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                            August 14, 2007
      Additional DIS Charts posted 7/11/2014

                  Bear Market Cartoons
                 The Bearish Significance
                       of Horror Movies

     Professionals Control DIS stock.
     The Public was always WRONG
     from from 2007-2010.  See the Tiger
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      Just Barely... or The Bear Came over the Mountain:

                             Cartoons Bears Will Like, I think.                

                                        Bear with me. 
                                        Just the bear facts.
                                        Bear and I, go down to the water...
                                        Let's go drink have some bears at the bear.

                                        Where I come from,
                                        a lot of words sound like bear.

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Look for more "splatter movies" .  
        That's what bear markets spawn.   
        Clearly, this is bad news for Disney.    

"The Walt Disney Company released its first feature-length
        cartoon in 1937, the year of the top of a roaring five-year bull market
        that accomplished the fastest 370% gain in U.S. stocks ever. As shown
        here by the titles listed on the top side of the graph, these films stayed
        popular for thirty years, culminating with the ultra-sunny Mary Poppins
        in 1964. ... For the next sixteen years, as stock prices fell along with
        social mood, most people thought Disney’s feature cartoons were
        silly and sentimental. Indeed, the studio’s productivity fell by more
        than 50%.... When the bull market returned in the 1980s and 1990s,
        so did feature-length Disney cartoons that have been both
        acknowledged classics and box-office blockbusters. In the last
        eleven years of bull market, Disney has produced ten feature
        cartoon films."  

By contrast, horror movies appear and are great hits in a bear
         market.    Frankenstein and Dracula premiered in 1931. Dr. Jekyll
         and Mr. Hyde was released in 1932.   A bottom might have been
         foretold when The Texas Chainsaw Massacre descended upon
         theaters in 1974.  Stephen King made headlines in 1974 with Carrie
         The Shining appeared in 1977, followed quickly by  Friday the 13th
         and Halloween.    

         So says Pete Kendall -   


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  What happened next?

              DIsney itself was a horror show over the next 18 months.
              It declined 50% by March 2009.  But Professionals were
              turning Bullish while the Public remained Bearish.   Look at
              rising Blue Closing Power in the chart below and the
              automatic technical comments on the right.  The Pros
              were proven correct: a year later DIS was back to 34! 

              The profits from Tiger's Closing Power's ability to spot the
              new trends for DIS would have taken a trader to the movies
              for a long time!

                                            DIS declines from 33 to 16
                                            between April 2008 and
                                            March 2009.
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Led by the Blue Professional Buying.
                                   DIS doubled between March 2009
                                   and March 2010.

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                                                       More Cartoons

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immy Margulies, New Jersey -- The Record

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                                 Steve Kelley, San Diego, CA, The San Diego Union Tribune


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