Some Users Comments about Tiger Soft
and Peerless Stock Market Timing

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"I've been trading the market for thirty-five to forty years.  I think your
'Peerless Stock Market Timing' is the best book I've ever read on
predicting intermediate swings of the market. And your stocks programs
have helped time after time.  Many thanks.  Keep up the good work."
CN - retired, San Diego, CA.

"Peerless is a most powerful market timing tool...The timing method (is)
described in excellent detail and with thorough historical reference...The manual
makes some very important contributions to the technical literature."
Gerald Appel - Financial Systems' Tester and Author - New York City

"I have been a TIGER user since the mid 1980's.  I've looked at a lot
of other systems but have stayed with TIGER.  I think the graphics
and indicators are as good as you will find.  It is not a Black Box
|system and requires decision making and knowledge of technical analysis."
DD - Executive - Nashville, TN

"I think your Peerless software is one of the greatest programs I've ever
seen.  It has saved my clients a lot of money in this sell-off we just had."
JH - Stock broker - Houston, TX

"I have found your PEERLESS MARKET TIMING and the
TIGER STOCK SOFTWARE to be  fantastic tools for the analyzing
of both the market and individual equities.  The PEERLESS general
market program has been particularly useful for orderly trading
of Index Options.  Bands on the moving averages enable me to
establish targets and eliminate emotional influences.  Analysis
of individual equites with your system has been more insightful
than standard bar charts."  KK - Stock Broker - La Jolla, CA

"I've spent $15,000 on stock market software and I'd put your
PEERLESS program at the top of the list."  RM - Stock Broker - Denver, Colorado

"I am grateful to you and your programs for how much they have
expanded my understanding of the stock market.  They are now
at the center of my approach to trading stock options.  That approach,
by the way, has brought an audited 68% per quarter with money
under my management."  DG - Stock Broker - San Diego, CA

"For the last four months, I have been using your innovative software
for trading the S&P100 Index.  The buy and sell signals have
allowed me to make as much as $55,000 in one day of trading.
Continued use of the system is the best way to become comfortable
in achieving the goal of buying at the bottom and selling at the top."
LS - Physician - Raleigh, NC

"Your TIGER programs to evaluate a stock's internal strength are vital to
my short-term option traders.  And in trading the overall market,
I've found your PEERLESS system's signals of intermediate
market turning points to be most helpful."   DR - Stock Broker - Winston Salem, NC

"Your TIGER Stock Analysis Tools and PEERLESS market timing system
have become indispensable to my serving my clients in the best
possible way I can.  I will always be indebted to your software
and the follow-up services you have offered me now for the fifteen years."

"I own all the major chart programs-Omnitrader, Advanced Get, 
Super Charts,   Metastock Pro and Tigersoft.  Professor Schmidt's
product is the best by far.  ...For a beginner I would suggest focusing
on buying high accumulation stocks on a pull back-and pay attention
to the Peerless market signals -DO NOT BUY ANYTHING anything
on a Peerless general market Sell."  
KJ - Stock Broker - Alberta, Canada

"I've found your Peerless analysis very informative and educational.
I would definitely be interested in an ongoing series of observations
relative to the market."  JL - Stock Broker - Philadelphia

"I purchased your Peerless software a few months ago and I am happy
to say that it was one of the most important financial purchases in my life.
Your indicators enable me to have the guts to sell out.  Being with
cash on the side and with the market sell-off today only confirms my
belief in your software.  It has saved me from disastrous losses.
Thanks for all your hard work.  BC - Retired - Royal Palm Beach, FL

"I have been reviewing your last couple of Peerless Forecasts and I
would like ot congratulate you on your exceptional market forecasts,
You were right on and so were your indicators to give plenty of
cautionary warnings. Very impressive and skillful calling of the market."
GS - Private Investor - San Diego, CA

"Thank you!  Keep up the good work.  Your was a great call for the Bear!"
Paul J - Private Investor - New York, NY

"Thanks for hooking me back up again so quickly.  I'm hooked on Tiger.
It's the best and most honest market timing system available today.
I've searched the Internet, I.B.D., Barrons and Technical Analysis of Stocks
and Commodities magazine for systems.  None of them works as well
as yours.  None!  It's probably terrible to say but most of your competitors
exaggerate actual profits by running model portfolios that are margined
50%, 100% and some even 200%.  Then they boast of drawdowns of only
14% - 20%.  Can you imagine!  I really appreciate your honesty, integrity
and support.  BL - Psychologist - Fallbrook, CA

"Bill has a superior product that is not as commercially sucessful
as some of the crap thats out there, why? Bills basic platform and
his use of volume has proven itself to be the gold standard over bull,
bear and flat markets.

Why does a tool box full of standard indicators like Metastock
dominate the market. Pull up a chart in MS-it tells you nothing.
Then select an indiacator from a list that that is the same as it
was 20 years ago when I bought Computrade, RSI, Mom, Stochastics.
You get the picture. With training, experience and luck you may get a feel
for the stock.  

Pull up a chart with Tigersoft. The default chart will tell you at a
glance whether the smart money is bailing or buying. Then use some
very unique tools to get a clearer picture. Finally, rank and sort to
your hearts content. It leaves other packages in the dust-but it could
be better. Metastock finally followed the Trade Station lead a few years ago
and invited independant programmers to write Plug-Ins for their
platform. Some of these are pretty immpressive-I am currently using
an MACD Divergence indiacator that is dynamite, especially when used
in conjuntion with Peerless. There is a package out there for TC
2000 that identifies divergences and provides stop loss levels for
TC 2000. Even Omnitrader now sells third party add-ons. One neat
one is based on the work of Nick Darvas, "How I Made A Million
Dollars in The Market".  I would suggest that Bill needs to leverage
the power of Tigersoft by inviting new programmers to write
modules that take his concepts and run with them.

Having said that, keep up the fine work Bill, you are way ahead of
the pack."   Ken    3/1/2005


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