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12/19/2009   Updated 12/21/2009  
The Senate's Sell-Out
One HELL of A Health Bill

                            Insurance Moguls  Win Again 
                                     BOYCOTT Hartford's AETNA - SEND THEM A MESSAGE

          Family Practice Physicians make less per year than the Aetna CEO
                  makes in a week!

                  The Only Way To Reform Health Care Is To Remove For-Profit Health
                  Insurance Companies Completely from The Picture.

                 The Majority of doctors, nurses and 65% of the public at large
                 supports single payer according to all polls.

                 But the Senate Is Run by The Health Insurance Lobby.
                1/4 of all the campaign contributions Baucus received were
                from private health care interests outside his own state.

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                                                           Insurance Companies.

12/16/2009 - Obama's Secret Deal with Big Pharma
                                    by William Schmidt, Ph.D. - Author of www.tigersoft.com

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            The Senate's Sell-Out
One HELL of A Health Bill
Maybe, the biggest reason the market is rallying
                 is because Obama is doing a better job at destroying the Democratic Party than
                 the Republicans.  His cave-ins to the the positions of the Bush Administration,
                 one after another, from wire-tapping, gay marriage,  Afghanistan to public rights
                 have thoroughly demoralized the new, young enthusiastic base he mobilized
                 to get into the White House.  Why should they vote. they ask?  Just what 
                 Republicans want them th feel.  Obama is so totally uninvolved in the details of
                 legislation.   He is truly a laissez-faire President.  Senator Feingold said today,

"I’ve been fighting all year for a strong public option to compete
                         with the insurance industry and bring health care spending down. I continued
                         that fight during recent negotiations, and I refused to sign onto a deal to drop
                         the public option from the Senate bill. Unfortunately, the lack of support from
                         the administration made keeping the public option in the bill an uphill struggle.
                         Removing the public option from the Senate bill is the wrong move, and
                         eliminates $25 billion in savings. I will be urging members of the House and
                         Senate who draft the final bill to make sure this essential provision is included."

           (Source: ttp://news.firedoglake.com/2009/12/21/dean-agrees-with-feingold-obama-responsible-for-loss-of-public-option/ )

                 Hands off as he is, Obama did summon the energy to attack personally
                 oward Dean for calling this health care bill "crap".  Meanwhile,  Obama has
                 never given a single word of chastisement to Senator Joe Lieberman, who
                personally campaigned for McCain and vetoed the public option, more than
                any other Senator.  

        Health Insurance
        Stocks Will Rally
        A Lot More, Now.
Well-Point Blue Cross's stock has doubled in 2009.  The Senate has
             made their future very bright.  Here is the TigerSoft chart of their stock.
             It trades very well with the TigerSoft CLosing Power, but it's real profits
             come from the US Senate, ownership of which it shares with a consortium
             of other for-,max-profit health insurance companies. .

wpe17E.jpg (89217 bytes)

                  But some health Insurance companies have been running scared.  Well-Pont paid
            its CEO Larry Glassrock $23 million in 2005, bringing his 5 year total compensation
            to $46,8 million.   Now the latest tear's top exec's pay is much reduced according
            to Yahoo.   Clearly, the health insurance executives know they must clean up their
            greedy act.  But that was not true for Aetna's Ronald Wiliams, who received
            $24,300,112 last year. This is criminal.  It it is an outrage.  Consumers should
            boycott Aetna when they find this out.  That's almost $500,000 a week!  In Detroit
            that's 25 houses a week. 
                                                               wpe17F.jpg (9619 bytes)
                                         Aetna's Ronald Wiliams - $2 Million A Month Man
In five years, Ronald Williams has gouged 77.86 million dollars in compensation
                           from shareholders and consumers, as the CEO of AetnaAetna Insurance helped finance
                          domestic slavery by writing life insurance on the lives of enslaved Africans. Slave owners
                          were the beneficiaries. Another reason for boycotting AETNA.

In June, 2009, Williams testified against a public option as part of national health care reform before the United States House Committee on Ways and Means. He said, "I cannot support this kind of public plan and see it as a danger to the stability of community and rural hospitals and to health care overall. It would lead to continuing to reward episodic care, as opposed to care management. It will be costly to implement, taking dollars away from an already burdened health care system. And, it could be a plan of last resort, creating a new problem for us to manage."[3]

In August, 2009, when asked by an interviewer why Americans seem to pay so much for health care but get too little in return, Williams responded, "Well, I think that there are many people who do question the value that the healthcare system is delivering" ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ron_Williams ) (Editor's note. American longevity is on a par with
Cuba's, which now paysonly $251/year on each person's health care.)

                 IS THE ROOT EVIL IN THE

     2007 Total Exec Compensation             

       2008 Total Exec Compensation     

                   22,000 Americans die every year because they lack
       affordable health care. Two out of every three bankruptcies
       are caused by impossible-to-pay health care bills. The
       Health Insurance industry currently has a lock on our
       political system, especially in the Senate.  Max Baucus
       gets most of his money from the industry. Nelson from
       Nebraska was a health insurance CEO. Lieberman is
       paid millions in the form of campaign contributions to
       maintain the status quo for Hartford insurance
       companies.  Fellow Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd's
       wife is on the board of a health insurance company.
       The list goes on and on...  Cuba paying only $251
       a year on health care per person, has better health
       statistics, longevity, inflant mortality, maternal mortality
       and neonatal death rates, etc... .

                 We have so many questions about what the Senate Health Insurance Reform
            Bill has just achieved, we thought we should lay them out.  Then we can start
            to  see what lies beneath the murky surface of this Bill that the Democrats are crowing
            so proudly about.   As we learn more, we will write it up here.

                  The most basic question is qhy do think that FOR-PROFIT private health
            insurance companies will ever want to protect us when we fall sick.  Their
            profits depend upon NOT paying for our health care.  They have every reason
            to not help us.   They ration care now.  Why should we allow companies whose
            interests are antithetical to ours ration health care, at all. 

                  And why must we be forced to pay their $10 million to $30 million a year annual
            salaries.  They are not doctors.  What do they do that makes them so valuable to
            society?  Nothing that I can see, except deny coverage and over-charge poor working
            people so that they cac't afford basic tests. 

                 Where is the competition in all this?  How will competition to keep rates down
            be increased?    A government run alternative, like MEDICARE would have provided
            that.  But that is gone in the Senate's bill/  Won't we be gouged terribly?

                  2014?   There are 46 million uninsured Americans now.  In 2014, 18 million will
            still be uninsured.   Why is that?  I thought the Democrats stood for universal health
            care insurance?   When did they start saying that 18,000,000 souls do not count?
            When did they quietly say that their cries and suffering do not matter?  I missed
            that memo.

                  Why if this is such a good bill must we wait for four years before it goes
            into effect?  is not the reason for the delay, that it allows the health insurance
            companies four more years of unrestrained jacking up of their rates and
            gouging of consumers.   Just how are consumers protected until then?  And is
            the delay not just a way of giving Republicans every chance to kill the legislation
            when they re-win control of Congress. 

                How many people will die between now and 2014 from lack of affordable
           health insurance?  Who is crowing about that amongh the Demcrats? 

                What about all the working people that can only afford the least expensive health
           insurance now?  The so-called catastrophic insurance.  This type covers no
           preventative tests.   Many people have this type of unhealthy health insurance.
           It still costs $500 a month from a for-profit Well Point California Blue Cross.  But
           tragically, after paying their monthly catastrophic health insurance premiums,
           they just have no money for preventative tests.  Tests that would detect colon,
           breast or prostate cancer in its earlier, more treatabke stages.  Tests that would
           detect high blood pressure or impaired blood circulation.  So, they walk around
           quite possibly with a cancer getting biggger and bigger, with higher and
           higher  blood pressure weakening their heart's arteries with build-ups of plaque.
           Only in America!  Is it not correct to say ours is a hellth insurance system?

              The top 10% most wealth Americans now own 90% of the wealth of America
           that is not owned by foreigners already?  Why is this wealth not taxed directly?
           They are the ones who demand the most protection, as they protect their empires
           of greed?  They are the ones who have benefitted the most from the system?
           They are the ones who make money from wars?  Why are they not taxed directly
           for their Wealth.  Why is their no WEALTH TAX?

             Higher Income tax on very high incomes?  The Democrats and Obama will proudly
           now say they're taxing incomes of over $250,000 a year 0.5% to help pay for the
           provision of health care to more people.  Why are income taxes on the very wealthy
           so very low.  From 1936 to 1962, the highest tax rate was more than 86%, usually
           92%.  Now its under 40%.   By the way, why does this extra 1/2% tax on the highest
           income not start until 2012?   Don't we have a two trillion dollar deficit now?  The
           problem now with the economy is under-consumption.  Working people have too little
           money to buy anything, while the rich just save most of their money or speculate
           in the stock market.   This does not help Main Street very much at all.  The marginal
           rates of consumption for the rich are very low compared to working poeple.  Keynes
           was right.  Tax the rich.  Spend the money. That will get the country out of its near-
           Depression.  Waiting for the rich to spend it, we will be in a Depression forever.

            in 2014, there are restrictions on how big the rate of profits can be relative to the
            total health care premiums taken in.  But what prevents the health insurance companies
            from doubling their executives pay and bonuses  to $40 million a year?  Or from
            and paying their lobbyists and Congressmen $200  million a year instead of $100 million
            in lobbying expense and campaign contributions?  Or from doubling or tripling
            the amount of money they spend on TV ads telling us how wonderful they are?
            The answer is NOTHING.   These are "legitimate" expenses.  So, just how will the
            consumer be better served under this soi-called reform?  And what mechanism
            will be in place to monitor and innvestigate their "expenses"?  The Senate Bill
            is silent on this.   Needless to say, without a public option, the insurance companies
            will be under very little pressure to keep rates low.  In most states, the number of
            insurance companies is very small.  Meanwhile, everyone must get insurance.

            Who will police the way monopoly insurance companies behave?  How much
            they pay their Execs?   How much they for lobbying bribes?  Or for slick media
            ads that distort and lie to defeat their opposition.  WHY SHOULD people buying
            health insurance pay for any of this FILTH!

            Has not the Senate given Americans the worst of both worlds?  Higher private
            health insurance rates which we must now all pay, or be fined!!!  How can this
            be constitutional?

            Will the Senators talk about the other giveaways, hidden deep in their Bill.  The
            additional payments to Doctors?  Nebraska has 100% of its Medicaid Insurance
            paid by the Fed.   Why is California  and New York given the same special treatment?
         .  Union members' health care will be taxed under the Senate Bill, instead of there
            being a tax on millionaires as the House version called for. 

            Want more opinions on the subject?  "Look'y here"            

                        Campaign Contributions to Senators
            from Health Insurance Companies

                                                             Health Sector Campaign Contributions.
           wpe180.jpg (19323 bytes)

                                                      Baucus - Health Care's Inside Man

     Here is an article by Dan Eggen    Washington Post   July 21, 2009
     "As liberal protesters marched outside,  Sen. Max Baucus sat down inside a San Francisco mansion for a dinner
  of chicken cordon bleu and a discussion of landmark health-care legislation under consideration by his Senate
  Finance Committee.  At the table on May 26 were about 20 donors willing to fork over $10,000 or more to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, including executives of major insurance companies, hospitals and other health-care firms. "Most people there had an agenda; they wanted the ear of a senator, and they got it," said Aaron Roland, a San Francisco health-care activist who paid half price to attend the gathering. "Money gets you in the door. The only thing the other side can do is march around and protest outside... 

     "Baucus (D-Mont.) has emerged as a leading recipient of Senate campaign contributions from the hospitals, insurers and other medical interest groups hoping to shape the legislation to their advantage. Health-related companies and their employees gave Baucus's political committees nearly $1.5 million in 2007 and 2008, when he began holding hearings and making preparations for this year's reform debate.

     "Top health executives and lobbyists have continued to flock to the senator's often extravagant fundraising events in recent months. During a Senate break in late June, for example, Baucus held his 10th annual fly-fishing and golfing weekend in Big Sky, Mont., for a minimum donation of $2,500. Later this month comes "Camp Baucus," a "trip for the whole family" that adds horseback riding and hiking to the list of activities.

See also -  http://www.campaignmoney.com/Health_Insurance.asp

              Here's a poem I like.  It's entitled "Pig Fever"  from

The swine flu vaccine and what it means to you.

The World Health Organization ain’t no Dr. Who.

And Briton’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies

Sure as fuck ain’t no SAGE when it comes to contingencies

Advised by Sir Roy Anderson who is paid by GlaxoSmithKline

Profiting 2.1 billion pounds in just three months time

Terror, terror everywhere and not a place to speak

The CIA in Guantanamo Bay gets on its kinky freak

Mercury poisoning and autism for all

Homeless, jobless and up against the wall

The Great White Hoax in your home town quarantine

Roll up your sleeve for the mandatory vaccine

England uses the swine flu as a totalitarian tool

Commandeering the BBC if they shut down school

Providing education as seen fit by skull and bones

Making new world order prisons out of family homes

Terror, terror everywhere and not a place to speak

The CIA in Guantanamo Bay gets on its kinky freak

Mercury poisoning and autism for all

Homeless, jobless and up against the wall

Mandatory health insurance could make it illegal just to live

You could sell your kidney, surely you’ve something left to give

The NAIS and CODEX makes food against the law

When the government steps in to help it’s like the movie Saw

Blackwater now called XE will be on hand to assist

Corporate fascists in silencing all who would resist

Terror, terror everywhere and not a place to speak

The CIA in Guantanamo Bay gets on its kinky freak

Mercury poisoning and autism for all

Homeless, jobless and up against the wall