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                              June 17,  2007
   >>>  Chinese Market Is Roaring Ahead
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Sunday - June 17, 2007     
   Chinese Market Is Roaring Ahead

     The Chinese market is roaring again to new highs.  Here is the
chart of the China Fund.
wpe1E.jpg (60887 bytes)

    We have known for some time that the Chinese markets was where big smart
professional money was going.  Look at the chart of the closed end fund - PGJ.
Tiger users know that the single most important indicator to use is the Tiger
"Accumulation Index".  The bulges of big-money buying were extraordinarily
bullish. This is exactly what we want to see.  This pattern predicts the biggest gains
year after year!
wpe21.jpg (55665 bytes)

    Tiger users have had an easy time spotting some of the best of the Chinese stocks
by looking for tell-tale bulges of Accumulation form our favorite Tiger indicator.    There
are many other recent cases of these bulges in Chinese stocks.  All were signs to buy.

    Sometimes it is best to buy these stocks on a retreat to the blue rising 50-day ma.
as occurred in February.  The Peerless major Buy in March 3rd also said that it was
time to buy.
ACH.GIF (14778 bytes)

- The optimized red arrows are less important that the fact that there was massive insider
buying in December.  That surge of Accumulation was unmistakably bullish, especially when
oil prices turned up again.

wpe20.jpg (64295 bytes)

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