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                            Stock Market Tops and Bottoms
                           ARE Predictable.

                                            We show you how to recognize them as they occur.
                                  Trade with the trend of the overall market, as judged by Peerless
                                  and you will do much better.
   What To Trade When Peerless Gives a Reversing Buy or Sell

                                     Typical Peerless chart with automatic Buys and Sells,
                                 each of which is based on very significant technical action
                                 that has been back-tested to 1928.
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     After viewing the charts here, click this link and continue to our introduction.

Make Money Stocks by Watching What Insiders Are Doing.  Yahoo lists "insider trades".
                But this is narrowly defined and limited to the companies' executives.  We are also
                interested in who is buying or selling because of what they have learned from these
                corporate insiders.  Their key purchases or sales become very evident when
                TigerSoft is used.

Insider Selling

               Stocks that are being sold heavily by insiders show:
               Steady and deep red distribution from the TigerSoft Accumulation Index
               at the bottom of their charts.  See also the charts of SSRI, C and the DJI in 1929 below.

               Sell short these when Peerless gives a reversing Se

FSLR.BMP (1219254 bytes).                

Insider Buying

   Stocks that are being bought heavily by insiders show:
               Steady or high spikes of blue accumulation from the TigerSoft Accumulation
               Index.   Further below, see the charts of Silver in 1929 and C and SSRI in 2008.
               Buy the highest Tiger Power Ranked stocks when Peerless gives a reversing Buy.

LQDT.BMP (1212054 bytes)

  The Contrast between Insider Buying and Selling Is Often Very Clear with TigerSoft.

                    Contrast the insider buying in Silver in 1979 and Amgen in 1990 with the
               insider selling in 1929 right before the Crash, in CitiGroup in 2008 on its way to
               a dollar a share and in a typical stock, Silver Standards, last Summer, just before
               it was hit by the 2008-2009 financial melt-down.

                   Our website shows hundreds of examples where similar insider buying
               predicted a big advance and similar insider selling predicted a big decline.
               Just Google "TigerSoft" "and "insider buying" or "insider selling".

                  How can anyone in the stock market not want to use TigerSoft to see what
               insiders expect of their stock? 

                                                  SILVER   1979-1980

How Spotting Insider Buying Can Help You.

                        See the positive spikes of Blue Insider Buying
                        as measured by TigerSoft's Accumulation Index
                        right before Silver jumped from 16 to 48 in 1980.
                        The Texas Hunt brothers were trying to corner the
                        market in silver.

Story -   The Hunt Brothers and the Silver Bubble
wpe1984.jpg (79261 bytes)

                                                     AMGEN   1990

How Spotting Insider Buying Can Help You.

                        See how steadily Blue was TigerSoft's Accumulation Index
                for AMGEN back in 1990.  This was highlt unusual.  The software
                was registering the buying by doctors who saw the wonderful effects
                of Amgen's two lead drugs in clinical trials.  The stock rose from
                $2.00 to $95 in the next nine years.

Story -   TigerSoft's Blog 9/6/2007: AMGEN's Take Off Phase: 1990-1991

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              How Spotting Insider Selling Can Save and Then Make You
                                Many, Many Thousands of Dollars.

                 --------------- CitiGroup Showed Massive Insider Selling in 2008 -----------
Story - TigerSoft Blog and News Service - One Million Shares of CitiGroup Sold by Rubin and Insiders...

wpe1983.jpg (72287 bytes)

                            SILVER STANDARDS - Silver Stock Decline in 2008 

                  How Spotting Insider Selling Can Save You Many Thousands.

                                          Sample of a stock about to fall sharply:

            See the steady red Insider Selling shown by igerSoft's Accumulation Index
before the biggest decline from 30 to 7.

wpe15E.jpg (75839 bytes)

                                 Crash of 1929 Would Easily Have Been Predicted
         by all the
red Insider Selling shown by TigerSoft's Accumulation Index.

                      Dow Jones Average and TigerSoft's Accumulation Index.
wpe161.jpg (52552 bytes)
                                    TigerSoft's Power Stock Ranker scans 7000 stocks to find
                                    the best and worst each night.  It could not be simpler.

                                         2009 Explosive Super Stocks  
TigerSoft book on this and more examples
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