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                                   July 31, 2007

              Why Do Baseball Players Spit So Much?
              And, outside of Utah,  Why Won't The
              Media Touch The Subject?

              If Bush were a certifiable Sado-Masochist,
              would CNN or ABC or CBS or NBC Tell Us?

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wpe2.jpg (9391 bytes)     Why Do Baseball Player Spit So Much?

            In high school I played against Pete Rose.  I was a catcher for Walnut Hills HS in Cincinnati
       and Pete Rose played third base for our rival, Western Hill HS   He could really hit.  Even before
       he became famous, he stood out as the best hitter I ever play against.  And there were several
       who became major leaguers.  But we never got Pete Rose out even once.  In my highly forgettable
      10 year career as a catcher, he was the only player who would eliberately pull his bat back towards
       me, so that I had to move back an extra foot or two behind home plate.  Our pitcher, thus, had
       a poorer target.  Rose did this, of course, to intimidate. And that's what all this spitting is about,
       too, except for the pitchers, who want to get that extra spin on the ball.  Basically, spitting is
       done to appear tough and to intimidate.  Maybe it works among players.   But I've been a
       baseball fan for years and I've finally concluded that the players who spit the most are usually
       among the worst hitters.  Course, I never had that excuse.

             Why do I care?   Surely, you've heard that the mouth is one of the dirtiest places in
      the whole human body, if not the world. It's full of bacteria and viri. Spit tobacco has long
      been a big part of the culture of professional baseball.   Chewing it, we now know,  is very
      dangerous. Maybe, as much as smoking.  It should be banned..  Kids see it.  And they do
      it when they play.  It's a not just a filthy habit, it causes mouth cancers and rotten discolored teeth. 

      wpe1.jpg (7466 bytes)    Evils of 'chew' stressed  - Man without a face' warns of cancer risk

                                 A Media Blackout

           The media won't touch the subect.  Why?  It might be that the tobacco companies control
      things.and need baseball to recruit new generations of tobacco users. That's part of it.  But I think
      it also has to do with baseball being as American as apple pie.  Baseball is the "national pastime".
      It's like Cooperstown, a shrine.  And the media isn't paid to be iconoclastic. They're more like
      priests celebrating a high communion.  So much silly hypocrisy!  They attack Barry Bonds
      for steroids, which is good, but drop the ball when it comes to spit tobacco. 
         wpe1.jpg (3571 bytes)  Too bad that Pop-Eye never played baseball; we'd all be hooked on spinach
         and healthy vegetables.

              As in any musical composition, the second movement must be much lighter.

                                      Baseball Joke

                   One Day the Devil challenged God to a baseball game.

                   Smiling God proclaimed, "You don't have a chance, I have Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle,
                   and all the greatest players up here".

                    "Yes", snickered the Devil, "but I have all the umpires."

             Then comes the dénouement.

                                                       The Spitin' Image
            Our media does not know how to ask the right questions.  You never hear them asking
        if George Bush is psychologically competent to be President.  Bush we know tortured little
        frogs as a child, branded pledges at Yale and made fun of a Texas prisoner on Death
        Row who may have begged him for clemency.   This stuff is real.  But nothing from the "liberal"
       CNN, NBC, ABC or any other net work news, for that matter.  During his six years as governor
        of Texas, Bush presided over 152 executions, more than any other governor in the recent history
       of the United States.

            Bush maintained he scrupulpusly reviewed the case of each inmate about to be executed.
        Not true, according to Sister Helen Prejean in the NY Review of Books.  "Only a cursory
        review was made of Terry Washingon, a mentally retarded man of thirty-three with the
        communication skills of a seven-year-old. Washington's plea for clemency came before
        Governor Bush on the morning of May 6, 1997. After a thirty-minute briefing by (Alberto)
        Gonzales, Bush checked "Deny"...Gonzales's legal summary, however, omitted any mention
        of Washington's mental limitations as well as the fact that his trial lawyer had failed to enlist
        the help of a mental health expert to testify on his client's behalf. When Washington's
        postconviction lawyers took on his defense, they researched deeply into his childhood and
        came up with horrifying evidence of abuse. Terry Washington, along with his ten siblings, had
        been beaten regularly with whips, water hoses, extension cords, wire hangers, and fan belts.
        This was mitigation of the strongest kind, but Washington's jury never heard it. Nor is there any
        evidence that Gonzales told Bush about it."

         wpe1.jpg (5972 bytes)     Karla Faye Tucker - a  vicious double murderer who was executed
        in 1998.

         Conservative Republican columnist, Tucker Carlson,  wrote the following:
Talk Magazine, September 1999, p. 106)

         "While driving back from the speech later that day, Bush mentions Karla Faye Tucker, a
         double murderer who was executed in Texas last year. In the weeks before the execution,
         Bush says, Bianca Jagger and a number of other protesters came to Austin to demand clemency
         for Tucker. 'Did you meet with any of them?' I ask.

       "Bush whips around and stares at me. 'No, I didn't meet with any of them,' he snaps, as though
        I've just asked the dumbest, most offensive question ever posed. 'I didn't meet with Larry King
        either when he came down for it. I watched his interview with [Tucker], though. He asked her
        real difficult questions, like 'What would you say to Governor Bush?' 'What was her answer?' I wonder.

      "'Please,' Bush whimpers, his lips pursed in mock desperation, 'don't kill me.'

       "I must have look shocked -- ridiculing the pleas of a condemned prisoner who has since been executed
        seems odd and cruel, even for someone as militantly anticrime as Bush -- because he immediately
        stops smirking".

                         Why doesn't the Fourth Estate ask the right questions?  Bravo Michael

              Last week I saw Michael Moore slamming Wolff Blitzer and CNN for not doing their job
       in the run-up to the war in Iraq. Why are we still there  He demanded to know why it took them
      so long to interview Cheney. 

           MICHAEL MOORE: " hy don't you tell the truth to the American people? I mean,
          I wish that CNN and the other mainstream media would just for once tell the truth about
          what's going on in this country, whether it's with healthcare -- I don't care what it is. I mean,
          you guys have such a poor track record. And for me to come on here and have to listen to that
          kind of crap.

         "I mean, seriously, I haven’t been on your show now for three years. The last time I was on,
         you ran a similar piece about Fahrenheit 9/11, saying, “Oh, this can’t be true, what he’s
         saying about the war, how it’s going to be a quagmire, the weapons of mass destruction.”
         You know, and why don't you start off, actually, with my first appearance back here on your
         show in three years and maybe apologize to me for saying that three years ago, because it turned
        out everything I said in Fahrenheit was true. Everything has come to happen, everything I said.
        I mean, I took you in that film to Walter Reed Hospital, and it took three years before you or any
        of the rest of the mainstream media would go to Walter Reed Hospital and see what was happening
        to our troops...

         "And you’re the ones who are fudging the facts. You fudged the facts to the American people
          now for I don’t know how long about this issue, about the war. And I’m just curious, when are
          you going to just stand there and apologize to the American people for not bringing the truth to
          them that isn’t sponsored by some major corporation? I mean, I’ll sit here for as long as it takes,
         if you can do that for me."



















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