AGENDA for Tiger User Group Meeting
Saturday 1-1  March 11th 
Clairemont Denny's in San Diego.


Come to our Saturday meeting at Clairemont Denny's this Saturday.

We'll make it worth your while...

Think about the market with us...The tax cuts and de-regulations
have virtually guaranteed 15% higher corporate profits than
last year.  The Jobs' numbers this year show growth.

But this bull market is now 8 years old. And the DJI is up almost
3000 points since Trump's Election.

Let's get to the biggest question of all - Shouldn't we be selling?
Even Selling short? Taking Profits?  Something!!!

On March 1st, the DJI closed 3.4% over the 21-day ma
with the V-I only +4.  Previously, it had closed 2.5% above
the ma with the V-Indicator clearly negative.  Is this not
a Sell S9v?  True, they work better in the Summer when
Spring's bullish seasonality is behind. 

What could possibly go wrong? Well, for one thing, Interest rates are almost
certain to be raised soon.  If the long bull market was sustained by
virtually free money for Big Banks, what will happen now?

Look at how bonds are breaking down. How Junk Bonds have fallen the last two days. 
What about the Closing Power decline in Financials' FAS?  Doesn't that show
Professionals want out of this DJI-mirroring Index?

Why are Crude Oil Prices breaking down and why do so many
oil/gas stocks look so bad?  Isn't that a sign of a global slow-down?

And CAT, the pillar of a grand infrastructure re-building, is under
steady Closing Power pressure, too?

What does all this mean?  That Trump's Tax cuts and de-regulation
are not enough to keep the rally alive much longer?  That his credibility
is dropping just when he will be needed to urge conservative
Congressmen to spend big money on Infrastructure? 


And what about a new health care scheme to replace Obama's mandatory
'Affordable Care Act'?  What if health care absorbs all the
energies of Congress and there is no time to give the market the
big Infrastructure boost?  Without it, the market may still rise, but
how far - especially with the FED withdrawing its almost free money
for Big Banks?

Somehow, despite all this, the DJI only grudgingly gives ground and
the QQQ and TECL are not selling off at all.

So how do we make sense of this?  What do we do?  Let's talk
about it...  Our Tiger charts will show us the way!

See you Saturday.  Denny has confirmed our meeting.