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               Imagine making 65% this past year in a Stock Fund that matches the Blue Chips for volatility.

            Peerless Stock Market Timing   
Works as Advertised!

 The big question is why do so many 'pundits' deny the stock market's predictability?  Is it ignorance or a conspiracy to continue the advantage
Wall Street has over small investors?
Either way, Peerless can make you money and let you sleep easier, too.  

Traders using  Peerless Stock Market Timing are up
on DJIA for last 12 month
s simply using the automatic reversing
Buys and Sells of Peerless.   These were real-time signals!

Amazingly, the Gains even bigger on many other ETFs. 

Using TigerSoft, superimpose the Peerless DJI signals on any chart you wish.
                     These results assume one takes positions or closes them out at the opening
                      the day after the signal.  They assume $10,000 is fully invested and each
                      trade costs $20 in commissions.

EWZ-Brazil +90%,  RSX-Russia +132%    EWW Mexico +69%   DIG-Oil + 234%  DDM + 124% 
DRN  Real Estate +137%   DZK + 240%   EDC Emerging Bull 3x +318%  ERX-Energy Bull 3x +440%   FAS-Financial Bull 3x + 202%     ITB + 143%     LBJ Latin Amer 3x + 313%     Last updated 4/12/2012

                             DJI-30 with Peerless Automatic Signals - Gain = +69%DATA.BMP (1440054 bytes)