A Report on San Diego Stocks' Performance
9/5/2005 - William Schmidt, Ph.D.

A key point leaps out to investors when looking at the data
showing the stock performance of San Diego stocks since
last Thanksgiving.  It is the emergence of San Diego as the
heart of an emerging biotech boom.

42 of the 106 San Diego stocks studied here rose more than 20%
over the last 10 months, since 11/17/2004.  In this elite group,
Biomedical stocks far outnumbered the tech stocks.  Nationally, the
BioTech Index (BBH) shown below has far outsurpassed the NASDAQ
this year. Note the excellent automatic Buy signals on the BBH by the Tiger
chart. By comparison the SP-500 rose just 3% in this period and the
NASDAQ only 2%. 

Investors will want to search through these stocks for those that stand
out and are apt to be future leaders. Those with TigerSoft Internal Strength
"Power-Rankings" over 75% are most apt to be superior performers over
the next six months. The companies with fast rising stocks supported by
good internal technical readings are the most likely to be expanding
operations, doing new hiring and increasing shareholder value.

What you are seeing:
The TigerSoft charts show red Buy and Sell Arrows.  These represent the
buy and sell points using the best trading system from over 50 good ones
for the past year.  At the top of each chart, you can see what the return
would have been had one bought, sold and sold short these stocks on
each reversing Red arrow.  Additional major Buys are also show.  The internal
strength indicators displayed are OBV (a measure of aggresive buying),
Tiger Accumulation Index (the best measure we know of Big Money
Buying) and ITRS (Intermediate-Term Relative Strength.

See recent report in Forbes magazine on San Diego's special position as
a biotech leader.
106 San Diego Stocks'250 day Pct Change Ranking:
Stocks Up at Least 20%

Symbol	Name		Price  		TigerSoft       Tiger Comments
                	Pct.            Internal 
                	Change  	"POWER-RANKING" 
------	-------		-------		-------------   ---------
EPMN	Epimmune	299.2%		45.4%ile        Jumped up from 1 ti 5 overnight on 8/19/2004
SNMX	Senomyx		144.9%  	65.7%ile
ARNA	Arena Pharm.	120.7%  	74.1%ile
WSSI	Websidestory	97.3%   	80.6%ile	New 12 mo closing highs. Super internals. Buy. See Tiger chart,
ILMN	Illumina	93.4%   	92.6%ile		
ALDA	Aldila		92.1%   	59.3%ile 
QDEL	Quidel		91.9%   	66.7%ile	Aggressive Buying Indicator lagging.
ANDS	Anadys Pharm.	86.7%   	55.6%ile
NUVA	NuVasive	81.9%   	99.1%ile        At rising 50-day ma. with good internals.
IAGX			80.0%   	87.0%ile        Building big-money Accumulation.	
MII	Microlslet	79.9%   	97.2%ile        Close to making 12 mo highs, excellent internals
PICO	Pico Holdings	79.7%   	77.8%ile	High volume breakout, new high. 
MXWL	Maxwell Tech.	66.1%   	78.7%ile 
IVGN	Invitrogen	63.6% 		95.4%ile	On Sell at flatteing 50-dma
COHU	Cohu		61.6% 		94.4%ile	Healthy consolidation after steep rise.
GEPT	Global Point	61.4% 		38%ile
RBCB	RanchoBernardoComm.Bank	54.1%   23.1%ile	Very Thin
SYS	SYS Tech.	51.9%   	56.5%ile
RMD	RedMed		49.8%		93.5%ile	Running with excellent interals
DOCX	DocumentSciences49.8%   	76.9%ile				
HOFD	Homefed		48.0%   	79.6%ile
AMLN	Amylin Pharm.	46.3%   	34.3%ile	Jumped to recent new high. High Relative Strength
AMTA	Amistar		41.9%   	42.6%
BMR	BioMed Realty Tr.41.9%		98.1%ile	Close to making 12 mo highs, excellent internals
REMC			39.8%   	21.3%ile
TMCV	TemeculaValBanc	37.1%   	96.3%ile           
ACAD	Acadia Pharm.	36.3%   	68.5%ile        New High confirmed.
AHS	AMN HealthcServ 33.8%   	91.7%ile        
SRLS	SeaCareLifeSci 	33.1%   	83.3%ile
PRVD	ProvideCommerce	30.7%   	37.0%ile
GPRO	Gen-Probe	29.0%   	69.4%ile  
DJO	DJ Orthopedics	27.8%   	89.8%ile	Weakening OBV (aggressive buying)
LEAP	Leapnet		26.6%   	63.0%ile 
PNP	PanPac.Retail Prop. 26.0%	84.3%ile
SRE	SempraEnergy	23.8%		90.7%ile	Running to new highs. Move confirmed by internals.
CHIC	Charlotte Russe	22.8%   	82.4%ile
AVN	Avanir Pharm.	22.7%   	88.9%ile
WBSN	Websense	22.5%    	9.3%ile           On Sell. In 6 month downtrend.
CYPB	CypressBioScien 21.3%		88%ile	  	14.25 is flat topped resistance. Buy on Breakout. 
BSTE	BiositeDiagnost 21.1%		70.4%ile	On Sell at resistance.
SBBK	Security Bus.Bk.21.0%		48.1%ile	Very thin.
ROYL	Royale Energy	20.0%   	27.8%ile	Weaking internals

There are some extremely interesting stocks here that are not in the biomedical field.  
Look at WSSI.  It shows significant big-money Accumulation and has made a new high closing
on Friday despite a weak general market.

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