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Tiger Software:
Serving investors and traders since 1981...
25 Years' Experience at Your Service.

On-Going Research

       > 25%/Year: Buying The Most Accumulated
                   DJI-30 Stock: 1970-2000.
      > Killer  Short Selling: Using Tiger's Accum-
                  ulation Index To Spot Insider Selling.
      > Explosive Super Stocks: The Conditions
               That Precedes Each Year's Biggest                   Gainers.
      > Peerless Stock Market Timing: 1928-2006                            (Due this Summer).
      > Tiger's Accumulation Index
                         (Due this Summer).   
     > Low-Priced Stock Speculation
                        (In Planning phase.)                
        >Peerless Stock Market Timing
        >Tiger Stock Selection & Trading                                    Techniques using
                                  Automatic Buys and Sells.
On-Line Subscription Services
        Nightly Data on 1500 stocks
        Nightly Hotline
        Bullish Special Situations
        Bearish Special Situations
        Weekly On-Line Posting of Most

               Highly Accumumulated Stocks

William Schmidt, Ph.D., Columbia University
       Tiger Software
             PO Box 9491
       San Diego, CA 92169

     (858) 273-5900
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Touring Our Website:

     ......    INTRODUCTION
    .....  Peerless Stock Market Timing
    ....   TigerSoft Automatic Signals
....   Tiger-Power-Ranker
....  Data
     .... Nightly Hotline
      .... Bullish & Bearish Special Situations
....   12/17/2006 Questions from Singapore

          Original Indicators:

                            SHORT-TERM TRADERS...

Hotlines 2004-2005
        Hotlines 2005-2006


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Last updated 2/4/2007.........
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:   30.1%/yr since 1990-2007!

Our Tiger Special Buy Signal on individual stocks has been back-tested to 1990 from 2007 against all stocks... 
More than 200 stocks have had this powerful Buy signal occur since 1990.  They have averaged a 30.1% 12-month gain
simply buying them and holding for a year,,,. They have been profitable even in the middle of bear markets.
  A full explanation comes with our Full Software/All Books/ On-Line Servuces for a year. $995.

1/23/2007:  Calling every major market top from 1928-1966Extremely Negative Readings from Tiger's Accumulation Index would have warned you to sell everything right at the the most important tops of this era: 1929, 1937, 1940, 1941, 1946, 1957, 1962, 1966.
1/23/2007  There has not been a 10% DJIA correction since March 2003. This is a record 46 months!  Contact us to find out what the Latest Major Signal is from our Peerless Market Timing System! 
12/26/2006    Sample Hotline 
Oil StocksKeep It Simple


San Diego - First Saturday of  February -
Kaiser Permanente on Zion
Noon - 3:00 PM
Open to Public.
( Kaiser Permanente - on Zion just of Mission Gorge...Classrooms-3-4. Call for more information - 858-273-5900)
       Agenda: ...

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  Free Research Reports

on Individual Stocks, Announcements of Updates and News of Special Offers.

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EBAY Purchasers give us 100% Positive Ratings

"Peerless is a most powerful market timing tool...The timing method (is) described in excellent detail and with thorough historical reference...The manual makes some very important contributions to the technical literature."  Gerald Appel - Financial Systems' Tester and Author - New York City

"I have been a TIGER user since the   mid 1980s.  I've looked at a lot of   other systems but have stayed with  TIGER.  I think the graphics and   indicators are as good as you will find." DD -Nashville, TN - Feb., 2005
  "I own all the major chart programs - Omnitrader, Advanced Get, Super Charts,   Metastock Pro and Tigersoft.  Professor Schmidt's product is the best by far."  KJ - Calgary, Alberta  - Feb.,  2005

  "I was one of the first members of Computrac in the early '80s and have tested just about every stock program I could find since.then. Tiger Software is #1 and I have stuck with it for 20 years...,: - AS - Boca Raton, FL - January 2007.

  "Bill, I just  want to thank you for all the wonderful work you do at Tiger.  Outside of Christ, you have been the single most influential person in my life as an adult.  What we do is not easy and requires lots of discipline and courage.  I believe that my clients will benefit and be blessed for years to come from all your hard work and from your years of experience...Thanks"  MW - Investment Manager - Phoenix,
April 2005

"I have been trading for the past 15 years.  I have used most of the programs that are heavily adverised...I found your program when (internet) surfing... After talking with you I decided to purchase TigerSoft, Peerless and the Power-Raning program as well as your data,,,My experience has been very Rewarding $$, I have been able to identify a number of trades that I would otherwise have missed.  My "winnings" have paid for the initial investment more than tenfold.  I look forward to a long term relationship with TigerSoft." Dr.J.S. - Md- 2007

  "Do you have any very recent Tiger stuff you've put out since the last upgrade back in 01/05?  That last one was fantastic! You've hit a home run" DG - North Carolina, May 2006 

  "I purchased your Peerless software a few months ago and I am happy to say that it was one of the most important financial purchases in my life. Your indicators enable me to have the guts to sell out...  Being with cash on the side and with the market sell-off today only confirms my belief in your software.  It has saved me from disastrous losses". BC - Retired - Royal Palm Beach, FL

"...Tigersoft for NASDAQ/Stocks is outstanding.  I bought TradeStation back in the late 90s and have spent many, many hours programming the systems I currently use.  Your software is a wonderful addition to my 'home grown' systems.  In fact, I think it's better.  I wish I had found your software ten years ago - I would have made even more money."
JS - NC  :

More information:
" Find out why our software is so often imitated."




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Access to TIger's

Elite Stock Professional
(ESP) Report
Subscribers only.

More Details below under On-Line Services.
2006 News:


           S&P 500 and OEX
           Index Option Trading

           S&P 500 and OEX
           Index Option Trading


      "Explosive Super Stocks"
    "Short Selling in Any Market"
      "25%/Year Inesting Longer-Term in Safer Blue     Chips!"
      "Tiger's Short-Term  Index Option Trading: 1979-2006"
     "Low Priced Stock                                   Speculating"   (Coming Soon)

Peerless Stock Market Timing: 25%+ On DJIA per Year since 1965.  $295

    (2)   Tiger Index Option Trading Software.  Includes Peerless and TigerSoft. $495.

   (3)   TigerSoft Automatic Buys and Sells on Any Stock, Index, Currency & Commodity.   NASDAQ Market Timing System: 1986-2006.   $295

(4) Tiger"Power-Stock-Ranker /Flagger/Screener" $295

           Please no returns.
This is intellectual property.  We can make no guarantees that the future will be like the past. But surely 41 years of consistent profits should be learned from and heeded.   Thanks.

        Nightly Peerless & TigerSoft Automatic Buys & Sells on DJIA, NASDAQ and QQQQ  $198/year.

Elite Stock Professional Report, Hotline, Bullish & Bearish Special Situations, All Software Updates   $575/year.

Daily & Weekly Data on 1250 Stocks, ETFS, Indices, Mutual Funds, Commodities, Currencies for a year. 
$150/year. This comes with Software purchases for 3-9 months.

  Total Package - Everything! Includes all Peerless and Tiger Software, Books, Data, plus Elite Stock Professional Report and ALL Software Updates for a Year!

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Only $198.00/year  -  Sample 12/26/2006
One Year's On-Line
Daily Peerless DJINASDAQ
and Tigersoft QQQQ charts
with their current Intermediate Term Buy and Sell Signals.

The historical track record
of each new signal is discussed.
See the track record below:

DJIA - since 1965

SP-500 since 1970

NASDAQ - since 1986

$198 for a year's PEERLESS
DJIA-NASDAQ CHARTS Nightly Index Charts & Hotline subscription.
Be prepared.  Get  the Peerles Signals as they occur and read the market commentary of Dr. Schmidt before the market's next big move starts!  All ON-LINE!

Nasdaq Sample.

Almost Daily TigerSoft HOT STOCKS

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Sign Up for Free Research Reports on Individual Stocks,
Announcements of Updates
and News of Special Offers.


Full Report  7/29/2005 charts

Full Report on San Diego Biotech Boom - 9/2/2005

Tell Us How You Found Us & Your Area of Interest.
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    We Will Call You Back Today and Discuss Your Stocks!.

  Thank you for your interest in TigerSoft. We are eager to assist you. Please enter your information using the link provided above and we will contact you as soon as possible.


Are You a
Previous User?

Update to the current version of Peerless and TigerSoft for only $395.  This includes a 3  month subscription to our Elite Stock Professionals' web-page,

Call 858-273-5900 
or email us  for details.

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of our Offerings

1.  Peerless Market Timing Systems:

DJI Signals back-tested to 1965, NASDAQ Signals back-tested to 1986.

DJI major signals have
averaged 20+% a year .

NASDAQ Timing System
has gained  nearly 30%/ year trading only on the "long" side.


2.  TigerSoft:
Stock Software

Orignal and powerful technical indicators on all charts.

Automatic Buy and Sell Signals on all charts

Screen & Rank 7000 Stocks
with one command.

3.  Three TigerSoft Books:

Explosive Super Stocks (160 pages). $55. (See #3 to right.)

Short Selling: Killer Profits in Any Market (160 pages) $55.
(See #5 to right.)

25%/Year Investing in Only DJI-30 Stocks: 1970-1998 (200+ pages) $55.

Tiger Short Term Trading got the OEX and SP-500 Options' Buyer.
On-Line  $38.50


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Peerless AND TigerSoft
of DJIA, NASDAQ and QQQQ with current automatic signals...$198/year

> Thrice Weekly Hotline and Bullish & Bearish Special Situation
plus Weekly Elite Stock Professional Report. $575/year

5.   Daily Data on 1300 Stocks and Most Leading
Indices, Currencies & Commodities.

Subscribe for $150/year.

1965-2006: DJIA, SP-500, OEX, NASDAQ, NYSE.  3 Months' Free Data with the purchase of Peerless Stock Market Timing or TIGERSOFT


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Best Value! Special: 
for all books, 
all Peerless & Tiger Stock software

12 months of access to all nightly services &
all updates!

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Links to:
Trading Techniques: 

Introductory Reading Materials for All Traders & Investors

The Secrets of Calling Market Tops and Bottoms:
40 Years of Market Timing Success:


Recent Trading Results of
Peerless System with:

DJI  1965-2005 Major Signals


OEX chart 4/7/2003

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Our Most Important Investment  Discoveries:

1)    25%/year - 1970-2002 for Long-Term, Conservative  Investors. Buying Simply DJI-30 Stocks   Track Record: 1970-2002 (link)

2)   Average 50%/Year since 1990 in all 102 stocks meeting new  'Tiger-Screened B24' Stocks.  Call us for  more information....858-273-5900...

3)  With the single exception of the 1976 market top, every major stock market top
since 1928 has shown the same tell-tale signs of Insider Selling, which our Peerless Software readily identifies and signals.     Call us for  more information....

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"Don't Wait. Time is Money.
Put TigerSoft on Your Side Today!

Combine Tiger's Stock Ranking.... with its automatic BUY and SELL signals.  Then, See the Value of Your Portfolio Grow and Grow.

Why Wait -
Get Started


"The buck starts here."
RC Stanley - San Diego



























































































































































































































































































































































































    Software, Research, Data & On-Line Services:

   "Powerful"..."Smart"..."Very Profitable"..."Scientific"..."Time-Proven" . 

Welcome to our site..  

     We've studied market history very closely back to 1928 and have been
     helping investors make money in the stock market since 1981.  We will
     be pleased to share with you many original discoveries.  The
     now is repeating a very recognizeable pattern from the past. This
     means it is offering a superb opportunity to make a significant
     amount of money using our Peerless to judge the market's health
     and our "Explosive Super Stocks" to reap the rewards it offers.

    Here's how we can help you.  

        >>> Use Peerless Stocks Market Timing to get out before
        a major decline and back in before a major bull market.
NEW 1/23/2007 - Calling every market top from 1928-1966
        Look at how Tiger would easily have spotted
        the 1929 Top and every other significant top
        in this period using our Tiger Accumulation Index

        Calling all major tops from 1966-2006.

        >>>Use Tiger's Stock Selection & Trading Techniques!
                              LEARN HOW TO SPOT

                        Use Tiger's Accumulation Index to find stocks that
Rise on average +30%/Year  on Average from 1990-2006.

                            200+ Stocks met the criteria.  Learn the best strategy,
                                     See List of 200+ Stocks and Learn How

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AKH.GIF (14259 bytes)
    We are proud to offer:
                      Peerless Stock Market Timing:
                     25%/Year on DJIA and Back-Tested to 1965
                                        Used Real-Time by Thousands since 1981.
                   --- Superbly Profitable Automatic BUY and SELL Signals
Learn how to Buy at The Bottom and Sell at The Top.  
                                                Yes, You Can Buy LOW and Sell HIGH. Please Read More.
                               11/10/2006 Current Charts of SP-500 and NASDAQ

                      Market Timing is Everything.  
                      If you buy at a significant market bottom, you will almost
                       certainly make money.  But if you buy near a major market
                       top, you will almost certainly lose a lot of money. The importance
                       of market timing is now the subject of a new book, by our
                       long-time friend David Rogers:
                                      The 90% Solution,
                        (John Wiley & Sons, 2006

                       The long bull market from 1982 to 2000 is gone.
                       Market History for the 20th century shows long bull markets
                       are followed by 13-17 years of volatile trading markets. The year
                       2000 saw the top in a long bull market that started in August 1982.
                       We may well see volatile swings up and down, as
                       repeatedly occurred between 1966 and 1982 when war,
                       inflation, higher and higher interest rates and heightened
                       partisianship, including impeachment reigned supreme....
                            Review by William Schmidt of Tiger Software

                       So, don't just buy and hold, hoping for the best!

                        ===> Here's our Special Offer in honor of the
                                   May 10th, 2006 - Perfect Real-Time Major Sell
   What are you waiting for?  Pick up the phone
                                   order Peerless today.  858-273-5900.  We'll give
                                   all the details needed to start trading these signals
                                   right away. 
    ---- Tiger's
       Stock Selection and Trading Techniques   ----

                      Tiger's Books
                              Explosive Super Stocks: Spotting Them at The Start of Their Move

                              How To Spot Insider Selling and Make Killer Profits in Any Market
                        Tiger's Stock Software:
                               TigerSoft Automatic Buys/Sells      
                         Nightly Data on 1250 stocks, indices, commodities  & currencies:
              San Diego Stocks:
                     Ranking of the San Diego stocks since July 2006 Bottom.
                     Want a new job?  Want to sell a new Copier?  Insurance?
Call on the companies whose stocks  are performing
                     best in your area. TigerSoft can easily produce this list. 

               Want to make some real money in the stock market?
               Use the Original Tiger Accumulation Index. 

                       See how its use called the bottom in the best
                        performing San Diego stocks for the last 4 months.

              Making money in low-priced stocks is one of the most
              closely guarded secrets on Wall Street. 
Here's a little
              of what we learned.   But you will find a lot more in
Explosive Super Stocks.


            Learn how To Spot Explosive Super Stocks at The Start
         of Their Move.

                   The ideal stock to buy shows high readings from Tiger
            Accumulation Index, flat topped consolidation while the
            overall market corrects and then a high volume breakout.
            This Tiger "Buy B24" setup-pattern works over and over. 
            Here are some recent examples.  We still are holding these,
            as they continue to look excellent.:

wpe7.jpg (63612 bytes)

            AKH - Air France     7/28/06 B24 @24.65.  Now 40.96 
            CAPA - Capataris Inc. 8/11/06  B24  @5.05.  Now  6.93 
            CRVL - Corvel Corp.   8/14/06  B24  @29.18 .  Now  46.63  
            EWP - IShares Spain    8/16/06  B24  @44.88.  Now    52.07 
            KTII - K-Tron   3/9/06  B24 @43.59.  Now 64.03 
            VOLV - Volvo 9/13/06  B24 @ 60.  Now 66.43 
            WWIN - Waste Ind. USA   3/2/06  @16.60   Now 29.60 

   -- Superbly Profitable Automatic BUY and SELL Signals

Peerless averages  25%/yr on DJI since 1965I, so think how we can help you!

   Tiger Software's  Back-Tested BUY and SELL Signals
    work superbly for:
             ALL STOCKS,     Use Tiger's Power-Ranker to find best and worst stocks.
             Options              (Studies: OEX-SP-500)
ETFS                         (Studies:   5/28/2006, 1/3/2006, 11/15/2005)
             MUTUAL FUNDS    Studies:  5/15/2006 , 2/4/2005)
             INDICES,                     (And you can build your own!
             CURRENCIES,           (Studies: 5/26/2006)
  COMMODITIES,     (Studies: 5/26/2006, 11/29/2005)
   World-wide!    ( India, China, United Kingdom, France)
             Low Priced Stocks,  Examples
   ===> Now would be a good time to sign up for Free Offers
             and Free New Research.    

              Sign Up for Free Research Reports on Individual Stocks,
    Announcements of Updates and News of Special Offers or a CALL BACK..
    wpe3.jpg (5696 bytes)
         Peerless Stock Market Timing:1965-2006!
                                 Calling All Market Tops & Bottoms, too. 1929-1966
                                            See also #1 and #2 Tools below.        The direction of the general market governs 70% of what happens to most portfolios.... The PEERLESS Buy and Sell Signals show an average gain of 34%/year on the SP-500....So, imagine how much this will boost your stock market profits... Let Us Help You....Let Peerless call the market's tops and bottoms for you. Over and over since 1981, Peerless has been calling the markets tops and bottoms just as they occur.

          Highly Profitable Automatic BUY and SELL Signals

         Simple, Time-Saving and Powerful Stock Ranking,
                          Stock Selection and Stock TimingTools.
                                    See also #3, #4, #5 and #6 Tools below.
         7 Paths To Making 25+%/Yr on Your Stock Market Investments  

          Innovative Ways To Help The Short-Term Trader
        and Make Day-Trading Safer and Much More Profitable.                


The long bull market from 1982 to 2000 is long gone.
     Market History shows long bull markets are followed by 13-17
     years of volatile trading markets.  The year 2000 saw the
     top in a long bull market that started in August 1982.
     We will probably see volatile swings up and down,
     for many years, without a sustained run to multiple new highs.

Below, look at how well investors were alerted to the impending Crash of 1987.  
     This was done real-time.  The Peerless Stock Market Timing system had been written six years earlier.
     Hundreds of investors got out at the top because of Peerless. at the time!
     We teach you how to see these tops coming.  Learn from the past!
     Don't let the next "BIG ONE" hurt you.  Get Peerless! 




What could be simpler than Automatic, reliable, back-tested
Buys and SELLs?

            Make big money in stocks and mutual funds even when they have no trend.
                                        Or quickly find the stocks in the strongest trends confirmed
                                        by TigerSoft's impressive army of internal strength indicators.

Let Us Share with You What We've Learned from 40 Years
of Observing The Stock Market.

           <> Let us show you the secret of making trading money in
           volatile stocks like AMAZON or SEMI-CONDUCTORs.

           <> Learn how to find Explosive, Super Stocks that rally
                               no matter what the general market does?

wpe6.jpg (63612 bytes)       

           <> Learn about
TigerSoft's Safer, Surer Short-Selling Techniques
                           Someone on the inside always knows before a big move.
                           Our Tiger Accumulation Index shows you what the insiders
                           are really doing with their money, not what they are saying!

                           Buy our book on short-selling now!  When Peerless gives a major

                           Sell, as it did on May 5th, 2006, use the Tiger Power-Stock-Ranker
                           and sell short the most bearishly ranked stocks. 
                                    Back in May the Home-Builders were picked as the weakest industry group
                                    by the Tiger Power-Ranker   And they have declined and declined.

                           MTH, below, is one of the home-builders we have very profitably
                           shorted.   Note the timely May 5th "S9" Sell, the price breakdown

                           and the steady decline, all confirmed by the most important Tiger
                           measures of Internal Strength. It is now down 47% since May 5th.

wpe5.jpg (85059 bytes)


           <> Averaging +20% to +35%/year, Peerless Stock Market Timing Software
                                           is the best market timing software available anywhere!

            <> The Peerless DJI/SP-500 system has been back-tested to 1965.

             <> Making nearly 30% a year, the  NASDAQ / QQQ BUYS / SELLS have
                                                                                    been back-tested to 1986.

And that's only for starters.  TigerSoft has always been an innovator. 

Superb Internal Strength Indicators show what the insiders are doing.
And with One Command you can Rank, Screen and run Optimization
Flags for over 7000 stocks.

Insider Buying:  TigerSoft Blue "Accumulation" is Easy to Spot.
25 Years of Research by us lets you readily ride the Buying waves
created by Big-Money Insiders.
Be a Big Winner! Do you see  the bullish (blue) Accumulation? INNO,  WLT

Insider Selling: Without TigerSoft, insider selling can be very
dangerous to your wallet.  But, with TigerSoft its
RED pattern is
easy to spot.

Don't be a "bag-holder"! NVEC, BLDP and FWHT make that point clear!

Do you realize how profitable Tiger-Trading can be?
Once you see how good our signals are, you'll never want to buy
a stock again without first having looked at a TigerSoft chart of
the stock. Study, for example the biotech stock, Chiron.
Our signals here would have gained 138% for the last year.

Trade with the DJIA and NASDAQ Trend!
Our Automatic Peerless DJI system has been used real-time since 1981. 
Make 25% Per Year  on DJI Using Fully Automatic Signals using Peerless.
Peerless has been thoroughly back-tested for the 40 years back to 1965.

Peerless has given us another timely Buy on April 21st with the DJIA at 10219. That
reversed the timely Sell signals given by our TigerSoft NASDAQ chart.
Our NASDAQ fully automatic BUY and SELL signals have gained nearly 30% a year
since 1986.  The first quarter decline this year was perfectly predicted by our NASDAQ
Buys and Sells.  
Why aren't you using Peerless, yet?

 TigerSoft now offers
7 Money-Making Choices
for the Serious Trader or Investor:

           (See #1 - #7 below)



Automatic Buy and Sell Signals:
40 year Track Record .... 25+% per year!

PEERLESS Provides Investors an Average Gain of 25+% per Year
on the DJIA.  This is perfect for overall-market timing, trading mutual funds,
index options and futures. 

Peerless Stock Market Timing Is More and More Vital now!
      Market History shows long bull markets are followed by 13 to 17
      years of volatile trading markets.  This is a 33 year cycle.
1953-1969   Long Bull market.
                       1969-1982   High volatility in the Stock Market.
                                             + Our Peerless excels at picking tops and bittoms
                                                                                                  in this type of market. 
                                        <> Sharply Rising Commodity Prices.
                                        <> Sharply Rising Interest Rates.


                       1983- 2000 Long Bull market.
2001- 2006 Bear Market and Recovery
                                               + Rhythmic Stock Market Fluctuations which are
                                                 readily recognized by Peerless Stock Market Timing.
                                         <> Sharply Rising Commodity Prices.
                                          <> Steadily Rising Interest Rates.

FACT:  "Successful Stock Market Timing Accounts
                  for 70% of A Typical Investor's Profits." 

Our Peerless Stocks Market Timing Has been back-tested as far as 1965.
               Originally written in 1981, and tested with the Dow Jones Indistrial Avg.,
               it has certainly stood the time.  Look at the typical annual returns:
                Avg.Annual Returns from Peerless Stock Market Timing and TigerSoft
               25%-36% per Year:     DJIA        SP-500        NASDAQ       QQQQ    
               75%, 100+% per Year:   Using Ooptions Safer Blue Chips.

  FACT:  The SP-500 has not had a 10% correction since January 2003.
                This is the longest such period without a correction since 1965. 
                A correction is Over-Due. The market is now especially vulnerable!

  FACT:   Study after study shows that historically most stock market profits
               are made between October lows and the end of April.


If we could get you out before the next top, wouldn't it be wise to get                 
               Peerless Stock Market Timing before the next bear market, rather
               than seeing a 1500-2000 point decline in the DJIA, and then wishing you
               had used our next major Peerless Sell Signal, just as it occurred.. 


                       Want to read more about Peerless?

Market Timers,
See also TigerSmart nearly 30%/year NASDAQ/QQQQ  Market Timing below, under #2.
         Learn to compare current market conditions with those in the past.  For example, does the market right now
         show conditions to the start of a new bull market. 

 wpe4.jpg (53357 bytes)

SP-500-9-26-06.gif (11311 bytes)

#2   Tigersmart Buy/Sell Signals:

Simple & Powerful Automatic Buys & Sells,
for Trading Any stock, Commodity, Currency
or Index.
                  Want to read more?

wpe8.jpg (73186 bytes)|


TigerSoft also includes Superb NASDAQ Charts with Signals that have gained
nearly 30%/year  since 1988
. Track Record
    Think of the money you might
have saved  if you had used this system to avoid the bear market of
2001-2002 and taken its April 2003 Buy Signal.  Buy signals averaged
13.98% per trade.  38 trades since 1986.   

 #3  150 Page Book:   How To Spot

at the Start of Their Moves:

           by William Schmidt, Ph.D. (Columbia Univeristy)

What do the Biggest Gainers look like at the start of their moves.
        More details

#4   TigerSoft's Elite Stock Professional (ESP) Service.

Let Us Provide You:
           > General Market Alerts on Key Indices
           > Bullish Alerts on The Newest Emerging Super Stocks
           > Bearish Lists Featuring the Stocks Made Most
          Vulnerable by Steady Insider Selling and Big Money Distribution.

We'll provide you charts of all the key indices with their current Tiger
and Peerless Buy and Sell signals each night, a thrice weekly Hotline
discussing the market as a whole and offering insights and recommendations
on specific stocks. 

And, we screen 7,000 stocks for you, looking for the most bullish and
bearish special situations.

                              More Information?

      IST was recommended repeatedly below $8.00. 
      Do you see all the blue Accumulation?

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#5    Are You Ready To Profit from
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(1) Learn which of Dozens of Internal Strength, Volume and Momentum Indicators Test
Best with Each stock!. Stochastics, OBV, Accumulation/Distribution, Relative Strength,
Candle-Sticks...and much more.

(2) Ample HELP Routines and Books To Show You How Best To Trade.

(3) Seasonality for the DJI and NASDAQ - Click and See how well DJI and NASDAQ
did after any month/day.

(4) Seasonality for any stock - Click and see how well stock did after any day of week.

(5) See which stock most reliably leads any other stock by a day.

(6) See how any stock behaves after an x-day winning or losing streak.

(7) Day Traders, See odds of any stock closing close to their daily high or low.

(8) Day Traders, See odds of a lower opening meaning a lower close for any stock/index.

(9) Day Traders, See odds of a higher opening meaning a higher close for any stock/index.

(10) Day Traders, Get Projected highs and lows for next day for any stock/index.

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Links to More Automatic BUY and SELL signals.

Peerless DJI- Signals - 1965-2002   Peerless NASDAQ-Signals - 1986-2002 

NASDAQ-100 May, 2002 graph with signals.

NASDAQ-100 Nov, 2002 graph with signals.

Fully automatic, you just have to believe in them.
They Would Have Saved NASDAQ traders loads of money since 2000.

                                                                          Sample Charts

Three Charts of TASR

Tiger's Major Buy and Sell Signals show you how to trade such a stock.

1: At Take-Off - Note Bullish Blue Accumulation from Insiders & Big Money. (2003)
2: As is Tops Out. See how Blue Accumulation turns to Red Distribution. (2004)
3: As it Collapses.  Red Big-Money Selling and Distribution Dominates. (2005)

TAKE OFF PHASE .........................................................................................................

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TOP-OUT PHASE ...........................................................................................
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BEARISH DECLINE  PHASE ...........................................................................................
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Elite Stock Professional (ESP) Subscribers 
   (Password needed) 


HELP - Conversion of TC-2000/Ascii data to Tiger format 


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Version 4.7     Version 4.8

>>>Download Windows System Files needed for TigerSoft and Peerless
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