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                   February 16, 2008

What Today's Biggest Gainers
    and Losers Can Teach Us
    about TigerSoft Trading Tools?


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     What Friday's Biggest Gainers and Losers Can Teach Us?

                        - Use TigerSoft Automatic Buys and Sells.
                        - Trading at the Next Day's Opening Works Fine.
                        - Sell Stocks that break below key moving averages (like 50- and 65-) when Tiger Accum. Index is negative.
                        - Sell Short on key TigerSoft Short Sale Signals.
                        - Bulges (above .50) of high accumulation (TigerSoft indicator) signal buying opportunities.
                        - Dips (below -.25) of TigerSoft Accumulation Index signals it's time to sell. 
                        - Watch for divergences between price and the TigerSoft Accumulation Index.

                         Everything you need for very profitable trading.
                                  TigerSoft Introductory Software... Only $99. 

       TigerSoft Automatic Red Buys and Sells do superbly with most mature tech stocks.  San Diego's
   Qualcomm trades nicely with TigerSoft Red Buys and Sells.  Buying at the opening after a red Up Arrow
   and selling on the next red Down-Arrow would have gained 38.5% this last year.  Adding the short sales,
   the gains would have been 77.2%.  This is typical of many mature tech stocks.  See our introduction to
   TigerSoft for many more examples:   http://tigersoft.com/--3--/Explanation/index.html

   ================================= QUALCOMM =========================================
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======================== PRICELINE.COM ==========================================
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       Watch TigerSoft Accumulation Index and automatic signals to see when to Sell and when to Sell Short.
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     Very Significant Insider Selling comes before stock's decline.  Then bulge from TigerSoft's Accumulation
     Index brings a good Buy.

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         Bearish divergences between price and TigerSoft's Accumulation Index produce reliable Sell S9 Signals.
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               This chart shows how an intense of bulge of Accumulation sets off a very nice rally until
           the stock has a false breakout.
  See other examples of a false breakout.
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