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wpe1E.jpg (33803 bytes)     Compare 2007 Tops with
     TigerSoft's DJIA Charts
      of The Major Tops from 
1928-1965, 1973, 1987 and 2002.

(C) William Schmidt, 2007.

This study will be part of our new book,
    Peerless Stock Market Timing: 1915-2010.


     By being negative or nearly so, as the DJI made a new high or reached the upper band,
       TIGER Software's invention, the Accumulation Index would have called Every major top
       from 1928 to 1966.   There is insufficient data before 1928 to compute the Accumulation
       Index properly.   Below are the Peerless charts showing the biggest declines of this period.

       They are:

            1929, 19301931, 1932, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941, 1946, 1957, 1962,   1966  

        Until this year we did not have the data before 1965.  Now that we have it, we can
        validate and further refine the automatic Buys and Sells that were built in 1981 based on
       the data from 1972 and have since periodically been refined and tested for the period
       1965-2007.  You will want to see also the Peerless Study of Major Tops and Bottoms
       from 1965-2006.   

        Smart money somehow always seems to know before their is a big move.  Negative
        Accumulation readings on a rally signifiy Insider-Informed, Big Money Distribution,
        preparatory to a decline.  Get out book and software for a much fuller account.

       The same methodology called the tops of January 1973 before a 23 month bear market,
        the major top of early October 1987 before the October Crash of 2007 and the top in 2001
        before the 2001-2003 bear market.

wpe15F.jpg (64080 bytes)

January 1973
wpe161.jpg (57205 bytes)

Early October 1987
wpe162.jpg (57950 bytes)

March 2002
wpe163.jpg (57945 bytes)
DJI1929.gif (15054 bytes)

DJI1930.gif (13608 bytes)


DJI1937.gif (11815 bytes)

DJI1938.gif (14623 bytes)


DJI1939.gif (10756 bytes)
DJI1940.gif (11453 bytes)
DJI1941.gif (12247 bytes)
DJI1946.gif (16394 bytes)
DJI1957.gif (11806 bytes)
DJI1962.GIF (12150 bytes)
Here the S12 Signal marks the False New High in January.  The Tiger Accumulation Index
was quite negatve as the New high near 1000 was made.  Within 10 months the DJI has fallen to 780.

DJI6566.gif (10469 bytes)
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