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                              Since 1981, we have been helping Professionals and the Public
                   around the World to Maximize Stock Profits and Avoid Devastating Declines.
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                               Introducing the:
Automatic, Reliable, Very Profitable 
Tiger Weekly Buy B12s

    by William Schmidt, Ph.D. - Creator of TigerSoft and Peerless Stock Market Timing

          --------------------- Speculative Stocks ----------------------
             Four 2009 examples should convince you we have
        somethng special here.  And this is only a small
        part of all that TigerSoft and Peerless offer.   It
        should demonstrate the value of our highly original
        research, work and indicators.  Many of the gains
        here are staggering! 

        1.  DDRX - Diedrich Coffee - 2 to 34!
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      FIRE - Sourcefire - 7 to 28
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    KIRK -  Kirkland's  - 4 to 18 wpe195.jpg (53448 bytes)

     DTG - Dollar General - 6 to 33
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       --------------------- Speculative Stocks ----------------------
             Earlier era B12s also worked their magic.
       Here are a few some examples.

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Tiger Weekly Buy B12s:

   High Caps,
           Growth Stocks,
                    Foreign Stocks,
                                                             and Currencies

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We emphasize always watching for signs of
    insider buying and selling.  Insiders always know first.  This study
    shows another way to watch for Insider buying using weekly charts.
    This approach permits longer term holding.  And it works well with
    optionable high capitalization SP-500 and NASDAQ-100 stocks, too. 
    This is particularly of interest because most of these stocks have
     much higher liquidity and also, up to a point, are safer.



                  Here are rules for profiting from TigerSOft weekly charts.  Rules for this are being
          offered as working hypotheses.   They have grown from many years' experience.
          They do not always work, of course, but used consistently over some time, they
          should help enormously. 
                See  also  www.tigersoftware.com/TigerBlogs/March-6-2010/index.html

                In particular, we want to start screening for weekly Buy B12s.  You will want to
          use our weekly data and a new flagging flagging program that can dervive these
          signals from daily data for all stocks, every Friday evening.

                          Very reliably profitable are weekly Buy B12.

                 These Buy B12 weekly signals occur automatically with the latest software when
          the Accumulation Index past a key threshold.  The signals work exceptionally well
          and most reliably (>90%) when they occur with the stock still in or close to its base,
          not too far above its 52-week ma and with the stock not up more than 40% in the last
          10 weeks. 

               My study of  just the NASDAQ-100 and SP-500 stocks'  5-year weekly charts show that
           90% of these bring high gains using the rules discussed.           

                 See the examples of ILF, GLD, RIMM below  Note that the first is in a base.  The second one
           occurs with prices much more extended.   We have rules that prevent us from chasing
           these signals too far.

                I strongly suggest studying some of the more successful Weekly Tiger B12s.

---------------------------- Country ETFs  -----------------------------------
ILF - IShares S&P Latin America 40 Index    
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     ---------------------------- GOLD ETF-----------------------------------               
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     ---------------------------- SILVER ETF-----------------------------------               

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------------- RIMM - Research in Motion - 38 to 140 --------------        
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                         PCP is one of the more recent Buy B12.  Its chart shows the
               value of the moving averages we show.  We also see that levels of
               Accumulation above a critical level can sustain very big advances
               even without a Buy B12.
                         But why settle for second best when we can screen all stocks
               for Buy B12s.  90% of these bring high gains using the rules discussed.                 
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