posted 3/15/2017
Opening and Running the history-data files
                        will build the correspondingly named directories
                        in your computer.  These you can then SELECT
                        from Peercomm for graphing.

              2016   HISTORICAL DATA    A-Z Stocks
                            16-A   16-B   16-C   16-D   16-E    16-F    16-G  16-H    16-I   16-J 
                            16-K   16-L   16-M   16-N   16-O    16-P   16-Q  16-R    16-S  16-T 

            2015   HISTORICAL DATA    A-Z Stocks
                            15-A   15-B   15-C   15-D   15-E    15-F    15-G  15-H    15-I  
                            15-K   15-L   15-M   15-N   15-O    15-P   15-Q   15-R   15-S  15-T 

                2014 HISTORICAL DATA    A-Z Stocks    

       14-A   14-B  14-C   14-D    14-E    14-F    14-G   14-H   14-I  14-J 
                               14-K   14-L  14-M  14-N   14-O  14-P  14-Q  14-R  14-S   14-T 14UVWXYZ

                2013 HISTORICAL DATA    A-Z Stocks  
                  13-A    13-B    13-C   13-D    13-E   13-F    13-G   13-H    13-I     13-J 
                  13-K    13-L   13-M   13-N   13-O   13-P    13-Q    13-R    13-S    13-T   13UVWXYZ         

            2012 HISTORICAL DATA    A-Z Stocks                        
12-A   12-B    12-C   12-D    12-E    12-F    12-G   12-H    12-I     12-J 
                      12-K     12-L    12-M   12-N    12-O   12-P   12-Q   12-R    12-S    12-T   12UVWXYZ   

        2011 Historical DATA A-Z Stocks
 11-A    11-B    11-C    11-D     11-E    11-F    11-G    11-H    11-I     11-J  
                     11-K     11-L    11-M   11-N    11-O    11-P    11-Q    11-R    11-S    11-T    11UVWXYZ

               Oct. 24, 2011           Study of Super Stocks of 2011:
               Data     SUPER11.exe   Study of Best Performing Stocks of 2011 

                  2010 Historical DATA A-Z Stocks  
                    10-A    10-B    10-C    10-D    10-E     10-F      10-G     10-H      10-I      10-J  
                    10-K     10-L    10-M   10-N    10-O     10-P    10-Q     10-R     10-S   10-T   10UVWXYZ  
Study of Best Performing 2010 Stocks

  2009 Historical DATA A-Z Stocks  
                A-Z Stocks  
                09-A.exe    09-A.w02    Save both to your c:\ and run 09-A.exe from YOUR computer. 
                                       Then to graph Select  c:\09-A                                         
                09-B.exe --    To graph Select  c:\09-B
                09-C.exe       09-C.w02      
                                  Save both to your c:\ and run 09-C.exe from YOUR computer. 
                                    Then to graph Select  c:\09-C     
                09-D.exe     - To graph  Select  c:\09D
                09-E.exe     - To graph  Select  c:\09E 
                09-F.exe     - To graph  Select  c:\09F
                09-G.exe    - To graph  Select  c:\09G
                09-H.exe    - To graph  Select  c:\09H
                09-I.exe    - To graph  Select  c:\09I
                09-J.exe    - To graph  Select  c:\09J
                09-K.exe    - To graph  Select  c:\09K
                09-L.exe    - To graph  Select  c:\09L    
                09-M.exe    - To graph  Select  c:\09M
                09-N.exe    - To graph  Select  c:\09N
                09-O.exe    - To graph  Select  c:\09O 
                09-P.exe    - To graph  Select  c:\09P    
                09-Q.exe    - To graph  Select  c:\09Q   
                09-R.exe    - To graph  Select  c:\09R
                09-S.exe    - To graph  Select  c:\09S
                09-T.exe    - To graph  Select  c:\09T
                09UVWXYZ.exe        To graph  Select  c:\09UVWXYZ

            TOPPERF09.exe  Download this data to see the 80 stocks up the most in 2009. 
            Our study of 2009 Super Stocks

                2008 Historical DATA A-Z Stocks  
  08-A   08-B    08-C   08-D    08-E    08-F    08-G   08-H   08-I    08-J
                08-K     08-L    08-M   08-N    08-O   08-P  08-Q   08-R   08-S   08-T  
  08-V  08-W  08-X  08-Y  08-Z

2007 Historical DATA A-Z Stocks
07-A   07-B    07-C   07-D    07-E    07-F   07-G   07-H   07-I    07-J
                07-K     07-L    07-M   07-N    07-O   07-P  07-Q   07-R   07-S   07-T  
 07-V  07-W  07-X  07-Y  07-Z



 TigerSoft Help        Bullish Stocks     Bearish Stocks   Trading Ranges   Tiger Power Ranker
       Stock Splits            Removing Directories
      Conversion from Ascii to Tiger format
1) If you are using Windows7, be sure to go into XP mode.
    2) Close other applications to conserve on memory.
    3) Try this method of downloading data.

       Many security systems on computers will not let you open a file
       from the internet after simply going to it with the internet browser.

      Instead try this.  This may allow  you to open and run a data installation-file executable
      from our site wthout having to first save it.

                    1. Start Peercomm.

                    2. Click Internet

                    3.    Replace the 0123 you see with 1221 (Or whatever the current numbers are.)
                    .between the slashes   You will see

                   4.   Then click Display Web Page Chosen Above.

                   5. This will let you run the correct data-download programs right
                   from the internet.
                          Example SP-500.exe
                          This way when I point the mouse at SP-500.exe  
Then LEFT-CLICK the file to be opened.
                          See if you get a chance to RUN rather than SAVE this file right from the internet,
                          My XP gives this new, more covenient RUNNING option only when I go to the
                          data site from within Peercomm.