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                              July 28, 2007 (B)

What Will Housing Stocks Do in A Weak Market? 
             They Are Collapsing in A Bull Market.

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    People have asked me to write a Daily Blog.   They seem to want
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    we'll just have to wait and see.  As, I see it, a blog is a personal
    statement.  I will try to make it entertaining and relate it mostly to the
    stock market. 

   I do promise not to belabor the obvious. So, I hope these thoughts,
   reflections and finds are worth your time.  I will give you my best

   As it fills up, it will be organized by month and topic  
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         Thursday - June 28, 2007      (B)

                  What Will Housing Stocks Do in A Weak Market? 
                   They Are Collapsing in A Bull Market.

                                                                      -    Housing Correction Continues.  No Bottom In SIght, Yet.

wpe1E.jpg (2632 bytes)wpe1F.jpg (2632 bytes)wpe1F.jpg (2632 bytes)wpe1F.jpg (2632 bytes)    Here is chart of Tiger Index of 31 Home-Builders
                                                      We picked this are for short selling, because of the heavy "Insider- Informed Selling"
                      wpe21.jpg (67683 bytes)                 
                       Once you have identified a group to buy or sell, use Tiger's Power-Ranker to pick the stock.
                       HOV was our pick as a short sale several weeks ago.

                      wpe22.jpg (72839 bytes)

                                                 What is scary is how much advantage insiders have over stock holders
                                            when bad news is going to come out.  See how badly secondary mortgage
                                            lending stocks fell recently.  Insiders always know.  Look at the case of LEND.
                                            Odds favor an equally sharp decline for home-building stocks.
                                                 If they can't go up in a bull market, what will they do in a weak stock
                                            market environment?

                       LEND.gif (15018 bytes)
wpe20.jpg (5321 bytes)        
Bernanke trips as Congress bashes Fed over lending
                                            Dems have threatened to strip some of the Fed’s power to write
                                            consumer-protection rules—meaning the Fed chair could lose support
                                             needed to achieve other goals

                                       See also  http://www.realestatedecline.com/


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