless Gives A Major Sell.
                                         Concealing Bad News from shareholders:  Newmont Mining 2006     

         In our book, "How To Spot Insider Selling and Make Killer Short Sales in Any Market."
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       We show how to :

       1)  Spot the tops just before the start of a bear market.  We discuss the
        basics behind employing the key formulae in our Peerless Stock Market
        Timing.  We reveal the exact formulae for the key indicators. 

        2) We show you how to pick the most vulnerable, most distributed stocks
        in a bear market and how to short them when the upside risk is lowest.

         3) We show you when statistical testing suggests it is best to cover your
         short sale at a profit but also when to limit losses to very modest amounts.

         4) We show you how to spot the weakest industry groups for shorting
         and leave the strongest for later consideration.

         5) Most importantly, we show you when Insiders are getting out in a way
        that suggests real vulnerability.

                          When you start using TigerSoft you will be amazed
                                    at how easy it is to find good short sales.

                          Compare the patterns of red (heavy insider selling) distribution.

         6) Use TigerSoft Closing Power to close out profitable short sales.  Watch
         the Closing Power at all times.   Often its next trend-break down gives a
         second excellent shorting opportunity.

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                                           Best and Worst Performing Stocks for 2007.

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            Our book does a lot more than show how to make money shorting stocks
       in a bear market.   Most of the time, markets are rising, not falling.  So for the
       short seller, the trick is to spot pervasive and intense Big Money
       Distribution.  It is seldom wrong!  Trade with what the Insiders are doing
       with their money, not with what they are saying.   And forget about the
       "upgrades" and "downgrades" of brokerages.  They are too unreliable.

        And sometimes, forget even about the general market.  Many a stock has
        collapsed in a bull maket.

           How can an average investor, an outsider, spot INSIDER SELLING?

           That is the function of Tiger's own Accumulation Index.  When such selling
       persists, and the indicator shown below turns RED,   for month after month,
       it is highly likely that the Big Money Selling is the result directly of insider information
       which is negative about the company.

            Is this too rash a statement?  Read more. 

            Is this type of "insider-informed", "big money" selling illegal?  Yes.

            Is it policed and prevented?  Hardly.  It is rampant.  The SEC is not staffed to
      pursue more than a few show cases each year.  Class Action law suits and
      TigerSoft's Accumulation Index are really the only protection the typical investor has.
            The chart in DSCO below shows a recent example of alleged "insider trading".
       Our software spotted what we take to be the tell-tale signs of insider-tipped
       Big Money selling easily.  The pattern of Red Distribution was there along
       with the other key characteristics our book tells you about.

           The stock (DSCO - Discovery Labs)  fell by 35% in a month!  And it has
       been sued for Insider Trading!  Our book shows you how to spot these
       just before they CRASH!                    

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                 Spotting Insider buying /selling with Tiger's Accumulation Index

                       Insider Buying HALL of FAME:     Insider Selling HALL of SHAME 

Heavy Distribution Stocks, like CitiGroup
                   Should Be Shorted on New Red Sells.

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                  Qwest and Illegal Insider Selling: "To Hell with the Widows and Orphans
( http://tigersoftware.com/Insider-Trading-News-Reviews/12-27-2007/index.html )

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Unregulated, World Wide, Insider SELLING Is Rampant!
But using TigerSoft, you can easily spot it and profit from it.

Special - SEC Now Admits Insider Trading Is Rampant.

1/8/2008 Weakest Stocks of 2008: Use TigerSoft's Accumulation Index To Find Them

The SEC Should Investigate The Fed for Insider Trading.

1/3/2008 - Insider Selling by Dow Jones Insider Only
Brings SEC Insider Trading Charges against The "Little Guys

12/30/2007 Washington Mutual's Shareholders Should Be "Mad as Hell".

12/28/2007  Santa's Toy Makers at Mattel May Go To Jail

Is Northern Rock The Tip of The UK Iceberg?  12/26/2007 

QWEST's Insider Trading 


          12/28/2007 - Law Suit "MATTEL ( MAT ) HIDES TOY RECALLS UNTIL INSIDERS CAN SELL." ----

              Trial and error is way too expensive a way to learn what we can teach you in
          a few hours.  Adding this knowledge and Tiger Software to your arsenal
       of trading tools is a terrific way to tilt the odds away from the Insider and make
       yourself some serious money. often very quickly.!
                                       INSIDER SELLING IN UK

                  British Northern Rock Debacle Made Insiders A Billion Pounds 
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           Here's a passage from Explosive Super Stocks
Most investors only rosily look for stocks about to go up.
                But there's a another world out there that they are missing.

                It is is the world of "over-hyped", "over-recommended",
               "bloated", "inefficient" companies run by the greediest of
                white collar crooks that have  sold their shares just before
                the news gets out that  their products or drugs don't work
                or that their "books have been cooked" and just before
                their company's earnings come crashing down.
                This is the world where brokers with glaring conflicts of
                interest, are over-paid to recommend shares in companies
                they know nothing about, and could care less about.

                This is the world of rampant insider buying and insider selling,
                where the SEC serves mainly to give the appearance of     
                propriety and regulation of Wall Street.     
                 This is the world where the Accountant gives the CEO
                 whatever bottom line fabrication he is told to come up
                 with because the Accounting firm does not want to lose
                 the client.

                This is the world where trend-following lemmings bid
                a stock up and up, always believing there is a bigger fool,
                until, at least, the uptrend-line is broken and the stock
                comes gapping down, supported only by the bids
                of a few short-sellers who are taking mercy on the
                those who are have just lost  50%, 75% or  90% of their
                This is the world of ENRON and IMCLONE and countless
                other companies who have been taken over by crooks,
                and whose shares are for a time little more than a criminals'
                tool for fleecing millions of dollars each day from innocent,
                unsuspecting, gullible investors who see the world of
                Wll Street through rose-tinted glasses right to the bitter end.

                 We are here to tell you that you don't have to sit back
                and take it!  You can fight back!  You can now profiitably
                sell short in most any market, because with our TigerSoft
                technical analysis tools, you can see what corporate insiders
                and their well-heeled friends and cronies are actually doing
                with their own shares of a company's stock.

                  "Watch their feet", my old  basket ball coach used to say.
                 "Forget about their eyes or their arms.  They aren't going
                  anywhere without their feet!!"  Well, it's the same way in
                  the stock market.   +Use TigerSoft's "Accumulation/
                  Indicator to see what's really going on with your company's

     The Stock Market is a JUNGLE!  It is always survival of the
                  fitest.   You have to be prepared.  That is why we named our company
                  Tiger Software.  Without TigerSoft you are at a distinct disadvantage.
                  Let us show you how we can help you turn Wall Street's self-serving
                  manipulation of news and stock prices to your lasting advantage.
  Learn from Tiger Software How To Profit from:   
           (1) Bear Markets,
which are predictable using our "Peerless" Automatic Sells. 

          (2) Steep Market Corrections,
which are predictable using our
                                                           "Peerless" Automatic Sells.
          (3) and Those Stocks,
which are Mortally Wounded
                 by Heavy Insider-Selling and Massive Big-Money Selling even in Bull Markets.
                 Such Bearish Special Situation Stocks can be spotted early-on in almost any market. 

                 Our Elite Report on the internet finds them for you.  But our book will teach you
                 how to find them yourself.  All the necessary formulae are in the book. 

1000's Have Learned from us How to Profit from Timely Short Sales.
                Let us show you, too.

TigerSoft's 160 Page Book
Killer Profts in Any Market
                     Using Tiger's Accumulation Index."

by William Schmidt, Ph.D. - only $55....

                  The book integrates our Peerless major Sell S9 signals on the DJI with
                  TigerSoft's proprietary creation, the TIGER Accumulation Index,

                  and classic technical analysis tools and concepts. 

                  The premise of the book is that someone always knows in advance
                  when troubles are about to hit a company's stock or the market as a whole.
                  Instead of being caught like a deer in the head-lights, we teach you

                  how to spot the unmistakable, tell-tale signs of Insider Distribution that
                  nearly always preceed significant declines. 

                     Exactly - what a Bearish Heavy Distribution
                    Stock looks like.      Chart of IMCLONE in 2002. 
IMCLONE's CEO was later convicted on insider trading.
                         Without telling the public, he sold his shares in the stock
                         when he learned the FDA was going to reject  the company's
                         anti-cancer drug Erbitux in late 2001.

                         Shareholder lawsuits prolifferated. Other insiders like Martha Stuart
                                  were convicted of insider selling and have received jail sentences.

                                  A TigerSoft user looking at this chart would have readily spotted
                                   this Insider-Selling.  Note the very negative RED distribution using TigerSoft's
                                   Accumulation Index and then the institutional dumping as the bad news

                      A typical bearish-looking stock: CPQ - 1997

                             Sample charts and More Infomration:  Link 1.

>>>  ORDER TIGER's "Short Selling: Killer Profits in Any Market"
Book by Wm.Schmidt, Ph.D.

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                Insider Selling at Newmont Mining 2006 

           Look at how gold stock Newmont Looked Before Its Recent Decline from 50 to 40.
  Note the heavy Red Distribution (Insider and Big-Money Selling) while the stock was going
  sidewise between 48 and 58.  Also see how the OBV Line - representing aggressive selling -
  was making new 12 month lows with the stock still over 48. 

  What precipitated the decline was the accouncement made late in the decline by
  NEM that it's earnings' outlook would be much duller than expected for the next two years.
         Reuters: October 2, 2006
         headline:  Uzbek court declares Newmont gold venture bankrupt
         " Newmont, the world's second-largest gold miner, has run into difficulties in the former Soviet republic
     at a time of worsening diplomatic relations prompted by U.S. condemnation of a government crackdown
    on a rebellion in Andizhan a year ago....In July, Uzbek authorities seized gold and some of the assets
    belonging to Zarafshan-Newmont, the other 50 percent of which is owned by the government of Uzbekistan,
    and launched two tax claims for payments it said were due between 2002 and 2005....Denver-based Newmont
    has called the tax claims an attempt by the Uzbek government to expropriate its share of the company. The
    company has said the joint venture met its tax obligations...CEO Wayne Murdy said last week the company
    would write off its operations in Uzbekistan, where the joint venture ran for more than a decade. "We are finished
    there. When I left Uzbekistan in June, I took the last two expatriates with me," Murdy told Reuters in an
    interview last week.... Newmont's 50 percent share of gold sold by the Uzbek joint venture last year was
   122,700 ounces. ($73 million) ...The company expects equity gold sales between 5.6 million and 5.8 million
    ounces worldwide in 2006, dropping to between 5.2 million and 5.6 million ounces next year
before recovering
    in 2008 and 2009 when projects in the United States, Ghana and Australia reach full production."

    This bearish news was know to the company and insiders in June.   It was not released until October.
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