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                 September 24, 2007

        How To Talk Back To Your Boss?
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        How To Tell Your Boss, "NO"? wpeC.jpg (28236 bytes)

                    Let's say you're being over-worked, as most American workers complain they are.  How would
         tell your boss that you've had enough.   Let's further assume that you're in "management" and so have no
         union to protect you. So, what do you do?

                   If you tell him in just so many words, he's a "slave driver" and you won't do the extra work, you are
         likely to be summarily fired, and without a good reference.  But going along with him, without telling him
         how you feel, will almost certainly encourage him to demand even more of your time, all the while a
         latent, unexpressed hostility will build in you, which will finally break cover and be released less appropriately
         over what may a far smaller, even trivial issue.  

                   Some counselors would say, don't say "No" until you're on strong ground, until you've shown how
         much good work you can do for him and made him realize you're a big part of his "team".  I think this serves
         the boss's purposes too much.  It might be better early on to set the ground rules for how many extra hours
         you're willing to work..  If you don't set work-boundaries right away, you're just encouraging abuse and exploitation.
         Moreover, he could be very well just be testing you, consciously or unconsciously.  Of course, if he mentioned
         lomg hours when he hired you, then you should not be surprised or so upset.

                  Tact and imagination may serve you best.  You might, for example, send him an email, in which
         you express concern about his health,   not yours.  The email should reference the serious health problems
         of sleep deprivation.   Here's a good article to use about that:

         How Do You Complain To Your Boss?

                  Some counselors, who might be charged with simply currying favor with their advertisers, advise not to
         point out a problem until you've got very good ideas on how to solve it.  How are you supposed to offer
         a fix for your boss's personality, arrogance, sarcasm or dim-wittedness which is so offensive?  But let's
         say, you need a more comfortable, ergonomic chair or key board.  Then the advise above works.  It's pretty
         easy to point out how easily a lot of back and wrist pain and injuries can be prevented by getting a newer
         work station, and that will in end save your boss a lot of money. 

          Your Boss Will Probably Win Any Disagreement. wpe11.jpg (2680 bytes)

                   In a corporation, most of the time, you will lose a one-on-one battle with your boss.   It is easier for
         his boss to side with him than you.   After all, he may have selected your boss.  And he relies more on him
         than you.  It may very well be better to look for another job, if you have a serious personality conflict with
         him.  .Who wants to be scolded in front of other people or emailed negative messages which are CC'd
         to others?.   A major exception would be if you think your boss will tire of picking on you and you think you can
         wait him out.  If others in the office are being badly treated by him, he may be under a lot of pressure
         himself.  In that case, stay out of sight and see if he will switch his focus to someone else.  Or perhaps,
         he'll be removed or change jobs.   Unless you're sure he'll  stop picking on you, I would start discreetly
         looking for another job and improve my stock trading skills, so I can better achieve financial independence.
         Our website has lots of suggestions and advise which will help you here.  Look also at the materials I
         have posted about how to use TigerSoft's Power Ranker to find the companies in your area that are
         growing.  Growth means Jobs!   And when you go in for an interview, tell them about Tiger.  They'll
         see that you're already a step ahead of the competition.
         Here are some good links for further ideas:
                    How to complain about your boss.   BBC News
                     Complain to the right people and be positive, too.
                    Behind-the back-criticism is very unwise, unless you are forming a union..
                    Go to Badbossology.com
                    Coping with a bully boss.

                    When all else fails, make your boss laugh!

          Humor:   The Bright Side... Bosses make Us Laugh!


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