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                              June 30,  2007

San Diego: Tiger Software's Home. 
        >>> How To Start Looking for a Job Here?

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Saturday - June 30, 2007    San Diego: Tiger Software's Home. 
                                                                Want To Start Looking for a Job Here?  Here's How. 
Wednesday -  July 4, 2007    Staffing Companies Give A Glimpse into Stock Market's Future.

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                           San Diego is a beautiful place to live.   I came here in 1980 as a result of first
                            being sent here in the Winter of 1978-9 for a federal conference of state
                            researchers.    I was working in wet and gray (31 flavors) Olympia, Washington.
                            It was a reward for saving the state a lot of money by using a sampling
                            methodology rather than requiring yet another form for busy case workers.
                            I saw lots of pretty girls, palm trees and sunny beaches.  Three years
                            later I moved here.  I don't dive anymore, but I swim three or four times
                            a week at La Jolla cove (shown above) for much of the year.  Here are
                            some places to view San Diego on the net.

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                                                          Getting A Job in San Diego

                           Getting a good job here is not very easy, unless you do some advance
                            planning, engage in some research (which Tiger Software can help you
                            in) and have some professional help, namely signing up with a good staffing
                            or recruiting company.   You can easily Google "San Diego" and your field
                            followed by "jobs" or "career" and, say,  "engineering" or "website
                            development" or "molecular biology".  But, this takes a lot of time.
                            Consider getting someone to help search for a job in your field for you.
                            Sign up with a highly ethical recruiting firm like
Don't  forget  to use the facilities of monster.com,  career.com and careers.com.

                            One of the things that may help is for you to directly contact San Diego
                            companies that are doing hiring in your field.  An easy and direct way to
                            prioritize who to call on is to use Tiger Software and rank the stocks of
                            local San Diego companies.  I have done this for you by way of illustration. 
                            You will want to check out the following companies.  These San Diego stocks
                            were up  more than 30% in the 2nd quarter of 2007 and show the type of high
                           accumulation that usually promises still higher prices.  Since the stock market
                           is a discounting mechanism where rising stock prices usually predict higher
                           sales and profits, these companies may well be expanding their work force and
                           will be a good prospect, though of course, your skills and the companies needs

                           must still match.

Check out these companies:
                                   NVTL    Novatel Wireless
26.02 +.01 
                                   QDEL    Quidel Corp.        
                                   CUB      Cubic Corp
             30.18 +.49
                           See study of San Diego Stocks in 2nd Quarter of 2007.  

                                Whereever you are, use Tiger to find the companies in your area whose stocks
                          are doing the best.  They are your best bet for a job, for a recruiting contract or
                          for whatever you're selling.


                                 TigerSoft also lets you plot a graph of all the major Recuiting and Staffing Firms.
                          Here is the one for 7/3/2007.  Unline the DJI it not close to making a new
                          high. Its (ITRS) Relative Strength Indicator is now negative.  I would expect
                          this indicator to be positive if we had another leg up in the present bull market.

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