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                Consider SFEG - Santa Fe Gold.
Speculators, I want you to discover the importance
      of waiting for
Insider Buying and Bullish Closing Power
      dIvergences from Price
as Measured by TigerSoft Charts.

      This is a presentation on how to use Tiger Software to
      spot very Bullish Insider and Professional Buying.
      It shows how our tools can be applied to low priced stocks.

      The last time a TigerSoft chart showed so much Insider
      and Professional buying was a stock called QuePase (QPSA)
      at $2.00.  It rose to $15 a year later.  On May, 3, 2010 I wrote:
"Our favorite stock remains QPSA.  We keep recommending buying more.  Stocks with this much blue
             Accumulation are very rare.  They are often way under the radar screen of Wall Street.  But insiders
             are bust buying.   Usually such stocks are bought out at much higher prices.  Since 1981, I can recall
             only a handful of stocks showing this much Accumulation.  At this writing, QPSA is actually up for
             the day, even though the DJIA is down over 200."
Compare QPSA's TigerSoft chart with SFEG's further below. 

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  Do some due dilligence.  Does SFEG present a compelling case to invest in?
  What are latest headlines?  http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=sfeg&ql=1    

  "Why consider an investment in Santa Fe Gold Corp?

  "Santa Fe Gold is a rapidly growing mining and exploration company focused on acquiring and mining gold and silver properties. But what sets it apart and makes it a compelling investment? The key ingredients: Quality assets; experienced management; and a superior business plan for dynamic growth. Near-term cash flow from the Summit silver-gold mine provides the company a significant edge in today’s difficult market for junior miners. Management intends to leverage Summit’s profits to expand the Summit operation, advance the Ortiz gold project and acquire other quality precious metals assets. Look for expanding revenues and greater market recognition in the years ahead!

  • Proven management team – extensive experience, impeccable credentials, disciplined.
  • Management ownership in excess of 20%.
  • Summit gold-silver mine expected to achieve commercial production in 2011.
  • Low operating costs compared to gold mines worldwide.
  • Gold and silver resources with excellent exploration upside.
  • Significant exposure to silver as well as to gold.
  • Industrial mineral assets provide diversification.
  • Properties are all located in the politically stable United States."

        SFEG - Santa Fe Gold: http://santafegoldcorp.com/home/ 
Speculators, Discover The Importance of Waiting for:
      1) Price Breakouts accompanied by
      2) Intense Insider Buying and
      3) Bullish Closing Power DIvergences from Price
      as Measured by TigerSoft Charts.
high volume breakouts confirm the breakout.

1.  Feb 2002 Flat-resistance breakout after Insider Buying +80% rally.
  2.  Aug 2005 Red High Volume Breakout after Insider Buying and
                   B7 Bullish CP divergences:  30 cents to $2.00 (Jan 2006)
  3.  Feb 2009 Red High Volume Breakout after Insider Buying and
                   B7 Bullish CP divergence:  75 cents to $1.30 (March 2009)
  4.  Sept 2009 Red High Volume Breakout after Insider Buying and
                   B7 Bullish CP divergence:  $1.10 to $1.70 (Jan 2006)

            SFEG's TigerSoft chart now shows flat resistance at
            about 1.00 and very high insider accumulation and bullish
           Closing Power Buy B7s.  See how the Blue Closing Power
           has been rising for a year while prices are just below $1.00.


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  Weekly Chart:   At 1.00   SFEG is at ita 52 week ma.  It is on a weekly MACD Buy
SFEGWK.BMP (1920054 bytes)
                             DAILY SFEG CHARTS - 2001-2012

2001-2002  Insider Buying and breakout without red high volume brings quick advance
                            from .75 to 1.25
SFEG0102.BMP (1440054 bytes)

SFEG02.BMP (1920054 bytes)
2002   March Peak - 2002 Bear Market hit SFEG hard. Following CP trend-changes was profitable.

SFEG02o0.bmp (1440054 bytes)
2003    Bear Market hit SFEG hard and ends late. Following CP trend-changes was profitable.
SFEG03oo.bmp (1440054 bytes)
2004    This was a year of shallow decline and consolidation after 2003 bull market.
                 Closing Power was much stronger than price action
from April-December.
                 Accumulation was very high - positive every day for a year, averaging +.25

SFEG04.BMP (1440054 bytes)
2005     Insiders always know.  Massive and intense buying showed up before SFEG rose from
                20 cents to $2.00. 

SFEG05.BMP (1418454 bytes)
2006  Closing Power uptrend-break in January offered a good point to Take Profits.

SFEG06.BMP (1440054 bytes)
2007     Playing Closing Power trends would have worked well in 2007.
SFEG07.BMP (1440054 bytes)
2008  Bear Market limited all rallies.  The decline was at a steady pace.   At the end of
               the yeat insider buying became very sizable.

SFEG08.BMP (1440054 bytes)
2008-2009  Insider buying and bullish Closing Power divergence from prices. 
                            Buy B7s show CP divergence.
Red high volume marking price breakouts i Bullish, too.
SFEG0809.BMP (1440054 bytes)
SFEG09.BMP (1440054 bytes)
SFEG0910.BMP (1440054 bytes)
SFEG10.BMP (1440054 bytes)
2011   Insider Buying and Bullish Closing Power Divergence are seen at end of 2011.
SFEG11.BMP (1920054 bytes)