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                   Trading The United Kingdom Stock Market with TigerSoft and
                                    Peerless Stock Market Timing: 2000-2009

British Northern Rock's Crash Made Insiders A Billion Pounds 

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     10/16/2009  Some examples of Red Buys and Sells, CLosing Power trend-Breaks, S9s and
     automatic intenral strength readings.

     See also our report on this topic in 2006.

                                                 by William Schmidt, Ph.D.

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        Trading The United Kingdom Stock Market
with TigerSoft and Peerless Stock Market Timing:                                2000-2009

    Peerless is the easiest and most important approach to successfully timing the British
    stock market.  Peerless signals are obtained from charting the DJIA.  It has been carefully,
    painstakingly, back-tested to 1929 and earlier.  The world's markets are integrated as never
    before.  The Peerless signals obtained from charting the DJIA can be super-imposed on
    all financial vehicles.  They have worked well with the indexes of all the countries of the world.
    They work especially well with the London Stock Exchange's FTSE-100.

    Below is the chart for 2008-2009 of the FTSE-100 with the Peerless signals superimposed.
    The gains are computed by the software in this way.  It assumes that a trader would buy at
    the opening the day after a Peerless "Buy" and he/she would sell at the opening on the
    day after the next Peerless "Sell".  Round-tip commissions of $40 are assumed and $10,000
    is started with.
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    It can be easily shown how powerful Peerless is historically.  One way is to take the Exchange
   Traded Fund, EWU, that represents British stocks and superimpose the Peerless signals on
   these charts. Here is the chart of EZU for 2008.  Including short sales, trades taken the day
   after a reversing Peerless signal would have gained a trader 153%.  It should be noted that
   EZU fell much more sharply than the FTSE-100 did from June to November.   The FTSE's
   gains were "only" +105% using Peerless for longs and short positions.  On the EZU, the gains
   amounted to +28% in this weak market.  The short sales gained +56%.

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  If you don't have the Peerless programs, you can add them after getting the TigerSoft programs.  In that
  case you will want to learn to use the TigerSoft internal strength indicators and the Tiger signals (as opposed
  to the Peerless signals.)  This is should be easy if you apply what we can teach you, right from this
  website.  To time the UK markets, use either the FTSE, EWU (the Exchanged Traded Fund) or build an
  index of the stocks we provide. 

Look first at how readily the weakness of 2008 was predicted by the internal weakness in EWU.  We prefer
to use EZU because the FTSE-100 data does not come with the volume for either its stocks or the whole
London Stock Exchange. You can see the classic Sell produced when EZU dropped below its falling 50-day
mvg.avg. with the Tiger Accumulation index negative and the Tiger Closing Power falling.

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                      Build Your Own Indexes and Study Their Internals

  TigerSoft lets you build indexes of groups of stocks.  Below is the TigerSoft chart of the 99 British stocks
  we now provide.  (More will be added on request and as time permits).   All the internal strength indicators
  were positive as the index moved bullishly higher and higher above its 65-day ma.   Notice the very
  bullish jump of Accumulation in July.  This proved quite prescient, as prices shot up steeply soon afterwards.

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      We have learned that watching for insider buying, which we detect when the Tiger Accumulation
     Index bulges past +.50 and the stock subsequently ,makes a new high, is the best way to make money when
     the overall market looks bullish.  This is as true for UK stocks as it is for American stocks.  Insiders
     always find a way to exploit their better information about a company. 

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                             AUTOMATIC OPTIMIZED BUYS AND SELLS

      TigerSoft's charts automatically show the best trading system(s) for the last year out of 60 candidate
      systems.  These often reflect the character of the stock and the personally types that gravitate to and
      control particular stocks.  Of course, the conditions change from time to time.  But short-term traders
      will especially like this feature of TigerSoft because of how profitable it often is, even after a year
      using a particularly favored system. Below is an example.   Once again, what is true about trading
      stocks is true about trading stocks in the UK and universally, 

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